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P.A.S Chapter 248: Lost Again

Luffy beat the celestial dragon, and the venue instantly went into chaos.

Countless people fled out in horror.

“Hey, Mugiwara-yo! That was impressive…” Trafalgar Law sat in the back row of the auction hall, grinning.

Eustass Kid who was sitting on the other side also let out a hey, rubbed his wrists, and said: “Is he serious?! That straw hat… he got some balls.”

“It seems that the auction is over.”

Zoro stood up from his seat, looked at the chaotic venue, walked directly backstage, and said: “…The famous sword should be here.”

He wasn’t interested in Luffy’s actions, but if he encountered any danger, Zoro didn’t mind helping out. But now, the most important thing is important to find the famous sword.

Zoro had now a total of three Great Grade swords out of the famous 21, and he really wanted to get a supreme grade sword. That’s why, the moment he heard intel about the supreme sword, he rushed over to the island.

Although the Sabaody archipelago was very dangerous, very close to the marine headquarters, and the marines have been chasing after the cadres of Albares, for the sake of the supreme sword, Zoro came.

Hey! Hey!

Zoro smoothly took out the two guards who were in the way and walked into the backcourt.

Luffy, Usopp, and the others in the front field fought together with the guards of the celestial dragons.

“Most of them are slaves…”

Zoro looked at the many trembling slaves in their cages as he shook his head. After walking a few steps, he suddenly took out his sword and slashed all the cages open.

The slaves in the cage looked at him in astonishment.

“There is a fight, you all get out of here.”

Zoro said indifferently, retracted his sword, and continued to move forward, looking at the other goods.

At that moment, a voice came.

“Are you looking for something specific? It should be over there.”

An old man with glasses sitting in the cage spoke to Zoro, stood up at the same time, looked at the collar around his neck, and said: “It’s useless to split the cage. You have to find the key to the collars to rescue the slaves.”

When Rayleigh said that, a faint white light flashed through the glasses’ lens, as he pinched the collar on his neck with his fingers. With sudden force, the collar shattered in an instant.


Rayleigh threw the collar upwards smashing the cell, flew into the sky, and then exploded with a bang, turning into black smoke and debris.


Zoro’s expression changed instantly. He stopped, looked at Rayleigh, his eyes gradually became serious, and said: “You are…”

At that moment, even though it was just an understatement, he also noticed that Rayleigh‘s Haki was overbearing, absolutely different from that of the marine admirals! Extremely powerful!

He was no ordinary old man!

“Look at this mess haha! I’ve got the money I wanted I guess it is time to return to the gambling hall. I also wanted to steal from whoever bought me as well, but most probably no one would have bought me anyway, hahaha. ‘Pirate Hunter’ Zoro, a very imposing man.”

Rayleigh laughed, staring at Zoro for a few seconds.

As one of Albarez’s cadres, Zoro had quite the reputation on the sea, plus he was a swordsman, and the sharpness he showed backstage was enough to grab Rayleigh’s attention.


Zoro stared at Rayleigh.

He felt that Rayleigh was very dangerous, even though he seemed just an old man with little power, but Zoro’s instincts told him otherwise.

This old man is very strong!

“Well, the key is here…So, the goods should be there.”

Rayleigh found the collar’s key, threw it in front of the cages that had been split, pointed away to Zoro, and then walked to the frontcourt.

Seeing Rayleigh leaving, Zoro slowly relaxed his fingers, glanced at the slaves who were fighting for the keys, and walked towards the direction of the goods.

In the cargo, he found a sword.

“The information was wrong… Damn it.”

Zoro drew the sword out of its scabbard, looking at it carefully, as his brows frowned.

The sword was indeed a famous knife…But It was one of the 21 Great Grade Swords, not a supreme grade…

Zoro already possessed three great-grade swords, so acquiring a new one wouldn’t benefit him.

“How dare he give me false information, huh.”

Zoro snorted coldly and put away the new sword.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly looked at a corner of the goods counter, startled a little, walked over, and picked up a wooden box.

Inside, a fruit with a peculiar pattern was found.

“Well, a devil fruit…”

Zoro was slightly surprised, and after thinking about it, he put the devil fruit in his pocket.

One of Albares main tasks was to collect the devil’s fruits. Although Ron was strangled by the government, Robin had contacted him and told him that the rules remain the same no matter what happens, so he didn’t mind taking a devil fruit along.

“This feeling… Haoshoku Haki? That old man is really not an ordinary guy.”

Zoro, who put the devil fruit in his pocket, felt something again. He turned around and glanced at the frontcourt. As he made sure that Luffy was fine, he shook his head and slashed the wall with a sword, and went out.

A large number of marines were already gathered outside the auction venue.

“Someone has come out.”

“That’s… Zoro the Pirate Hunter!”

Someone recognized Zoro, and suddenly showed a hint of horror.

Compared with supernovas like Luffy, coming from the first half, Zoro, the Albares cadre is a wanted man from the government! They had direct orders from the government to obliterate any member of the guild! Zoro was undoubtedly a heavier criminal!

“Don’t get in the way.”

Zoro snorted coldly, ignoring the encircling marines, swiped his sword, and split the ground with a crack that traverses a hundred meters, leaving calmly under the horrified gaze of countless soldiers.

The marine captain in charge gritted his teeth, turned his head to look in the direction of the auction venue, and said: “The attack on the celestial dragons is even worse. Leave him alone!”

(T/N: wise man haha)

“Surround the place, don’t let go of the culprit!”

With the marine’s actions, the entire venue was in chaos.

Zoro, who had taken away the famous sword and the devil fruit, didn’t care about what was about to happen. His goal had been achieved, and he just wanted to leave the place asap.

Sadly… he was lost again.

He was completely unfamiliar with the vicinity of the auction venue. After a few laps, he found himself in front of the auction venue. At that time, the straw-hat group had already escaped. The marines spotted him and immediately chased after him.

Zoro was already so annoyed and didn’t want to entangle with the marines, so he started running away.

The soldiers were chasing after him, but Zoro was not comparable to ordinary supernovas. If he goes all out, he can be close to the level of admirals. The vice admirals of the marine headquarters were no more a worthy opponent for him.

Zoro quickly got rid of the pursuit but fell into a cycle of getting lost again.

He came out this time with two eternal Pose, one pointing to the sabaody archipelago the other pointing to a hidden island where Albares branch is located.

These two eternal Poses should have been enough for him to get to his location, but now he has discovered that he has overlooked a very serious problem, that is, he can’t find his ship!!

The Log Pose can only point to the two islands, not his ship!

“It should be here…”

Zoro ran around with a trace of sweat on his forehead, showing a trace of confusion.

It should be somewhere here!

It must be!

Damn it!

“Someone definitely stole my boat! bastards…”

Zoro stood on the shore and cursed a few times, rubbing his eyebrows, and said: “Huh, it seems I have to take someone else’s boat…”

Just when Zoro was thinking about where to find a boat, the roar in the distance attracted his attention, causing his eyes to change slightly, and he glanced sideways.

In that direction.

Seeing a golden light burst, it created an explosion that shook the ground like an earthquake, and a black cloud rose, accompanied by a wave of air invading all directions.

“That is……”

Zoro said as he narrowed his eyes slightly.

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