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P.A.S Chapter 249: Dramatic Change of Events

boom! boom! boom!

The golden beam exploded in the field.

Luffy’s embarrassed figure flew out of the smoke.

“Damn it……”

Sanji appeared not far away, and gritted his teeth as he watched the Pacifista walking slowly out from the smoke: “Why would one of the Shichibukai appear here?!”

“This doesn’t look good! it seems he won’t let us escape easily.”

Franky starred at the Pacifista and said: “Hey, Luffy, what’s the plan?”

“If he won’t let us leave, then we can only defeat him.”

Naturally, Luffy didn’t intend to give in. For him, it was a simple equation! If someone is on his way, especially a pirate, he will just have to kick his ass out of the way.

Hearing Luffy’s words, Franky let out a hey, Sanji also lit a cigarette, and the rest of the crew looked at the Pacifista without fear.

To reach this point, the straw hats have met all kinds of pirates, and Luffy with a bounty exceeding 300 million berries, wasn’t afraid of a Shichibukai.


Luffy made a bold move and hit the Pacifista with a punch.

Sanji and others also rushed forward and fought back and forth.

After all, the Pacifista is not the real warlord, Bartholomew Kuma, but just a war machine created by the scientist Vegapunk. Under the successive attacks of Luffy and his crew, the Pacifista received a lot of damage that there were signs of fragmentation.

“Although it is hard to break, we can do it.”

After blowing the Pacifista out with a punch, Franky said: “he is one hell of a tough cyborg, superrrr!!!!”

“Let’s finish him.”

Sanji took a cigarette, and instantly his figure flashed forward and kicked the damaged Pacifista in the neck, intending to deliver the last blow.

But almost in the next instant, a bright golden light suddenly shot from a distance and penetrated through Sanji’s calf!


The golden light went through Sanji and fell into the distance exploding like a heavy cannon, setting off a terrifying shockwave, swaying in all directions.


Sanji felt severe pain in his calf, his bones seemed to be broken, the cigarette in his mouth fell to the ground, and the whole person fell to one side.


“Sanji! Are you okay!!!”

Luffy, Usopp, and the others were shocked. Everyone looked in the direction from where the golden light came and saw a tall figure draped in the marine justice cloak, approaching slowly.

His arms were stretched out, and the light from his fingertips dimmed faintly.

“Really, a Pacifista cost more than a warship, and look how it was trashed…. It’s nerve-wracking.”

Borsalino put down his arms and said with distress, but there was no worry on his face, and his tone was even more obscene and teasing.

He looked at Luffy and said: ” Vice-admiral Garp’s grandson is too noisy. That was stupid…Everyone knows not to mess with the celestial dragons…This is troublesome.”

Borsalino didn’t really want to go after Luffy.

Ace has been arrested in prison. If Luffy was also to be arrested, no one knows how Garp will behave. But since he was the only admiral in the marine Headquarters who was free, he had to solve this matter himself.

There was no trace of worrisome on his face, but he was actually a little troubled in his heart. For a while, he didn’t know what to do with Luffy’s group.

“Sanji! Are you okay!”

Franky ran to Sanji and helped him up.

Sanji clutched his bloody leg, gritted his teeth and stared at Borsalino, and said: “That guy is trouble! He seems to be a marine admiral!”


Usopp and Brook said in unison, horrified.

At that moment, Borsalino shook his head, and his figure shook abruptly.

In an instant, he flashed to the side of Sanji and Franky.

Before Franky’s eyes caught up, he was already kicked and blown away.


Luffy screamed.

Borsalino stroked his chin, then turned to look at Usopp and Brook.

They both were horrified! A simple gaze was enough to give them goosebumps!

But even with that prior warning and alert, they still didn’t manage to react in time…They were no match to Borsalino’s speed.

It seemed as if time stopped.

Borsalino appeared in front of Usopp in an instant and hit him in the face with a kick wrapped in golden light. Usopp’s pupils had just begun to shrink, and the whole person was blown away.

Then Borsalino swung his back, and blasted Brook out again, breaking his bones.

“Usopp! Brook!!”

Watching those scenes, Luffy’s eyes were splitting, he rushed towards Borsalino, and waved his fist at him with all his might.

Borsalino did not evade and let Luffy land his punch, but it went directly through his chest, failing to cause the slightest harm.

“It’s useless, I ate the Pika Pika no Mi, I am a logia devil fruit user!”

Borsalino lowered his gaze, looked at Luffy who was rushing over, tilted his head, and spoke.


Luffy rushed to the front of Borsalino, but he was inevitably kicked, flew away, and fell heavily on the ground.

Borsalino swept Luffy and the others in just a few seconds. There was an insurmountable gap in the level of strength that Luffy has never experienced during his journey!

“Damn it!!”

Luffy was stepped on by Borsalino, struggled vigorously, but there was no way to shake him, and even if he tried to punch him, it will just pass through his body.


Borsalino shook his head and said: “Anyway, let’s finish this.”

As the voice fell, Borsalino stretched out his fingers, and a golden light appeared at his fingertips, ready to finish Luffy with one blow.

But in the next moment, his eyes flickered, and he did not shoot out, but raised his foot and kicked it forward.


He noticed a massive green sword aura flying his way. Well, it was just kicked by Borsalino and burst open in the air.

From the dust, Zoro’s figure flashed over, his eyes were so sharp with murderous intent, his arms stretched out, and waved his sword at Borsalino.

“Santoryu… Karasuma Gari!”

Zoro launched air-compressed projectiles spiraling towards Borsalino.

Borsalino frowned slightly, his body turned into a golden light, and appeared ten meters away on the right, avoiding Zoro’s attack, and squinted his eyes to look at him.

“Zoro, the pirate hunter… I thought Ron was dead, and the people of Albares hid! Oh, I didn’t expect you to have the balls to come out…”


Zoro looked at Borsalino indifferently and said: “Don’t be too smug, marine.”

Seeing Zoro, Luffy, who was struggling to get up, looked at him in a daze, and said: “You are the one…”

“Well, thank you for leading the marine away before. I will help you and your crew to leave from here.”

After Zoro glanced at Luffy, his gaze continued to fall on Borsalino.

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