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P.A.S Chapter 250: become stronger in battle

Despite his indifferent and cold words, Zoro had already raised his guard to the highest level, and his observation Haki was also firmly locked on Borsalino.

He was facing an admiral of the marine after all!

Although he now has enough confidence in his own strength, facing an admiral who represents the highest combat power in the marine, there was no doubt that he can’t have the slightest carelessness.

“Save it.”

Borsalino looked at Zoro with a tilted mouth and said: “You Albares people are already in enough danger, yet, you dare to protect a group of pirates. It seems that you are indeed a criminal organization. Let’s solve this matter right here.”

As his voice fell, Borsalino’s figure flickered appeared behind Zoro and kicked him on the back of his head.

However, Zoro had sharp senses and relying on his Observation Haki. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and a reversal sword swung out, colliding with Borsalino’s heel.


The golden light burst.

A dust cloud rose up in the field for an instant, the impact sent Luffy flying, and the ground also shattered and dented amidst the roar.

Teng Teng Teng!

Zoro jumped and exited the center of the explosion. He had an inexplicably excited look on his face as he stared at Borsalino in the center of the explosion.

Borsalino stared back at him, narrowed his eyes, and said: “Oh, this is a bit nerve-wracking, I didn’t expect you to be a bit strong…”

Zoro said with a hey: “This is the first time that I go against an admiral, and your strength is a bit beyond my expectations.”

Today’s Zoro is a bit lacking compared to figures like Doflamingo, but the difference was not that much.

Although there was still a huge gap between this kind of strength and the admirals’, Zoro won’t lose instantly and he will be able to hold his ground for a while.

“So strong…”

Seeing the power of Zoro and Borsalino, Luffy was speechless… He found Zoro so interesting from the beginning and seeing him fighting, he wanted him more on his ship, but when he heard that Zoro was affiliated with some kind of organization called ‘Albares’, he felt sorry.

According to Luffy’s character, naturally, he would not just escape the battle, even if he was facing a marine admiral, but at that moment Usopp and the others had been seriously injured by Borsalino, and they were even struggling to stand up. He couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

Still, retreating was no option.

Just when Luffy hesitated whether to stay and help Zoro or flee with his seriously injured crew, Sentomaru arrived with a Pacifista.

“That guy, isn’t he an Albares’ cadre?”

Sentomaru looked at the scene in the field, and couldn’t help frowning, then said: “What an Albares’ cadre is doing here! And who wrecked px5!”

He turned his head, looked in the direction of Luffy and the others, and said: “px7, kill the straw hats!”

Zoro had an ugly face glancing at Sentomaru and the pacifista, but his hands were more than full…and he couldn’t assist Luffy.

He was betting his life to fighting against the admiral!

“It seems that you can’t help them escape.”

Borsalino looked at Zoro slightly mockingly and said: “Even your boss is done, you should have stayed in your hole… but the good news!!! You will join him soon.”

Zoro said in a cold voice: “Even if the president is dead, Albares will not die.”

“Apart from taking refuge in Wano and relying on Kaido, do you have any other way to survive? In this sea, it is impossible to live without a strong leader?”

Borsalino’s tone was indifferent but with a hint of sarcasm.

The golden light filled his hands, pulling together in front of him, and a bright golden lightsaber appeared.

” Ama no Murakumo!”

Borsalino held the hilt with both hands and slammed his sword at Zoro.

Zoro hummed softly, without fear.

He is always up for a sword fight.


The collision of the swords formed almost visible ripples in the air, swinging in all directions.

Borsalino held the sword with both hands, Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven flew up and down, and in an instant, countless pieces were split, slashing towards Zoro at a high-speed.


Zoro used santoryu to deflect all the strikes.

But after all, his strength was still a little bit lacking, his observation and armament Haki were inferior to that of Borsalino, but the speed gap was the main problem.

In a short moment, after dozens of sword clashes, Borsalino broke through Zoro’s defense, slashing him, splitting his clothes open. Bloodstains appeared in his shoulder… he was wounded.


Zoro’s whole body retreated ten meters, and the sword in his hand slammed out.

” Ittoryu… Sanbyakurokuju Pound Ho!”

Borsalino’s expression remained unchanged, and with a wave with his sword, he extinguished the sword aura that Zoro released.

not far away.

Standing behind a piece of ruin, Rayleigh held a bottle of Sake in his hand, looked in the direction of the battlefield, took a sip of wine, and said: “It seems that the ‘magician’ did really leave fire behind, and Albares will not perish so easily.”

For a force, the death of the leader is absolutely fatal.

A ship without a captain will sink in no time! And it is generally difficult for others to have the courage to stand up to succeed in the leader position, and reintegrate the entire force.

But, although Rayleigh didn’t meet any other cadres from Albares, at least Zoro had the needed courage and he is more than fit to stand out!

As long as there are people who can stand up, then this force will not easily perish.

“But it’s a bit reckless to challenge an admiral at such a young age, hahaha…but, his talent is unexpectedly outstanding.”

Rayleigh was drinking and watching the fight. Although he saw that Zoro was in an embarrassing state and was already in a life-and-death situation, Rayleigh was so surprised.

Zoro was getting stronger!

Forced into a life-and-death crisis against a marine admiral, Zoro’s skills were sharpened, and his Haki was getting stronger and stronger.

His growth speed wasn’t even slow! It was clearly noticeable! It was terrifying!

“Fighting with the strong can make you stronger, but there are not many people who can do it. Those who can truly become stronger in battle are those who are qualified to reach the top…”

Rayleigh’s eyes flickered. It wasn’t just Zoro who was getting stronger! Luffy, who was fighting hard with Sentomaru, was also getting stronger!

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