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P.A.S Chapter 251: Need help?!

Almost all of his crew were seriously injured, Luffy was desperate, trying his best to protect them.

Rayleigh noticed that Luffy didn’t master Haki yet, but his battle to the death with Sentomaru, Luffy gradually started understanding the mysterious power used by Sentomaru, and vaguely became familiarized with such power!

“Heh, so this is the kid that Shanks gave up his hands for?! Interesting kid!”

Rayleigh’s eyes kept moving back and forth between Luffy and Zoro.

Zoro was fighting hard and resisting Borsalino’s fierce attacks. Although his Haki and swordsmanship were improving as time passes, he was facing a crisis without any doubt. A careless move might cost him his life instantly!

As for Luffy, he was alone, guarding his seriously injured crew! Fighting desperately. Usopp and the others were severely injured by Borsalino and became a burden. Luffy was more desperate than Zoro…He had to hold his ground while covering for his comrades.

“It seems that they need some help.”

After moving his gaze back and forth, Rayleigh drew his sword, looked in the direction of the battlefield, then his gaze flickered.

A pacifista was about to finish Sanji who was laying on the ground! However, somehow the bright golden light blooming in its palm froze in an instant!


The pacifista whole body was so abrupt, divided into two halves from the center!


The pacifista was split by a flying slash released by Rayleigh’s, almost invisible to the naked eye. It was blown to pieces.

Sanji and the others all showed a look of consternation, while Sentomaru’s pupils shrank sharply.

“……who did it?!”


Luffy sighed in relief when he saw Sanji safe.

The intact pacifista brought by Sentomaru was destroyed, and the remaining pacifista was wrecked. The situation was instantaneously stabilized.

No longer worrying about the situation of his crew, Luffy finally focused all his attention on Sentomaru.

The other side.

The moment Rayleigh made his move, both Zoro and Borsalino noticed his presence at the same time.

Borsalino frowned, while Zoro’s eyes changed slightly.

This invisible slash, which split the pacifista in half, was definitely not something that an ordinary existence can display. This was some high level of swordsmanship!

A top-tier swordsman was there!

Borsalino thought of the Dark King instantly.

And Zoro also thought of the strange old man he met in the auction venue. It was the same sensation he felt when he first met him! He was indeed a top-tier swordsman!

“Huh, I came here with a relaxed and happy mood…”

Borsalino narrowed his eyes slightly, and the power in his hand suddenly increased.

Since Rayleigh was not far away and has supported the Straw Hats, he clearly didn’t have the luxury to hold back, otherwise, the situation will be very troublesome.

He must quickly kill Zoro, and then deal with Rayleigh!

Although Borsalino was holding back that much previously, he did not make release any all-out attack yet, and at most used 75% of his total strength.

And at that moment, when he realized that Rayleigh was nearby, he broke out completely and used the true full strength that belonged to the admiral.

boom! boom!

Almost two swords fell, and Zoro was blasted backward.

The aftermath of the explosion made Zoro’s mouth overflow with blood, as he barely resisted with his armament Haki, but he still couldn’t completely resist the blow, and his injuries continued to worsen.

“This won’t work……”

Zoro gritted his teeth, resisting Borsalino’s attack. He wanted to fight back, but his opponent was too fast, completely suppressing him, he could not find a chance to fight back!

With Borsalino’s faster pace and heavier blows, Zoro could only resist in embarrassment, watching the continuous attacks blasting down.


The blood kept dripping from the corners of Zoro’s mouth.

Zoro felt that his lungs and internal organs were badly impacted by the constant explosions, and there was a burning feeling inside his whole body.

“At this rate…I will die soon…”

Zoro gritted his teeth and tried his best to swing his swords, trying to create a little chance to break free, but Borsalino’s sword was heavier, and he was completely suppressed.

Zoro’s injuries became more and more serious, and gradually his eyes went dimmer and dimmer.

He could hear the death bells!

Against an admiral going all out, Zoro fell into a desperate situation!

In the blurry shadows in front of him, time seemed to stagnate, and Zoro seemed to vaguely see Kuina’s figure! He could see her disappointed gaze.

“……Ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

The blurry picture shattered like a mirror with Zoro’s roar.

It was almost at this moment that a shock and awe burst out in all directions as if to make all life submit. It stirred everywhere, making the seriously injured Usopp and the others dizzy. After freezing for a second, they all lost consciousness and fell to the ground.


Zoro held a sword in each hand as well as one in his mouth. It looked as if they were merged together… In that moment of imposing eruption, a massive aura was released from the three swords heading towards Borsalino.

The sword energy split by the three swords blended together to form a huge emerald green sword aura ten of meters high.

Borsalino’s face changed.

It was not about the power of Zoro’s slashes…

” Conqueror’s Haki…”

It wasn’t just Borsalino, but even Rayleigh’s eyes flickered.

They weren’t mistaken! It was conqueror’s Haki, awakened in a desperate situation of life and death!


The emerald green sword aura exploded to pieces.

Borsalino slipped back a few meters under the attack of Zoro, but soon he wiped it up.

“Hoy! Hoy! Conqueror’s Haki?! I didn’t expect that I can…”

Zoro was panting violently. The clothes on his upper body were already torn apart, and he was covered with blood and wounds. He glanced at the sword in his hand and murmured.

Of course, he knew about the conqueror’s Haki, he had also met people with such power, and Ron seemed to be one of them.

“That was surprising…Now I can’t keep you alive.”

Borsalino squinted at Zoro.

With this Haki and current strength, Zoro was indeed qualified to become the new pillar of the Albares Guild after Ron’s death.

[If Zoro does not die here today, then Albares may really come back!]

“Come and try!”

Zoro was bathed in blood, still, he looked at Borsalino coldly while holding his swords.

Borsalino did not hesitate, his figure flashed, rushed to Zoro, and launched a barrage of attacks! The golden lightsaber was constantly flickering in the field.

Although Zoro had awakened the conqueror’s haki, and his swordsmanship had also improved during this fight, he was still only comparable to Doflamingo.

Perhaps because of his wild spirit, coupled with his swordsmanship talent and particularity, Zoro was slightly stronger than Doflamingo, but there was still a huge gap between him and an admiral.

boom! boom! boom!

After a dozen moves, Zoro fell into a disadvantage again.

If he was in his best conditions, with his current strength! He will be indeed qualified to fight Borsalino. If he could break through again in battle, he would have a glimmer of hope to win.

But it doesn’t work anymore.

Although his strength has risen by a bit, his injuries will not recover, and he started losing his strength.

“…Looks it is almost done.”

Seeing this, Rayleigh’s fingers on the sword hilt tightened slightly, and he was ready to take a shot.

Of course, he doesn’t have the intention to see outstanding young people like Zoro and Luffy fall here, and he had to stop Borsalino no matter what.


Just when Rayleigh was about to take a shot, he noticed something again. He was a little stunned, and his fingers relaxed again.

“Huh? It seems that this old man’s help is not needed…”

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