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P.A.S Chapter 252: a stronger Nami

Just when Borsalino suppressed Zoro again, and as his injuries became more and more serious, a strange force suddenly appeared.

Borsalino’s complexion changed slightly, and his figure flickered, leaving his current position.

Even so, the six rods light prison still appeared on his body, confining him in place. This golden light beam was completely beyond the control of his fruit power.


Borsalino frowned, the golden light gathered and exploded, destroying his shackles in an instant, but then came ice and snow covering a full kilometer range, suddenly spreading everywhere.

Borsalino had immense speed, that he can use teleportation, but it only for a short distance. For a long-distance, he must use the Yata no Kagami to complete an instant leap.

This full kilometer range has exceeded the limit he can flash out in an instant.

The temperature within thousands of meters dropped suddenly and everything turned into ice. Luffy, Sentomaru, and the others were also affected, their expressions changed, and they retreated outside the range.

“What’s going on? What happened?!”

Luffy looked at Borsalino.

Sentomaru frowned and murmured: “Ice? Admiral Kuzan? No… this sensation… this isn’t him…”


Zoro coughed violently, and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. He was also within the scope of the snow. He tried to flee, but it was obviously too late to avoid it.

But in the next instant, a figure appeared on his side, and with a random right hand’s wave, the ice and snow rolled back.

“Why did you go against an admiral?”

Nami said as she looked at Zoro.

Naturally, Nami could not release this level of magic in an instant. There was no doubt that Ron had cast it. And actually, the person in front of Zoro was Ron.

While speaking calmly, he cast a second-level water system ‘hydrotherapy’ on Zoro, instantly stopped Zoro’s injuries from deteriorating, and slowly started recovering.

Feeling that the numbness and pain in his body were lessened, Zoro exhaled, looked in Nami’s direction, and said: “Why are you here?”

“I am the one that should ask you that.”

Ron didn’t intend to expose his state to anyone other than the guild magicians for the time being.

However, Zoro still noticed that Nami’s presence was quite different than usual, her tone and attitude seemed to be somewhat different. Nami was never this cold towards him.

But seeing Nami releasing magic to stop Borsalino, Zoro thought that Nami’s strength had also been greatly improved, so her mentality changed.

“I heard that there are famous swords here, so I came.”

“Well, I just happened to be passing by.”

Ron responded, turning his head to look in the direction of Borsalino.

boom! boom! boom!

Borsalino who was completely covered in ice released a bright golden light, just like a sun rising from the Sabody archipelago. Exploding, all the frozen ice crystals around were shattered.

“Admiral…he is strong”

‘Nami’ said as she looked at this scene.

Zoro held his sword and looked in the direction of Borsalino with sharp eyes, then said: “Yes, he is indeed very strong. It is hard to imagine that Ron faced four or five guys with the same level at the same time…”

As Zoro’s voice fell, a golden light flickered, and Borsalino’s figure reappeared.

“This is terrible…You are popping out one after the other. Is Albares planning to invade the marine headquarters or what?”

Although there was still a hint of sarcasm in his tone, Borsalino’s gaze was no longer as calm as before but became a lot more dignified.

Zoro’s strength was extraordinary, especially after awakening the conqueror’s Haki, although he was still weaker than him, at least he could hold his grounds for quite the time.

And the newly emerged Nami, a cadre who was originally not well-known in Albares, turned out to be a powerful enemy that was not inferior to Zoro!

Even to the extent that…Borsalino also vaguely saw Ron’s shadow tailing Nami!

Compared with Zoro, Borsalino was more alerted about Nami, because her methods are very similar to Ron’s, and their abilities are extremely strange and far more dangerous than Zoro!

“Hehe, capturing the marine headquarters seems an interesting idea. Still, don’t think you can act recklessly against Albares now that the president is gone.”

Nami chuckled coldly and flicked the magic wand in her hand towards Borsalino.


Almost as soon as Nami waved her magic wand, Borsalino had already acted in advance, and the whole person flashed directly to Nami’s side, and the light sword in his hand slashed directly at Nami.

Zoro’s eyes flashed, and he swept his sword over, but he was a bit late.


As Borsalino’s sword hit Nami’s body, it was stopped by a layer of invisible armor in an instant, only causing Nami’s body to ripple like water patterns.

“This is……”

Borsalino’s eyes changed slightly.

He was so familiar with this ability. It was one of Ron’s weird abilities that he used before!

Immediately afterward, he saw Nami’s face turning halfway and looked at him, without any fear of the admiral. She was cold and indifferent.

“It happens that I inherited new magic from the president, so let you be the first person to experience it.”


Almost as soon as Nami’s voice fell, Borsalino’s heart surged with warning signs, and only felt a sense of crisis lingering in his heart, that he turned into light and left without hesitation.

But Zoro was not there for the show. The moment Borsalino waved his sword at Nami, Zoro was already in motion to counterattack. Before the light refracted a few layers, it was cut off by Zoro!

Borsalino’s complexion changed and he was forced to use short-range teleport.


The golden light flashed, and Borsalino appeared dozens of meters away.

But that distance was not enough to escape the range locked by Ron’s magic, and it was also at that moment that Ron was ready to release his magic.

This time it was not a fourth-level elemental or special system magic, but third-level magic belonging to the necromancy system, its name was…the gate of hell!

Since the study of space magic was in a bottleneck, Ron’s current most powerful magic was the necromancy magic, and to some extent, this magic can also help with his current state, so he focused on this magic in addition to meditation.

Breaking through 400 points of mental power made it easy for Ron to explore the third-level necromancy magic.

“This is bad……”

Although Borsalino didn’t know what was going on, he had a feeling that something terrible was about to happen. He turned into a golden light again and tried to retreat to a farther position.

But this time, as he turned into a golden light, and before he flashed out, the whole person was suddenly bound by countless gray and dark silk threads, and was forcibly confined in place.

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