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P.A.S Chapter 253: Gate of Hell

Borsalino’s complexion changed, and he swung his lightsabre without hesitation, cutting off the silk threads that bound him, but threads continued to gush out from the ground. As much he cut off the first batch, another was bound again, densely packed, interweaving.

Immediately afterward.

In Borsalino’s somewhat horrified gaze, he saw the ground under his feet, a hundred meters in radius, seemed to turn into a rotting swamp in an instant, and it continued to spread.

This rotten swamp started emitting gray bubbles, vaguely showing the form of a dark door densely covered with countless patterns.

Borsalino’s face changed drastically, and the golden light sword in his hand broke out, tearing away the silk threads that bound him, and slashing out toward the ground under his feet.


Borsalino’s all-out blow was terrifying, and as his sword reached the ground, it directly split into a terrifying abyss that stretched for thousands of meters!

However, such a blow had no effect on the weird swamp on the ground, nor did it dissipate the gate formed by the twisted weird pattern.


Borsalino’s pupils shrank and flickered again without hesitation, trying to leave this area.

He turned into golden light, however, the countless patterns covering the ground suddenly lit up, as if the door to hell was opening, and a terrifying and depressing mist fell on the entire island in an instant. The temperature of the entire Sabaody archipelago has dropped suddenly.

Even Rayleigh’s complexion, who was looking from a distance, changed. His observation Haki captured an extremely evil and gloomy aura, which was not human, worse than that aura of the most brutal people he ever met.


In that terrifying mist, everything in the world seemed to slow down suddenly.

Whether it’s Luffy, Zoro, or Sentomaru and Rayleigh, they felt that their thinking speed was still normal, but their body movements were slowed down countless times!

It seems that time has slowed down, that their thinking speed became hundreds of times faster in an instant, and the world in their eyes has become very slow, like a slide show.

And in Zoro’s shocked gaze.

He saw a translucent palm that could not be described in words, protruding from the swamp. A hand stretched out to reach Borsalino floating in the sky.

Borsalino was originally so fast that it was impossible to follow him with the naked eye, but at that moment, his movements seemed to be slowed down countless times. They could even see his body turning into golden light little by little.


The translucent giant hand caught Borsalino in the sky.

The expression on his face also changed at an extremely slow speed. Everyone saw Borsalino’s somewhat wretched old face gradually showing a somewhat horrified expression.

Next moment.

The swamp, which had gradually spread to thousands of meters, stopped spreading, and a translucent, indescribable monster crawled out.

After the big translucent hand grabbed Borsalino, he stuffed him into his mouth, and then the huge body turned around, like a whale leaping out of the sea. Its head plunged into the swamp again, and the whole body turned over in mid-air until its tail, covered with thorns, disappeared in the swamp.

The swamp started degenerating slowly until it finally turned into nothingness.

The figure of Borsalino disappeared.

Sentomaru was stunned.

Luffy had an unbelievable look on his face.

Even Rayleigh, the dark king, was frozen in place at this moment, staring at the place where Borsalino had disappeared. The whole field went silent, they were speechless, and there wasn’t even any sign of breathing.

Until a few seconds later, Zoro, who was holding the hilt tightly, couldn’t help but slowly say: “What was that just now? Where did he go?!”

“Who knows.”

‘Nami’ said faintly: “Maybe in hell… he’s gone.”

Ron doesn’t know where the people dragged away by this trick will go, because this is the first time, he has used it on people. He only tried it once in the seabed before, and it wasn’t the best place for experimenting anyway.

Zoro looked at Nami who turned and left and couldn’t help feeling a little strange.

That was an admiral!!

When he fought against Borsalino, he knew how strong he was! Yet, this powerful admiral, but was taken down instantly by inexplicable power…Zoro lost it!

From what he saw, Zoro judged that there was no way he would be able to dodge the trick Nami used just now!

Let’s forget about Ron for a moment! How come that even Nami has such a weird and powerful ability?!

Zoro was a little unacceptable.

He has never regarded Nami and the others as worthy opponents, because in his eyes, Ron was the only one in Albares who could beat him.

However, turning his head and looking at the thousand-meter crack that was split by the last blow of Borsalino, and then looking at the ground that had been restored to its original state, Zoro put the sword in the scabbard and followed Nami.

Nami and Zoro just disappeared from everyone’s sight.

It wasn’t until the two disappeared that Sentomaru woke up from his sluggishness. He looked at the place where Borsalino disappeared, and said: “How could this…what happened? How could the old man disappear like that?! “

“That girl was…”

Luffy was also a little shocked and said: “Even the admiral was wiped out. That girl isn’t among the Four Emperors mentioned by Grandpa…”

Rayleigh, who was not far away, fell silent.

He turned his head and looked in the direction where Nami and Zoro disappeared, his eyes looked a little dignified, and he murmured: “Magic…Magic…Albares…”

Rayleigh’s observation Haki couldn’t perceive the existence of the Borsalino.

Although he didn’t think that Borsalino was gone, Borsalino will never be able to win against that girl with that weird ability of hers…

He originally thought that Albares might be completely wiped out, but at that moment, Rayleigh’s previous judgments completely disappeared… Even if Ron is gone, with these two people, Zoro and Nami, Albares won’t perish any time soon!


Rayleigh felt that Albares will reach the peak of this sea in no time!

“The whole world thought that Albares is finished, heh…”

At the next moment, Luffy’s gaze changed slightly, looking towards the field.

Click! Click!

He could hear the sound of something shattering, cracks appeared in the ground…and soon a golden light emerged and spread along the crack.


The cracks were completely broken, and there was a violent explosion, which broke the hollow of the ground with a radius of more than a hundred meters as if it had been hit by a meteorite.

“Cough…cough cough…”

After the golden light exploded, it shrank again, converging into a figure standing in the center.

The reappearing Borsalino’s face was pale, a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and the clothes on his body were torn in several places.


Seeing Borsalino reappearing, Sentomaru screamed, shaking violently.

Borsalino was injured!

And not only was he injured. He was in an embarrassing state. It was the first time he saw Borsalino in such a state since he became one of his subordinates!

The old man was an admiral of the marines, the highest combat power of the department, and the woman was just a cadre of Albares, right?


A cadre of Albares could make the old man so embarrassed!

This is wrong!

It shouldn’t be like this!

How could it be like this!

Sentomaru, who originally thought that Ron was dead, and Albares was about to collapse and disappear, couldn’t help but shudder at that moment. A very terrifying feeling rose in his heart. Albares is way stronger than they thought!

The top-tier cadres of the Albares were always very mysterious. The only known person was the strongest among them, Ron… His strength and abilities were extremely strange, handled himself against the top powers led by two admirals!


What if every cadre in Albares has the same abilities as Ron?

When Sentomaru thought of this, his heart started beating fast. He kept telling himself that it was impossible, but the weird ability that Nami used just now, and the fighting power that Zoro had just demonstrated, were telling him that Albares’ power is no joke!

Even if they lost their leader, they have enough power to shock the sea!

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