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P.A.S Chapter 254: sudden interference

Marine headquarters.

In the highest office.

Sengoku was sitting at a conference table with the Great Staff Officer, Tsuru, Garp, and other high-level officials. There were a lot of documents on the table, most of them about the Whitebeard Pirates.

“The guy calling himself Blackbeard is unpleasant and nasty, but we have to accept this ‘gift’.” Tsuru put her hands on the table and slowly said: “It’s probably not a sudden betrayal, most of the traitors don’t act suddenly, they always go their own agenda, conspiracy, and plan.”

Blackbeard’s information was also available in the marine headquarters, but his reputation has been very low before, and the only information they could find was that he belonged to the second division under Whitebeard.

A man who had been one of Whitebeard’s sons suddenly rebelled and assassinated the 4th division commander of Whitebeard Pirates. He also defeated the commander of the second division Ace and delivered him to the marines.

Sengoku said in a deep voice: “He sent Fire Fist over, and we have to accept his gift. The government also agreed to the conditions for him to become a Shichibukai… No matter what his purpose is, there is no doubt that his first objective is to take Whitebeard down.”

“Whitebeard is getting old too…”

Garp who was sitting next to him looked down at the table and mumbled to himself.

Sengoku glanced at Garp and ignored him.

In fact, just like Garp said, Whitebeard was indeed old, otherwise, no one would dare to poke the bear head!!

Whether it was a secret conspiracy or a direct hostility, no one dared to get in Whitebeard’s way in his prime and remained alive and the countless ships in the deepest level of the sea were quite the proof.

“The government believes that the situation in the sea is getting more and more chaotic, which is not a good sign. However, winning a great battle will stabilize the situation on the sea.”

Sengoku slowly said: “In other words, this war between us and Whitebeard is imperative, and also inevitable, since there is no way that Whitebeard will just ignore Fire Fist.”

“Prepare for his public execution.”

After taking a glance at Garp, Tsuru spoke slowly.

The whole world knows that Blackbeard handed Fire fist Ace to the marines. If they secretly kill Ace, then Whitebeard will retaliate all over the world, and the bad impact would be too great to bear.

If Ace was to be detained for a long time, Whitebeard may attack Impel down to rescue him, which also will put the marines in a dire situation.

The only choice they had was to draw Whitebeard over by public execution and start a head-on battle.

This was the conspiracy! To force Whitebeard to come.

And even if Whitebeard didn’t come, that’s fine, it will seem as if the marines had the upper hand, executing Whitebeard’s son, who was helpless and couldn’t face them…And as soon as such news spreads, the whole world will be quite stable.

What’s more, with the knowledge of Tsuru, Garp, and the others about Whitebeard, it was impossible for him not to come. Once the date of public execution is set, it is equal to announcing the date of war to Whitebeard.

“That’s it.”

Sengoku said in a deep voice: “The situation of Shanks is not clear. Kaido may cause trouble, but the government will dispatch CP0 in case we need support. We will summon the Shichibukai also, no matter how much effort is given, it will a plus… and when kuzan comes back, the odds of winning this battle will be great.”

For the marines, to launch a huge battle, they must have enough chance of winning and assurance before it starts anything! Because after all, the pirates can be defeated, but they cannot afford that.

Once they are defeated, the order of the entire world will collapse.

Speaking of this, Sengoku turned his head and glanced at Garp.

In fact, it was Garp’s attitude that made him hesitate the most. If Garp stands on the side of the marines and fights the pirates with him, it wouldn’t matter if it was Whitebeard, the beast Kaido! The marine headquarters would be able to resist any attack.

But the problem was that the relationship between Garp and Ace was a bit messy, and Garp has always remained silent about this matter.

Once the war really starts, it was difficult to say whether Garp will contribute or not.

Without Garp, one of the top combat powers will be missing, and the impact will be so great.

“Don’t look at me, Sengoku.”

Garp poured a cup of tea, took a sip, looked at Sengoku, and said: “This old man can still tell which side he should stand with.”

“That’s good.”

Sengoku slowly said: “Don’t do anything impulsive, Garp! The title of the marine hero will not save you this time. All your family’s members are criminals!”

Sengoku also wanted to scold Garp.

The leader of the revolutionary army, Dragon, was Garp’s son, Fire fits Ace was his godson, and Straw Hat Luffy, the Pirate supernova, was also his grandson.

Except for Garp, everyone in this family was heavyweight criminals. If Garp wasn’t a top-tier combat power and didn’t make so many contributions in the last years, the government wouldn’t bear him.

And just as Sengoku was about to start preparing a detailed battle plan with Tsuru, the headquarters’ vice-admiral Tokikake suddenly rushed in.

“Fleet admiral Sengoku! Something happened in the Sabaody Archipelago.”

“Huh? Didn’t Borsalino go there?”

Sengoku turned his head to look at Tokikae. His brows frowned as he had a vaguely unpleasant feeling about this.

Tokikae said with an extremely heavy expression: “Because of the interference of Albares’ cadres and the interference of dark king Rayleigh, admiral Borsalino was unable to arrest the Straw-hat pirates group. And now that the celestial dragons are losing their temper, admiral Borsalino does not want to contact them…”


Sengoku was stunned.

Garp who was next to him was also taken aback, and then couldn’t help but say: ” Bwahahahaha, Borsalino couldn’t catch him!? As expected, Luffy, Bwahahahaha!”


Sengoku looked at Garp angrily, and roared: “You laughing?! Your bastard grandson beat a celestial dragon, do you know how bad that is?! And now since he ran away, you will have to bear the responsibility! “

” Bwahahahaha, how can my old bones bear such a big responsibility?” Garp lost his previous dull state suddenly, grinning.

He thought that Ace was arrested and Luffy was about to… He didn’t expect that Luffy will be able to run away! He was so relieved to hear the news.

Secretly, Garp was even pleased with Luffy’s deeds. He always regarded the celestial dragons as a bunch of rubbish. He became a marine to serve justice! Not these arrogant useless bastards!

This world needs order, he was the maintainer of that order, not a running dog of the celestial dragons.

Sengoku angrily stood up and patted the table, but Garp’s rogue appearance made him speechless for a while. He gritted his teeth for a while, then suddenly thought of something, turned his head to look at Tokikake, and said: “You said the cadres of Albares, no?! How dare they show up?!”

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