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P.A.S Chapter 255: cadres of Albares

Unlike Kuzan and the other admirals, Sengoku was an absolute government faction. He stood firmly on the side of the government. No matter what the government orders, he will believe in their justice and execute it without hesitation. Just like destroying O’Hara and killing countless top scholars, let alone some weird magician, Ron.

After the government issued the order, he had already labeled Ron a criminal.

Ron had fallen, and Albares should have died. During that period, it seemed that the guild members were staying low, hiding. No one expected them to even dare to appear, still, they appeared in the Sabaody archipelago, one of the closest places to the headquarters of the marines!

“Did the straw hats managed to escape because they prioritized catching the cadres of Albares? Even if Rayleigh was there, some pacifista have been mobilized.” Sengoku inquired Tokikae.

The latter hesitated and said: “Fleet admiral Sengoku… things may be a little troublesome than we expected. There were two Albares’ cadres in the Sabaody Archipelago. One of them was the pirate hunter Zoro… In the battle with admiral Borsalino, he awakened his conqueror’s Haki!”

“Haoshoku Haki?!”

Sengoku’s face turned pale.

In the second half of the grand line, there were a handful of people who possessed this type of Haki, but it is undeniable that anyone who awakened conqueror’s Haki is not weak! Either it was a rookie who was still in the growth stage, or the worst of them all, the senior cadres of the Four Emperors.

Zoro awakened this ability, which meant that he had the same qualifications.

Although not as exaggerated as Ron’s strength, such strength was also qualified to command the entire Albares guild.

“It seems that Albares will not die so easily…” Sengoku said with a calm face: “But for now, we have no time or efforts to spare, to pay attention to Albares! We have to wait until we finish this war with Whitebeard, and afterward, we will make sure to completely eliminate them.”

“The Pirate Hunter was not the problem here…”

Tokikake said in a depressed voice: “Apart from that guy, the second Albarez cadre who appeared in sabaody archipelago was Nami the Wind Whisperer. She had also joined the marine with Ron. Originally, she had the special ability to manipulate wind, but this time… she wounded admiral Borsalino by strange means.”


Sengoku was stunned.

Even Garp, who was sitting next to him, looked at Tokikake with a look of astonishment, and said: “What did you say? Borsalino was injured by Nami? It wasn’t Rayleigh?!”

The conqueror’s Haki was certainly worthy of attention, but compared with hurting Borsalino! An admiral! An admiral in his prime! This was shocking news!

The admiral of the marine represents the top combat power in the sea, especially Borsalino. Regardless of his strength, his self-protection ability is definitely one-of-a-kind. Since joining the marine, it was rare, if not countable with one hand, the times he got injured!

Only a few people such as Kaido managed to wound him!

The most surprising and incredible thing for Garp was that Nami shouldn’t have such strength, he never realized that Nami had the qualifications to become an elite combat power!

“I couldn’t believe this too, but that’s the report we got… Admiral Borsalino suggested that Nami’s danger level should be raised to the second level.” Tokikake reported in a deep voice.

Sengoku, Garp, and the others looked at each other, and they all saw a bit of vibration in each other’s eyes. Obviously, this news made them a little shocked for a while.

In the marines, there were grades and classifications for dangerous people.

Unlike the bounty, this degree of danger was almost more related to strength. In the first grade, there were Whitebeard, Kaido, and the leader of the revolutionary army, Dragon, etc., the most dangerous and vicious existence.

In the second grade, there were also some extremely vicious criminals, such as World Destroyer Byrnndi World…They all have extremely tricky abilities and extremely dangerous existences.

There was a total of five levels of this sorting, and Nami at first was ranked in the fifth level, and now she is going to be placed in the second level by Borsalino!

As for pirate hunter Zoro, who awakened conqueror Haki, he was put on the third level.

“Any more specific information?”

Sengoku asked in a deep voice.

Tokikake shook his head and said: “No, but the analysis says that the method used by the Wind Whisperer was not a devil fruit ability, but the so-called magic inherited from the Magician…”

“Magic… Damn…”

Sengoku rubbed his eyebrows, revealing a headache.

Ron’s death was really not reassuring, all the things left behind could cause huge troubles, whether it was the spiritual power training system, the magic weapons, or the magic directly inherited by the cadres such as Nami.

On many special islands, there were also various special powers. For example, the giant’s clan has an abnormal size and strength which makes them way stronger than ordinary people.

But these powers other than Haki and devil fruits were not powerful. No one would become a top-notch power with these!

But the magic system left by Ron was obviously not an ordinary power. It granted Nami a weird power to injure Borsalino… If such a method was spread on a large scale, it may be the power that can completely subvert the sea!

Sengoku couldn’t help but think of Ron’s words before his death.

‘Death is not the end but the beginning’

He couldn’t help feeling a little shake in his heart. It seemed that Ron wasn’t just saying some fancy ideal! It seems that something has truly begun!

And just when Sengoku’s complexion was uncertain, the Den Den Mushi on the desk rang.

“Fleet admiral Sengoku speaking.”

“Report to the fleet admiral…This is the G-3 branch base. Our siege of Albares failed. The base commander was severely injured by Albares’ cadre Goldenweek. We cannot hold the siege anymore. We can’t stop them from leaving…”

Hearing the voice from the other side of the Den Den Mushi, the arm of Sengoku froze.

He was very familiar with the base commander of the G-3 branch, and he knows his strength too well. Even if he was placed in the headquarters, he will not be much worse than those elite vice admirals.

Another Albares’ cadre showed his true colors…

Pirate hunter Zoro with his conqueror’s Haki, Nami, and her weird methods injuring Borsalino, and now Goldenweek that suppressed an elite official who had the strength of a vice-admiral…

One after another the Albares’ cadres were standing out!

For the marine and the government, Albares was like an iceberg. All they saw was Ron, the most dazzling at the top. However, after Ron fell, the part hidden deep under the water started revealed its massive size!


Sengoku couldn’t help thinking about such thought…that caused him heart palpitations and fear.

Zoro, Nami, and Goldenweek are probably not much worse than that of the captains of the whitebeard or the all-stars under the command of Kaido.

Coupled with Ron, who was equally strange and terrifying in strength, if he survived and grow for a certain period, in a year per se, he might really become a new Emperor!


Fortunately, the world government decisively and resolutely killed Ron before he reaches that phase.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have another chance to stop him.

Although the strength of the many cadres of Albares was also shocking, they were barely within the range that can be suppressed, and they will not be able to grow as a new Emperor in a short period of time without their leader Ron.

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