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P.A.S Chapter 256: Angel Island

Somewhere at sea.

A block of ice with a radius of about ten meters was floating in the sea. Zoro was sitting there and Nami was standing in front of him, with a little blue light resonating from the top of the wand in her hand.

“All right.”

After a while, Nami put down her magic wand and said: “This is my limit! The wounds should not continue to deteriorate. Once we meet with Mansherry, you can be completely treated.”

Since hydrotherapy was the second-level magic of the water system, it was not pure healing magic. For Zoro’s serious injuries, it could only help to stop the bleeding…

“It’s better already.”

Zoro opened his eyes and said with a sigh.

Naturally, there is no need to say much about Zoro’s vitality. If he was treated by Ron, there was a high chance that he would recover on his own by the time they reach their destination, without the need for further treatment. However, Nami was a bit lacking in the use of hydrotherapy.

Ron was recovering at that time. The 3rd level necromancy magic consumed a lot of his mental power.

Even with the help of the magic wand, when he released the 3rd level magic, nearly one-third of his mental power was gone! However, it was a small price to pay considering the results! It made Borsalino disappear without a trace, transferred to another dimension!

Even if he managed to escape that magic and come back to this realm, he would be in a bad shape.

The most powerful thing about this magic is that it was a type of confinement magic, like a prison of six rods of light, once the target is locked, it will definitely be hit, and there is no room to avoid it.

“I don’t know how much this magic can affect Borsalino, but it shouldn’t be enough to heavily injure him…If it was cast three times in a row, most probably it won’t be enough to kill someone at the level of an admiral.”

Ron’s mental power had almost recovered, and he pondered for a while.

The release of the gates of hell three times in a row can drain his mental power, but when cast on an admiral, it is estimated that he will be seriously injured at most, and it won’t be enough to finish him.

If only he had more mental power and could release it more than five times, Ron was sure that it would be more than enough to kill a marine admiral in his heyday!

But that’s a feat that could only be achieved after exceeding 500 points of mental strength.

“Still… I might be able to kill a wounded admiral…”

Ron wondered if Akainu after suffering that heavy blow from Whitebeard during the great war, like in the original plot, would be able to resist the gate of hell three times. Most probably he won’t!

The only way to survive this magic was hard resistance. If the opponent was overwhelmed by it, it’s the end. It’s almost taboo magic.

While groaning, Ron suddenly thought of something, and said to Nami: “Nami, it seems that Zoro has a devil fruit, ask him about it.”

Nami was slightly surprised. At Ron’s reminder, she also noticed the strange fruit in Zoro’s pocket and said: “Is that a devil fruit in your pocket?”

“Oh yes.”

Zoro took the devil fruit out and said: “I luckily found it at an auction venue and got it easily. Ron has been asking for these things. Although he is gone, it should be still useful. “

A devil fruit can create a capable person. If it was some powerful devil fruit, Albares can gain another strong member. Although Zoro did not want to become a devil fruit user, he still knows their value.

Nami nodded and said: “Well, it’s useful.”

While talking, Nami took the Devil Fruit from Zoro, took a look, and said: “Then we will go directly to the sky island.”

As the voice fell, Nami controlled the ice under her feet to break and split into two small pieces, which carried her and Zoro respectively and flew towards the sky.

Zoro sat there with his arms folded in front of him, without shaking or surprise, after looking at the sea that was getting farther and farther away, he closed his eyes.

Nami took Zoro and flew to the sky island, while Ron showed a ray of mental power, entwining the devil fruit that Nami had brought.


The energy contained in the devil fruit was extracted by Ron’s mental power, and the remaining rotten black curse was thrown out turning into black smoke and dissipating in the air.

After swallowing the devil fruit, Ron felt that his total mental attribute should be about 415 points, and he was one step closer to 500 points.

Without disturbing Nami’s actions, Ron continued his meditation.

A few days later.

Ron, Nami, and Zoro arrived at Angel Island.

Angel Island has not been attacked or affected by Albares’ “fall”, it was still in order, and it was developing at a very high pace. So far, more than 300 people have reached the required level to use the magic weapons, and the number was still increasing.

Except for the Miss Goldenweek, under Robin’s commands, who assisted in the evacuation of one of the branches and ending up severely wounding a marine base commander, others, such as Perona, were all on Angel Island.

Perona was very dissatisfied with the environment of Angel Island. She was fond of hunted and gloomy castles and such an island full of holy atmosphere made her feel out of place.

But the four seas were very dangerous at the moment. Although she didn’t like Angel Island, it was better than fighting the marines.

When Zoro met Mansherry, his injuries had recovered a lot, but the latter insisted on treating him.

“What are we going to do next?”

On the second floor of Albares’ guild, Zoro looked at Nami and the others and asked.

He was never concerned about Albares’ action plan, but with the current situation, he needs to pay attention. He is a cadre of Albares, and with Ron gone, he will guard what he left behind.

“Next, we will make a huge step forward.”

Nami has already received the next step from Ron. She looked at Zoro and the others and said: “The marines will execute the fire fist Ace publicly, and it is bound to go to war with the Whitebeard Pirates. It is an opportunity. The marine and the government will not have the energy to pay attention to our affairs at this time.”

“With Ron’s gone, many of the forces that surrendered and cooperated with Albares before began to rebel. I need you to suppress these forces… Miss Goldenweek is taking care of another matter, which means Perona and Zoro have to handle this.”

Perona didn’t really want to listen to Nami’s commands, but she didn’t really want to stay on Angel Island. Besides, as a magician, she knew that Ron was not dead, and guessed that these commands probably came from Ron. After curling her lips, there was no rebuttal.

“what about me?”

Mansherry stood at the table looking at Nami.

Nami looked down at Mansherry, smiled slightly, and said: ” Mansherry, you come with me. Let’s go to the new world and meet…Whitebeard!”

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