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P.A.S Chapter 257: Wind Whisperer

New world.

In a part of the sea.

So many pirate ships gathered there, faintly producing a kind of an extremely depressing atmosphere.

At the center, a large ship was docked, and the flag hung on the sail was the jolly roger of the Whitebeard Pirates.

“Brew and his crew did not come yet?”

Marco, the 1rst division commander of the Whitebeard Pirate Group, was standing on the ship’s deck. He looked at the numerous pirate ships gathering on the sea with a cold face and said in a deep voice.

Brew was an infamous New World pirate captain who was subordinate to Whitebeard.

the Whitebeard Pirates have many subordinate crews from the New World, which make it the largest crew of all the four emperors. There were at least 43 crews under his protection!

Upon learning that the marine Headquarters was about to publicly execute Fire fist Ace, Whitebeard directly summoned all the subordinate pirates.

As expected, Whitebeard wouldn’t stay quiet about Ace’s execution! It was absolutely impossible to bear it!

As one of the legendary pirates, as the owner of the title of ” Strongest Man in the World”, as one of the four emperors… even it was the marine headquarters, it is impossible for Whitebeard to give in!

Although Whitebeard also knew that this was mostly Blackbeard’s conspiracy and that he maliciously induced him to go to war with the Marine Headquarters! Blackbeard knows that whitebeard would never ignore a son in need!

“They said they had a little trouble, but they will be there soon.”

Someone spoke to Marco via the Den Den Mushi.

Marco looked at Whitebeard who was sitting not far away.

Whitebeard raised his head slightly and said: “Keep waiting, that stinky boy will not fail to come. Since he said he was in trouble, he was probably blocked by the marines.”

Marco nodded.

In this new world, many pirate groups wanted to be attached to Whitebeard pirates, but most of them were turned down. The most important thing was to have benevolence and righteousness!

“Except for brew, everyone else is here.”

Diamond Jozu, the 3rd division commander, stood on the side of the ship’s gunwale, looked at the many pirate ships on the sea, and then at the crowd gathered on the deck here, and said: “This is a critical moment for us… …This time we are going to fight with the marine headquarters, are you all afraid?”

The forty-two captains of the Subordinate Crews were all gathered on the deck at that moment, together with the division commanders.

Hearing what Jozu said, someone grinned and said: “I don’t know a lot about the marine headquarters, but since someone wants to kill captain Ace, then we have to let them pay the cost!”


“Destroy the marine headquarters!”

Many captains and sub-group captains said in unison.

Ace was very popular in the Whitebeard Pirates. He is bright and friendly. Every time a fight starts, he would rush to the forefront, shielding all his companions from the wind and rain, and the marine was about to execute that caring brother.

“It is not that simple to take down the marine headquarters.”

Whitebeard glanced at the angry crowd, raised his head slightly, and said: “But if they want to hurt my son, they have to pay a price because I’m… the Whitebeard!”

A slightly domineering voice came, adding a bit of momentum to the many captains. He is whitebeard, the ‘world’s strongest mab’. No matter what enemy he was facing, he was more than confident to succeed, even if it was the marine headquarters!

“Don’t go back to your ships. Have lunch here. It may not be long before Brew also arrives, and then we will set off.”

Marco looked at the time and greeted the many subordinate crews’ captains.

Everyone responded and soon gathered on the deck to have a meal.

The Moby Dick’s deck was very large, and it didn’t seem very crowded even after accommodating dozens of people. The Whitebeard also ate a bit, quietly waiting for the arrival of the last fleet.

Time passed quietly.

Soon after.

A pirate ship that seemed to have just experienced a battle drove over and quickly approached the fleet of the Whitebeard Pirate Group.

“It seems that there was a tough battle. Did you meet the marine?”

Marco stood on the deck and said to brew on the deck of the fleet: “It seems that your injuries are serious, can you still fight?”

With a bandage on his shoulder, Brew looked up at Marco and said with a hey: “A little injury, no problem, but it’s not the marine, it’s a pirate group under Kaido.”


Marco’s face was cold and he turned his head and glanced at Whitebeard.

Whitebeard squinted his eyes slightly, and said: “I don’t have time to pay attention to that bastard, if you can still fight, brew, you can set off with the fleet!”

“Okay, Oyaji.”

Brew responded cleanly and then ordered the crew under his command to steer the ship, turn the course, and sail to the far right of the fleet.

Seeing that everyone was there, Whitebeard stood up from the deck, the height of a giant, standing there like a mountain, making Marco and others feel extremely secure.

“So… let’s go!”

Whitebeard slid his Murakumogiri (the spear) and walked to the front of the deck, his eyes flickering and his voice resounded across the sea.

For a time, countless pirates shouted in response, and the fleets put away their anchors, headed forward following the lead of the Mobile Dick.

Target…marine Headquarters!

Everyone was shouting in excitement, looking at the back of Whitebeard with a bit of respect and enthusiasm, they clenched their sword hilt, murderously.

But Marco was looking at the back of Whitebeard with a deep worry in his eyes.

He was the first division’s commander and the ship doctor of the Whitebeard Pirates.

He was the person who knows the physical state of Whitebeard best.

Whitebeard has had the title of the strongest in the world for decades, relying on his body strength like a monster, and his devil fruit ability that has frightened countless people.

The power of this devil fruit was indeed extremely powerful. It can easily destroy an island under the circumstance of all-out efforts… But such power was not without any cost. The use of this devil fruit for many years caused some hidden damage to his body and the effects continued to accumulate.

Whitebeard’s body has been getting worse and worse in the past two years.

In the first few years, with the help of his Blue Flames of Resurrection, it was relatively easy to suppress the wounds of Whitebeard, but in recent years, his flames had no more effect.

After all, his flames were less effective on anyone other than himself, to begin with.

Others couldn’t notice the abnormality of Whitebeard, but as the ship doctor, Marco, who was always paying attention to Whitebeard’s condition, knew that he must be enduring very severe pain.

But he couldn’t help it.

His healing ability has reached its limit.


Marco gritted his teeth.

If it was ten years ago, he would not worry at all, but at that time…. Whitebeard’s hidden injuries were too fatal.

Whitebeard stood at the forefront of the deck for a while with his spear, before turning around again, returning to his seat.

Marco came over and did a simple check on Whitebeard. After he realized that his condition was fairly stable, he was slightly relieved, but he was still worried.

“Don’t worry about it, Marco.”

Whitebeard glanced at Marco and said: “I’m fine. Sengoku dared to announce Ace’s execution, this time I will chop off his head.”

Hearing Whitebeard’s words, Marco smiled and said: “Since you are with us, the marine is definitely not an opponent, but to rescue Ace, you need to make a plan so that he cannot be harmed.”


Whitebeard nodded, then said: “What do you have in mind?”

Marco pondered for a while. He had some strategies, and when he was about to say something, someone suddenly jumped off the top of the sail and said to Marco and Whitebeard:

“Father! Captain Marco! A ship is approaching us!”


Marco turned his head, frowned slightly, and said: “Is it the marine? Or Kaido? who would dare and ask for trouble at this time?”

“No, it’s neither the marine nor Kaido, it’s a small boat…it seems to be alone.”

When he heard the man’s words, Whitebeard also looked sideways.

Marco was slightly surprised.

At that moment, the entire fleet of Whitebeard Pirate Group was advancing. At that specific point in time, this boat still dared to come close. Still, since it was a small boat, it’s mostly not looking for trouble.

Marco jumped up and came to the top of the sails. Looking towards the sea, he saw a small boat approaching, carried by the waves.

This small boat had no sails, yet it was so fast, like an arrow heading towards the Moby Dick.

“That is…”

Looking at the figure on the boat, Marco’s eyes flickered slightly.

In this sea, there were not many people who could make a deep impression on him, but the person in that boat was one of the few people who left an impression.

A few days ago, Marco read shocking news in the newspaper. It was reported that someone helped the Straw-Hat pirates who had beaten one of the celestial dragons to escape in the Sabody archaeology.

Along with this newspaper, there was a wanted poster with shocking bounty!

1 billion berries!

It was known as the ‘Wind Whisperer’ Nami! She was once one of Albares’ cadres under the magician Ron’s command!

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