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P.A.S Chapter 258: Hidden Injuries

A bounty of one billion!

Even in the new world, there were very few people with such a bounty! Almost second only to the four emperors such as Kaido and Big Mom!

And the most shocking thing was that this was the first bounty on the head of this Wind Whisperer and it was directly a reward of 1 billion! She was almost a step up to the sky, such a high reward was obviously not caused by something such as beating a celestial dragon.

It must be that the world government judged her to be a great threat!

“I don’t think she is looking for trouble, but her intentions are uncertain.”

Marco jumped off the top of the sail and landed on the deck, saying: “It’s the woman I saw in the newspaper the other day.”

“The Wind Whisperer?”

Vista, the commander of the fifth division, stretched out his fingers and twisted his mustache, and said: “A one billion berries as her first bounty… That woman should be quite difficult to deal with… Even the pirate hunter who was an Albares cadre with her has a 500 million Berries bounty…”

Another commander next to him said in a deep voice: “There is another cadre called ‘Goldenweek’ who has also been offered a bounty of 350 million berries…”

“Speaking of it, it’s really surprising. I didn’t expect that there were so many powerful people under that magician’s command.”

The commanders exchanged a few words with each other.

Information about the Battle of Dressrosa also reached the Whitebeard Pirates. Everyone was shocked at the time. They didn’t expect Ron, who was not well-known, to possess such strength and were also shocked by the government’s decisiveness.

At that time, they thought that Albares should be finished with their leader gone, but no one expected that within a few months, Albares members would appear one after the other swinging their heavyweights on the sea.

“Is she here to see me?”

Whitebeard was interested in Nami. It is not common to have such a bounty as a starting point! He turned his head and glanced at the sea in the distance, and said: “Let’s see what she is after.”


Nami’s ship reached the front of the Moby Dick.

Many pirates of the White Beard Pirate Group gathered on the ship’s side and deck, looking at Nami.

Since the Moby Dick did not stop and was still advancing at full speed, they all wanted to see how Nami would get on the ship, after all, she has a billion-berries bounty.

Seeing that the Moby Dick approaching at a high speed, Nami pointed at Mansherry on her shoulders: “Mansherry, I’m going up.”

“um hum.”

Mansherry nodded obediently.

With a slight force under her feet, the boat was pushed into the sea and made a cracking sound.

A scene that surprised many pirates of the Whitebeard Pirate Group.

The seawater converged quickly, step by step turning into a layer of stairs under Nami’s feet, leading to the deck of the Moby Dick.

Under the attention of many pirates and commanders such as Marco, Nami set foot on the ship with a dignified look!

Nami, who stepped on the deck, glanced plainly at the numerous pirates around.

There was deep darkness in her eyes, which gave the surrounding pirates goosebumps. A trace of fear was inexplicably produced, and they involuntarily retreated.

Marco figure’s flickered, and appeared in front of Nami blocking her way, saying: “Wind Whisperer…what are you doing here?”

In his eyes, Nami was a dangerous person with unknown means, and naturally, he would not let her approach Whitebeard casually.

“For the time being, it’s a visit.”

Nami looked at Marco calmly.

Marco frowned slightly, and Whitebeard at the back spoke.

“A visit? Let her come over, Marco.”

Hearing Whitebeard’s words, Marco stepped aside.

Nami walked forward slowly and came to the front of Whitebeard.

Whether it was Nami…or Ron, this was the first time they have seen Whitebeard in person. After all, he was the person who has the title of the strongest in the world. It would be impossible to act as if it was nothing.

As Ron was looking at Whitebeard, Whitebeard could only see Nami. He glanced at her and said: “Your leader was killed by the government. And here you are in front of me. Are you planning to cooperate with me? “

Whitebeard was not just a fool with force, he also has enough wisdom, otherwise, it would not be possible to be the strongest in this world.

Knowing that Ron died at the hands of the government and that Nami was making a big fuss in Sabaody archipelago, the fact that she was standing in front of him with no hostile intention, it was clear that the purpose of this visit was to start a cooperation.

“It is not that simple to kill our president.”

Nami looked at Whitebeard and said: “Death is not the end… But this time I came here with the purpose of cooperation. We have a common enemy.”

“Roger seems to have said something like this… but your president has indeed done something that can change the world.” Whitebeard thought for a moment.

Originally Ron, in the eyes of Whitebeard, was just a rising star. He was just one of the newly emerging figures in the sea, and he had not yet reached his level.

But at the time he saw him differently.

First, it was the mental power training system created by Ron, which has cleared a large obstacle for many people to become stronger. Second, it was the strength that Ron demonstrated in the Dressrosa battle that shocked the entire sea. With these two facts coupled together, Whitebeard has placed Ron’s on the top level of the sea.

Only people like Golden Lion, Kaido, and Shanks were considered at such a level.

Nami said: “Let’s leave the cooperation matter for the future. The most serious problem now is you have to face the marine Headquarters which can be very tricky and there is a huge chance that the government will intervene.”

Whitebeard looked at Nami.

Although Nami came with the reason for cooperation, Whitebeard couldn’t easily trust Nami and Albares. After all, it didn’t seem to be of many benefits for the other party to cooperate with him at that moment! The current situation was indeed very troublesome.

“What can you do for me?”

Whitebeard asked at Nami.

Nami stretched out her finger and said: “First, help you rescue Fire fist Ace. Both the Pirate Hunter and I will participate in the battle. Second… heal your hidden wounds.”

The first sentence was nothing, but as the second sentence fell, the expressions of Marco and the other commanders changed, especially Marco, who instantly showed extremely vigilant eyes.

Even the Whitebeard’s eyes changed slightly.

Except for Marco and a small circle of trusted people, no one knew about Whitebeard’s condition! Even the crew on Moby Dick, most of them didn’t know about it.

Yet, the woman in front of him knew about it!

“Hidden wound?”

Whitebeard stared at Nami, and suddenly grinned: ” Gurararara, I don’t know what are talking about…”

As the voice fell, lightning flashed across Whitebeard’s eyes, and a terrifying aura suddenly burst out and pressed towards Nami.

Conqueror’s Haki!

Facing the Whitebeard’s conqueror’s Haki, Nami did not give in, and her eyes also flashed with a gloomy luster like an abyss, and the same shocking power burst out.

Whitebeard’s conqueror Haki and Ron’s mental powers collided in an instant.


Black thunder intertwined suddenly.

With Nami and Whitebeard at the center of Mobile Dick’s deck, dense cracks appeared, like a spider web, spreading in all directions.

The rippling shockwave effect made many of the pirates of the White Beard Pirate Group fell one after the others like dominos.


Even Marco and the other commanders were having a hard time.

All the commanders changed color, and the weakest one even had cold sweat on their foreheads!

Whitebeard stared at Nami, feeling her “conqueror Haki” that didn’t seem to be much worse than his, then grinned.


The impact of the confrontation between the two was stagnant, and then it exploded suddenly.

Tens of meters-long crack appeared at the center of the deck, almost splitting the ship into two.

“I have some special abilities. I can see clearly the flaws and weaknesses of other people, including hidden injuries…”

Ron restrained his mental shock, and said calmly to Whitebeard: “This kind of wound is difficult to heal, but I happen to be able to treat it…because I have the Heal-Heal Fruit.”

Whitebeard stared at Ron for a few seconds.

He grinned again.

“Gurararara… Then what do you want?”

“Keep a cooperative relationship.”

Nami said indifferently: “After assisting you in rescuing Fire fist Ace, we will continue to maintain a cooperative relationship. Albares is an organization that undertakes all kinds of commissions. Then you can also accept commissions from us. Our people will sometimes ask your people for assistance, for the right price of course.”

“Strategic cooperation…Hum”

Whitebeard thought for a moment.

The vigilance and tension of Marco and the others gradually slowed down.

Although when Nami mentioned Whitebeard’s hidden injuries made him very alert for an instant, it was true that no matter how it looks, it seemed that Nami was here just for the purpose of cooperation.

Unless if the government and Nami secretly joined forces and intend to plot against them, but It would difficult to figure that out at the moment… The most important point was that the other party offered to treat Whitebeard’s injuries!

Marco knew about the Heal-Heal devil fruit. He had seen it in the devil fruit illustration book. With such ability, there was a huge chance to heal Whitebeard’s injuries.

“You brought the doctor?”

Whitebeard asked Nami.

Without Nami saying a word, Mansherry got out of Nami’s clothes, stood on her shoulder, looked at the tall Whitebeard standing in front of her like a giant, and said: “I’m… Mansherry, the doctor.”

The moment they saw Mansherry, the hostility of Whitebeard and the others instantly disappeared.

Mansherry was so pure and on top of that a princess. Her cute appearance could eliminate most people’s vigilance in an instant.

Whitebeard looked at Mansherry, who was smaller than his finger, suddenly smiled, then said, ” Gurararara…Such a small doctor, can do the work?”

Mansherry was upset, snorted with her cheeks, and said:

“I’m very good!”

“If she has the ability of the heal-heal-fruit, then she should be more than capable.” Marco smiled beside him and said: “Well the key is how far your ability has been developed.”

Marco was still alerted at first. When Mansherry activated her ability, she released a warm golden light that the fatigue of many people disappeared in an instant, which made Marco’s vigilance completely disappeared.

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