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P.A.S Chapter 259: the promised day

Half a month later.

Marine Headquarters, Marineford.

In the highest-level office, Sengoku was holding a Den Den Mushi and said in a deep voice: “…Continue to look after Big Mom, and report to the headquarters if anything happens.”

In order to gather all the strength to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates and to increase their winning chances, Sengoku naturally called for Kuzan. But the return of Kuzan means that leaving Big Mom temporarily unattended, which is a possible danger.

However, Big Mom was last seen in the North blue, and with the current situation, Big Mom was either to go after Ron’s Albares or to temporarily disappear and re-grow its power.

It was impossible for Big Mom to start any kind of conflict with the marines with her current situation.

Therefore, Big Mom, a seemingly hidden danger, can be left alone for this period.

However, the other emperors were stressing Sengoku more. Kaido has been creating friction and chaos during the last period, destroying several marine branches, and it was difficult to ensure that Kaido will not come to the marine headquarters and take part in this war.

As for the Shanks, even though he intercepted the beast Kaido once a few days ago, no one can predict Shank’s action when the real war began.

If Shanks, Kaido, and Whitebeard join forces to deal with the marine headquarters, even with the support of the government, the marine headquarters will not be able to withstand such pressure and face the crisis of destruction!

“Shanks, Kaido…”

After hanging up the Den Den Mushi, Sengoku looked at the map in front of him with a pensive expression, and said: “Even if something happens… It is impossible to stop.”

Sengoku temporarily put aside the matter of Kaido and Shanks, turned his head to look at one of the vice-admirals in the office, and said: “Has the Shichibukai arrived yet? Any news about Blackbeard?”

The Shichibukai lineup changed a lot because of Ron’s actions, but Kuma, Jinbe, the Empress, and Hawk eyes were still members. The only newcomers were Blackbeard and the two other rookies.

Except for Jinbe, all the members arrived, and they all were gathered in the holy place Mary Geoise.

It was finally the promised day!

The day of public execution.

The shichibukai rushed from the red line to Marinford on a marine ship. The only problem was that Blackbeard disappeared a few days after arriving at the holy place!

There was no trace of him or his crew!

“The Shichibukai has arrived, and the quiet room was arranged for them to wait. But we couldn’t get in touch with Blackbeard and we don’t know his whereabouts.”

The vice-admiral responded to Sengoku.

Sengoku frowned, and when he was about to say something, the Den Den Mushi suddenly rang. After he answered, his face changed.

“Report to the Marine Headquarters! This is Impel down! We have an emergency, Shichibukai Blackbeard led his subordinates to attack the prison, and we have suffered heavy losses!”

“Repeat! Blackbeard attacked Impel Down. Chief Magellan is fighting the opponent to death, desperately blocking them. The head Jailer, Shiryu, is suspected of rebelling and joining the opponent… The situation is dangerous. We request support from the headquarters, we request the support of the headquarters!”

Sengoku’s complexion changed drastically. Just when he was about to say something, he heard a scream from the other side of the Den Den Mushi, and then it was forcibly hung up.

“Hey! Hey!”

Sengoku yelled twice and tried to call back again, but no one answered. His face was pale, and his eyes also showed an expression of anger.

He slammed the table with his hand, instantly causing the thick solid wood table to crack.

“Blackbeard! Damn it! That bastard! Was that his objective from the beginning?!”

Sengoku gritted his teeth, eyes filled with anger, clenched his fists.

After the first day of his disappearance, the Great Staff Officer Tsuru called it out, but Sengoku didn’t pay much attention to it at the time.

Sengoku did not think that Blackbeard would invade Impel Down so easily. After all, it was known as an iron wall and it was supervised by Magellan, one of his most trustworthy subordinates.

Sengoku was aware of Blackbeard’s strength, he was better than Ace, but still was far from Whitebeard’s level, so Magellan should be able to take him down with ease.


He heard something that might turn things upside down!!

Shiryu of the Rain was suspected of rebellion!

Hearing these words, Sengoku lost his composer and could not sit still.

Shiryu was a Head Jailer at Impel Down. He was temporarily imprisoned for murdering prisoners indiscriminately. His strength was not much different from Magellan’s. And if he really rebelled and join forces with Blackbeard… They will release some vicious prisoners and If that happens! Impel down is going to collapse!

“We can’t let this happen!”

Tsuru’s eyes flickered, and she said in a deep voice: “Whitebeard should be coming soon. Blackbeard chose the best time to make his move…”


Sengoku fist hit the table again in anger shattering into pieces.

It was not possible to dispatch forces to solve the situation in Impel down, all they could do is having faith in Magellan.

If Magellan has been defeated, one admiral wouldn’t be able to stop the chaos, and to send more is out of question… how to face Whitebeard without the top combat powers?!

The most terrifying force among the four emperors! Without the admirals, this is a lost cause! Even with the admirals, it was expected to lose countless forces.

“Blackbeard… What a cunning man.”

Garp sat on the sofa not far away and spoke slightly.

He was in a bad mood, he didn’t care about Blackbeard, but he was just very depressed, because of Ace’s execution.

As a grandfather, as a marine hero, he was squeezed in the middle, not knowing what to do.


Sengoku was still a little worried about Garp’s condition…

He got his hands full to deal with Whitebeard, yet he was worried about Garp…and now Impel down’s accident deepened his worries…It was the worst time to be a fleet admiral.

“Report to fleet admiral Sengoku! Fire Fist Ace has been escorted to the headquarters!”

At this moment, a marine officer rushed into the office and reported.

Hearing this, Sengoku took a deep breath, walked to the corridor outside the office, and glanced at the execution platform that had been laid out below and the 100,000 marine elites who were gathered on the square:

“It is time! Let’s go.”

No matter what was going on in the prison, it cannot be helped.

They must fight the upcoming Whitebeard with all their strength!

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