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P.A.S Chapter 260: They Came

There were still three hours before the execution.

That is to say, the Whitebeard Pirates should appear at any time during these three hours.

Under the order of the fleet admiral Sengoku, Fire Fist Ace, who was brought to the marine headquarters, was escorted to the execution platform in shackles.

“I’m going to say it all, Garp.”

Sengoku took a Den Den Mushi and walked towards the execution platform while looking at Garp who was walking beside him.

Garp squeezed his fist, closed his eyes, and said: “Do as you please.”

Sengoku looked at Garp for a few seconds, then moved to the top of the execution platform.

At that time.

Below the execution platform, the strongest lineup of the marine headquarters has been gathered.

Kuzan, Kizaru, and the Akainu, the three admirals of the marine, sitting on the three chairs below the execution platform. They seemed like three big mountains connected together covering the marine headquarters like some guardian.

Some marines, which were panicking a bit, felt a sense of security and stability in their hearts as soon as they saw the three admirals sitting there steadily.

Ahead was the vice admirals leading the marine’s elites gathered from all over the world.

With that many islands to cover, the number of marines in the entire world was countless, far exceeding one million, but only one hundred thousand were gathered there.

However, these 100,000 people were well-known elite soldiers from all over the world…such as Smoker.

It can be said that none of the marine officers there was ordinary, all of them were powerful men with a certain level of strength that they could be the commander of any branch of the four seas.

Well, that was logical! They had to have the minimum strength to be qualified to fight against the pirate groups of the Strongest Man in the World.

Otherwise, even if there were thousands of them, ordinary people wouldn’t be able even to resist Whitebeard’s domineering presence!

In front of the elite marines, at the forefront of the main marine fortress, the five kings, the Shichibukai, stood there, namely Dracule Mihawk, Bartholomew Kuma, Boa Hancock, and the two new members who recently joined.


Hancock looked at the sea ahead in silence, with a little light in her eyes.

[Will Ron come?]

Before leaving Amazon Lily, Ron told her that he would participate in the top war and that she should not be afraid, and do not defy the government orders, and just respond to the Shichibukai’s call with peace of mind.

Now that she was there, she was not sure whether Ron will come or not, but in her mind, someone like him, will never go back on his words and he will definitely show up!

“The atmosphere is slightly depressing…”

Hancock glanced at the other Shichibukai, as well as the one hundred thousand elite marines below.

She couldn’t find any ally.

As a Shichibukai, although there was an agreement with the government, the latter may disregard their deal at any time, so the marine was not a companion, but a collaborator under an agreement.

As for the other Shichibukai, they were more dangerous than the marine, because they will not even consider the agreement in case they found a window to gain something they wanted. So, everyone was on his own.

The situation was tense and any ordinary pirate, even those with more than 100 million berries would suffocate under this pressure.

But Hancock could handle it.

After all, she was the Snake Princess, in possession of the conqueror’s Haki, powerful and arrogant, especially after Ron helped her remove the mark on her back. Without a worry, her strength has improved greatly.

“It’s dangerous here.”

Hancock was making judgments in her heart.

With the gathered three admirals, the one hundred thousand elite marine forces, plus the Shichibukai, with such a lineup, it seemed that this platform will be the graveyard of Whitebeard and his crew.

For a moment, Hancock felt that Ron, siding with Whitebeard, will be in a dire situation!

It was extremely dangerous.

Even if Ron’s abilities were weird and powerful, the lineup formed by the elite marine officers was still too strong, strong enough to suffocate a Shichibukai.

And just when Hancock was worried about Ron’s safety, Sengoku began to speak.

His voice was amplified by a special Den Den Mushi and spread throughout the marine headquarters.

The video Den Den Mushies was installed in the Sabaody Archipelago and many other places, simultaneously broadcasting the execution, spreading the voice of Sengoku all over the world.

“Portagas D. Ace… your father is…The pirate king, Gol.d Roger!”

“Gold Roger’s son…”

When Sengoku’s voice fell, countless people showed shock and incredible expressions.

Even the Shichibukai showed a little different color! Even Mihawk glanced sideways at Ace on the execution platform.

Although the name of Fire Fist Ace was also very resounding in the sea but compared with the Pirate King Roger…The reputation scale was way different.

Gol D. Roger!

The only pirate who conquered the entire grand line, the pirate king!

He was the man who started the Great Age of Pirates and guided the whole world to change from that moment!

Even if Whitebeard is the strongest man in the world, he cannot be compared with Roger in terms of reputation and fame. If Whitebeard is a legend from the last era, then Roger is a legend engraved in history.


Ace gritted his teeth.

He didn’t recognize Roger as his father. He only recognizes Whitebeard.

Garp also lowered his head and clenched his fists. Roger entrusted Ace to him, and with all these years…he becomes attached to him… he was a real relative, a grandson.

And just as Sengoku announced Ace’s identity, standing indifferently above the execution platform and overlooking the stage, a marine captain quickly ran over with sweat stains on his forehead and said nervously and urgently: “Report to the fleet admiral Sengoku. The gate of justice was opened without any instructions! There is no response from the power room!”


The complexion of Sengoku suddenly changed, and he immediately looked in the direction of the sea.

There were less than three hours before the execution. This was the most likely time for Whitebeard to appear. The situation with the power room was inexplicably abnormal, which undoubtedly means… Whitebeard arrived!

Almost at the next moment, a hazy shadow appeared in the distance of the sea.

At a glance, there were dozens of ships, forming a huge fleet, sailing in the direction of the marine headquarters.

As the fleet gradually approached and passed the thick fog on the horizon, pirate flags were seen! They were different, yet all of them were known! Pirates that horrified the new world!


“Get ready! Be prepared to engage the enemy!”

A vice-admiral looked nervous and solemnly shouted.

At that moment, the oppressive atmosphere of the marine headquarters, which was originally somewhat oppressive, became even more intense, making the breathing of many bottom marine officers slightly stagnant.

A fleet of dozens of large pirate ships!

The marine headquarters headed by the fleet admiral Sengoku and three admirals!

No matter who wins or loses, this collision will go down in history and rewrite the direction of the world!

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