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P.A.S Chapter 261: Showdown

“All heavy artillery ready!”

The vice-admirals commanded the warships under their command to prepare the canons, to aim at the dozens of pirate ships that approached. They were all looking for the location of the main ship of the Whitebeard Pirate Group.

Despite the large number of pirate ships that appeared, a cursory glance revealed that the Whitebeard’s Moby Dick was not among them, and there is no sign of Whitebeard himself.

“Where is Whitebeard?”

“Pay attention to any sudden moves! He must have something to try!”

Many vice-admirals shouted one after another, staring at the front warily.

However, at the next moment, the three marine admirals, who were sitting under the execution platform, as well as the top combat power such as Sengoku and Garp on the side, stood up and all looked in the same direction abruptly.

Several officers noticed their behavior. Soon, they saw faint bubbles continuously emerging from the sea surface, and black shadow gradually appeared.

“Could it be that……”

Sengoku’s eyes changed.

Tsuru was also looking at the sea below and said: “He really came out from an unexpected place… But from there…”

While talking, she looked at Kuzan under the execution platform not far away.

Without saying a word, Kuzan tilted his head and let out a cold breath.

The current situation is way different than the one in the original book. The situation the marine was facing was extremely severe. On the one hand, there was the threat of Kaido, and on the other hand, there was the threat of Big Mom going on a rampage again, so the marine headquarters had no other option but to win this battle against the Whitebeard Pirates.

Otherwise, in case of failure, the order will collapse and the world will be chaotic!

Kuzan was also very aware of this, so he was extremely solemn and serious from the beginning. In addition, he has not been able to achieve any results in his pursuit of Big Mom. Hence, he had to make a good impression in this battle against Whitebeard!

No matter whether his idea of justice conflicts with the government or not, he would never let the pirates wreak havoc.


The serious and vigilant Kuzan, as soon as he noticed the abnormality in the harbor, left his position, his figure flashed and appeared near the bubbles.

He fell directly, pressing the palm of his hand to the surface of the sea below, and the cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Ice Age!!”

The Whitebeard Pirates were trying to emerge from under the sea, although unexpectedly, they would break the marine’s formation, it was also dangerous to emerge from under the sea, with someone like Kuzan out there!

[If you dare to dive from the bottom of the sea, you might as well not come up]

Click! Click!

The Ice-Ice fruit ability was activated, and almost instantly, the sea surface in the entire harbor centered on him froze! Instantly a thousand feet of seawater turned into ice!

Kuzan could vaguely see the outline of the ship, frozen in the ice, frozen under the sea, along with its coating bubble!

“It looks like you lost your mind, Whitebeard…That was a stupid move.”

Akainu sat under the execution platform with a sneer on his face. He stared at the sea below with his right fist melted into magma.

Since Kuzan already blocked the enemy, Akainu didn’t mind making up another big move, so that the group of whitebeard pirates who dared to dive into the bottom of the sea would taste his rage.

boom! boom! boom!

Akainu didn’t hesitate as he blasted his meteor volcano directly under the sea, and in an instant, countless magma bombs poured down like a violent storm.

The frozen sea surface was melted by crimson magma in the blink of an eye. The ice and fire were intertwined. For a time, the white mist continued to rise, and the entire harbor seemed to burst.

“Hoy, Hoy, why so serious?”

Kizaru looked at the movements of Kuzan and Akainu, and couldn’t help tilting his head.

They both had the same idea, and both had the most serious attitude towards this battle from the beginning, but as always Kizaru has never changed.

He just wanted to guard the execution platform and just perform his duties as a marine.

But since Kuzan and Akainu have gone out, making flashy moves, bombarding the Whitebeard ship in the harbor, he obviously couldn’t stay still. He was that prideful.

Feeling helpless, Kizaru stood up.


Just when he was about to use his Yata no Kagami to reach the harbor, the faces of the admirals, including him, Sengoku and Garp changed drastically.

everyone could feel the tension in their faces this time! Several officers raised their heads together and looked at the sky above.

The pupils of Sengoku shrank slightly as he noticed what was about to happen!


A massive pirate ship appeared in the sky, flying the flag of the Whitebeard Pirates! it was Moby Dick!

How come that a huge ship like that traverses the sky

“Hey…is this some sort of a joke!?”

Kuzan took a moon step and fell back into the harbor. He looked at the sky with a look of shock, and couldn’t help but glance down at the seabed below his feet.

The Whitebeard Pirates group was actually in the sky!

What was that ship on the bottom of the sea then?!

Was it a bait to attract the marine’s firepower?


The huge ship fell directly in the direction of the execution platform, crossing the formation in the harbor.

“This is bad!”

Sengoku’s complexion changed drastically, and he shouted: “Block them!”

Although he couldn’t figure how this happened… He had no doubt that the situation became extremely unfavorable for the marine in an instant!

Looking at the ship falling from the sky, Sengoku was reminded of a very dangerous man… The Golden Lion Shiki, who was once considered as one of the three legendary pirates alongside Whitebeard and Roger!

Did the Golden Lion and Whitebeard join forces?!

As soon as this thought appeared, the heart of Sengoku was violently shaking. Although he felt that it was unlikely, if there was even the slightest chance that the Golden Lion and Whitebeard really joined forces, then the marine is in great trouble!

Sengoku was startled and could not help but turn his head to look in Garp’s direction.

In such a scenario, if Garp does not participate and goes all out, he was afraid that the marine Headquarters will not have a chance at stopping Whitebeard from rescuing Fire fist Ace!

Although the current lineup of the marine Headquarters should still be better than that of the Whitebeard & Golden Lions, the purpose of Whitebeard was to rescue Fire fist Ace, not to destroy the marines’ headquarters. As long as the other side achieves its goal, this will be considered a failure.

“This is really a bit troublesome.”

Kuzan also had a trace of seriousness in his tone. He didn’t hesitate at all, took a fighting stance, and aimed directly at the falling ship.

At the same time, Sengoku also immediately activated his devil fruit ability, incarnated in the form of a big Buddha, and slapped the ship falling from the sky!

They should do everything in their power to prevent the enemy from approaching the execution platform!

If Whitebeard and his commanders fall directly around the execution platform, no force in this world will be able to stop them from rescuing Ace. For the marine, Whitebeard reaching the platform means the loss of the great war before it even started!


With the fall of Sengok’s hand, a shock wave visible to the naked eye was released, bombarding the ship in the sky.

Kuzan released his Yasakani no Magatama, firing a torrent of deadly light particles which approached the bottom of the ship.

But at that time.

The bottom of the ship suddenly burst open.

A figure appeared there! He was burly and majestic. Although he was not as big as the giants, he was so mighty compared to ordinary people.

His arms were bulging, and although his skin was a bit dry and showing a bit of aging, the muscles under the skin were tightened piece by piece, condensing heart-palpitating power.

His eyes were domineering like he was stepping on the world.

He was the strongest man in the world.

Whitebeard… Edward Newgate!

” Gurararara.”

Whitebeard grinned and looked down. His right arm muscles were tense, and a white halo on his fist was condensed. He suddenly slammed the air directly below him.


The whole sky seemed to be shattered!

Under the horrified gaze of countless marines, under the hovering ship, space was like cracked ice, shattering in all directions.

A terrifying force that seemed to be capable of destroying everything broke out from there and collided with the shock wave of Sengoku and Kuzan’s Yasakani no Magatama.

There was no preface or dialogue before the battle.


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