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P.A.S Chapter 262: three punches

“It appeared from the sky.”

“Is that the Whitebeard Pirate Group?! It’s totally unreasonable…”

“A pirate group of that level can no longer be judged by common sense.”

In the Sabaody archipelago, as well as the major forces around the world who were watching the battle, the moment they saw the Whitebeard’s ship descending from the sky, their hearts were shaken violently.

Many people showed a somewhat unbelievable look.

There were also some famous pirates, rookies, such as Kid and others, watching the scenes on the screen without any consternation, some just bloodthirsty excitement.

“Whitebeard, hahaha! This is amazing! His entrance was so unexpected. I really look forward to the actual battle. Don’t let me down, the world’s strongest pirate!”

Kid grinned, opened his arms, and spoke grimly and excitedly.

At the same time.

In the marine headquarters, all the marine officers, the 100,000 elites, almost all solidified there, and their faces were full of shock.

They looked at the ships floating in the sky, in a state of stupefaction. They could not think of any useful strategy at all to counter such a surprise attack!

“That is a bold move.”

Hawk Eyes has also turned around and looked at the ship in the sky, his eyes were gleaming.

Hancock and the others also looked at the sky.

At first, when she saw that the ship at the bottom of the sea was bombarded by Kuzan and Akainu, she was a little worried that Ron would be on that ship, but as things stand, Ron should be on the ship floating in the sky!

The Shichibukai, the elite marine, were all staring at Moby dick in a daze.

Except for a few people, none of them had the capability to launch such a long-distance attack. They had no way to prevent the landing of the ship.

Although Hawk eyes was able to take it down, he didn’t make a move, and just watched coldly.

So far, only Borsalino and Sengoku have attacked.


In a thunderous roar, the shock of Whitebeard’s punch finally collided with Sengoku’s shockwave and Borsalino’s Yasakani no Magatama.

An invisible collision shattered the sky in an instant.

Marineford suffered Massive damage that caused the sea outside the island to churn up in an instant, setting off a huge wave of tens of meters.

This huge marine fortress, with Whitebeard’s attack, was like a small boat swayed by strong wind in the middle of the sea that may capsize at any time!

“This is not good……”

Sengoku and Borsalino confronted Whitebeard.

These two were so strong. Both of them were standing at the apex of the sea. The firepower they released toward the ship should have been enough to wipe out any enemy!

But their enemy wasn’t ordinary! Whitebeard blocked it!

Not only he blocked it, but the power of his fist even surpassed Sengoku’s shock wave, shattered Borsalino’s laser, and violently rushed towards the main fortress below!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The expressions of Kuzan and Akainu changed. The two jumped without hesitation and came to the top of the execution platform. They opened their hands and covered them in Haki!


The counterattack was directed at the top of the marine fortress, but it was blocked by the two admirals.

But even so, the top level of the entire marine fortress was overwhelmed with clicks, and even a lot of subtle cracks appeared!

“Damn… how could he be so strong…”

Sengoku standing on the execution platform couldn’t help but look ugly.

How could he release such power with his aging body! He shouldn’t be able to exert such power, it was almost the same power he had in his prime days!


Ace, shackled on the execution platform, looked at the scene in the sky and was a little shocked.

” Gurararara, Ace, my dear son, are you okay?”

Whitebeard deflected the attacks of Sengoku and Borsalino effortlessly. He was emitting a vaguely domineering and heart-palpitating aura. He just looked at the execution platform and let out laughter.

The ship continued to fall in the direction of the execution platform.

“Don’t let them leave the ship!”

Sengoku’s complexion was extremely ugly as he yelled without hesitation.

Once the Whitebeard Pirates reach the platform, their tactics, their calculations, and their preparations for this battle would almost become useless scraps!

He didn’t expect Whitebeard to have the means to make such a sneaky plan! He didn’t expect them to reach the platform this way…passing over their arrangements…

“This is troublesome.”

Borsalino no longer showed that arrogant look as he did before, he also became a lot more serious. The current situation no longer allows him to act loosely.

Kuzan and Akainu didn’t need such a wake-up call from the beginning. The two directly used moon step and rushed to the ship. The ice and fire came from the left and right sides, destroying the entire ship.

“Kuzan, Akainu…you two little brats…”

Whitebeard was holding the railing on the edge of the boat with one hand, at first. But at the moment he saw Kuzan and Akainu rushing from left and right, he let go of the railing and fell down. In midair, his arms were crossed in front of him, and then he suddenly hammered them out on both sides.


Cracks appeared in the air like a shattered mirror.

The shocking power that seemed to destroy everything, erupted from the left and right sides of Whitebeard and directly met the ice and the magma released by the two admirals.


A massive blast in the sky made the earth shake nonstop.

Kuzan and Akainu went all out in that attack! Can you even imagine how much firepower can two admirals release in their heyday?!

It was enough to wipe out an entire island!


It failed to break the shocking power of Whitebeard, and was still abruptly blocked by his fists, failing to bombard the ship!

Since the start of the battle, only three punches were thrown, yet the strength and power displayed by Whitebeard have already shocked the world.

“This is… the strongest man in the world!”

The marine and Shichibukai, along with those reporters and major forces who were watching the battle through live broadcast were mesmerized by his Whitebeard powers!

[He was Legen…wait for it…Dary! (A bonus for Himym fans :p )]

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