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P.A.S Chapter 263: Who is she

“Don’t ignore the old man…”

Whitebeard slammed both fists, blocking the two admirals from the left and the right, shaking the world, but at that very moment, when everyone else was stupefied, crossing their fingers praying for safety, someone attacked Whitebeard.

It was one of the admirals, Borsalino. He squinted his eyes, and then bright golden light was released. Taking advantage of the situation, Whitebeard resisting the attack of Akainu and kuzan from left and right, he released his Yasakani no Magatama again.

Seeing Borsalino trying to land a sneak attack, a phoenix bathed in blue flames suddenly flew off the ship and put himself between the light particles and Whitebeard.

boom! boom! boom!!

The golden particles exploded in the sky, completely resisted by the phoenix.

It was the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco. He looked at Borsalino condescendingly, with a slight arc at the corner of his mouth, and said: “Did you thought that such a lame sneaky attack would reach oyaji?”

“So scary those Whitebeard Pirates…”

As soon as Marco appeared, Borsalino knew that his attack would not be effective. He looked at Marco, who was spreading flame wings in the sky and slightly narrowed his eyes.

The situation was not good.

Actually, the situation was very bad!

With the protection of Whitebeard and Marco, the ship continued to fall heading towards the execution platform below.

“I won’t allow this! I won’t let it fall like this!”

Sengoku, in his Buddha form, roared, shaking the entire marine headquarters. His golden palms slammed into the sky, and a shock wave hit the ship directly.


Just as Sengoku struck, a crystal-clear body, reflecting a dazzling and shiny figure, flew down from the ship!


The shock wave hit him, and a roar erupted, causing his speed to suddenly slow down, and his figure was also clearly revealed. It was the 3rd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, “Diamond” Jozu!

Jozu resisted the shock wave of Sengoku. His whole body was diamondized, and his armed Haki was stimulated to the limit. With his extreme defense, he stood up to the shock wave and roared! It was completely nullified!

“Diamond Jozu…damn it.”

Sengoku naturally recognized Jozu’s identity. Seeing that the other party had withstood his shock wave and fell toward the execution platform. Sengoku couldn’t help gritting his teeth. Without delay, he waved his palm again, to take Jozu down who was still in midair! His arm was all covered in Haki, gold and black were intertwined.


It was as of a bell was hit by a stone! A deafening sound shook the marine headquarters harbor, making several officers dizzy.

Jozu held the shockwave released by Sengoku forcibly, but he couldn’t withstand the close palm strike and was bluntly knocked out, like a rock, hitting the ground with a bang.

But being blocked by Jozu for a while, Sengoku did not have time to prevent the ship from falling.

“It seems that it won’t work unless I intervene.”

A figure standing in the shadow somewhere behind the execution platform came out. She shook her head, drew out her sword with her right hand, and release a flying slash towards the falling ship.

Vice-admiral, Gion!

Tokikae also followed her lead and said in shock: “I didn’t expect that the Whitebeard would make such a move…Those Shichibukai are really unreliable.”

He and Gion didn’t intend to participate in the war. Their mission was to guard against other situations that might arise, such as Blackbeard, Kaido, etc.

But since none of Shichibukai came in handy, and no one managed to intercept the ship, the two of them had to do it.

If the opponents reach the execution platform that would be the end of the war…


Gion’s golden sword slash was intercepted in the air by another flying slash intertwined with countless petals, and a figure holding two swords appeared in front of the ship.

” Momousagi? An admiral candidate…”

Vista, the 5th division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, held two swords in his hands.

He looked in the direction of Gion, with a gentleman’s smile on his face, and said: “That was a splendid slash from that distance… But it doesn’t have enough power.”


Seeing this, Tokikae spit out the smoke helplessly.

At this distance, it was too late for him to rush over to force a close-range fight, but he also had his special abilities, which he had not used in the first battle of Dressrosa.

As an admiral candidate, he has more than just the ability to predict the future.

He was a Logia devil fruit user, the rarest out of all of the three Devil Fruit types.


Tokikake reluctantly used his ability.

The earth roared and surged in an instant, and then hundreds of large-scale spikes emerged, centering on the execution platform, poking at the falling ship.

According to Tokikake’s judgment, the top combatant of the Whitebeard Pirates Group should have been restrained.

Fire fist Ace of the second division was arrested, Whitebeard was resisting Akainu and Kuzan, Diamond Jozu was taken down by Sengoku, and Marco had his hands full with Borsalino…

Originally the commander of the fourth division Thatch should be able to fight him, but the latter was assassinated by Blackbeard, and his successor wasn’t as good as him.

Tokikake thought so in his heart, but the next moment, his eyes were widened.

“So, it’s not Golden Lion, she teamed up with Whitebeard? This strength… Borsalino was not exaggerating at all… Hey…Hey! This is trouble…”

Tokiake had already foreseen the next scene, and he sighed helplessly.

That is, when Tokikake’s voice fell, a figure appeared above the execution platform, looking down below with a cold gaze, looking at the bulging ground and ground thorns.

She was wearing a shirt and shorts, her orange hair just over her shoulders, flying in the wind, behind her was a crystal-clear wand floating.

Nami stretched out her hand and pressed her hand toward the ground with the countless spikes.


The elf wand solidified in the air, and a yellow light burst out, forming a ripple that was invisible to the naked eye. It swayed and fell to the ground in an instant.

The countless spikes started cracking in the next instant.

“…The ground shattered!”

This was fourth-order earth magic.

This magic was obviously not among the magic that Nami has mastered. This was Ron’s magic, and the releaser was naturally Ron.


Even though Tokikake burst out with all his strength, trying to break Ron’s obstruction, but after barely climbing a few meters, all the ground spikes finally solidified.

Dense cracks appeared and continued spreading.


The ground over a kilometer in a radius was brutally crushed, turned into countless debris and mud scattered! The entire ground was sunken!

The massive rift made the execution platform unstable! An overwhelmed sound was heard, and just like that, it started collapsing toward the front!

A shock and silence.

Although Nami’s name has been spread in recent times, she wasn’t known by everyone. The crowds just saw a beautiful girl, floating in the sky, shattered the countless spikes with just a gesture. Many people were already shocked by the power of Whitebeard and his crew…

Still, they revealed a bit of strangeness when this girl appeared!

who the hell is she?!

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