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P.A.S Chapter 264: A sudden move

“That woman is… from Albares…”

A reporter from a news agency who watched the live broadcast in the Sabaody archipelago said, as he saw Nami who was floating in the air, shattering the earth with just a hand swing. His eyes trembled.

Ordinary people may not recognize Nami, but the reporters of the news agency still had a clear memory of the high-level cadres of Albares. After all, Albares was not a secret organization, and all its members were on the bright side of this world.

But the problem was…

The cadres of Albares are so strong! Their strength was even a bit exaggerated!

“It’s no wonder that her first-time reward was set at one billion, that woman does have a terrifying level of power…” Someone couldn’t help murmuring.

Nami’s appearance and her crashing Tokikake’s attack were shocking, it was enough to make everyone remember her existence! This was the top war!

Everyone who made a big move so far was a top powerhouse in the sea, and there were only three powerful women on the entire battlefield.

In addition to the well-known Pirate Empress, there was only admiral candidate Gion and Nami who started showing off their strength!

“Damn it!”

Sengoku looked at Nami in the sky, and was very furious, saying: “Albarez…How could they dare to join forces with the Whitebeard Pirates! Dare to come after the marines!”

He thought that Albares would disappear after Ron’s death! He never expected such a turn of events! That Albares would cause him this huge trouble!

If Nami’s strength was average, that would have been fine, but she was extremely dangerous, that even Borsalino has suffered a loss in her hands, such a powerful combat power just appeared on the battlefield of the top war, and it will undoubtedly shift the war’s power balance!


Now that Nami has appeared, Sengoku was afraid that it wasn’t just Nami who joined the Whitebeard pirates…but also the pirate hunter Zoro, and the other cadres… With this addition to the Whitebeard forces…the outcome of this war will be completely unpredictable!

Seeing Nami undermined Tokikake attack, the ship had fallen to a position less than tens of meters away from the execution platform, and Sengoku stepped forward using moonwalk, preparing to destroy the ship abruptly.

But at that moment, from the corner of his eye, he saw the diamond Jozu, who had been blasted out by him before, rushing to the execution platform from the shattered earth and rushing straight to Fire fist, Ace.

“Damn it!”

Sengoku cursed his luck, thoughts flashed, and then rushed to Jozu’s direction.

He couldn’t let Jozu get close to Ace, otherwise, he might directly break the stone shackles binding Ace. And once Fire Fist Ace is liberated, this war will more than finished!

Sengoku was forced to rush down to prevent Jozu from rescuing Ace.

Almost all of the marine’s top combat effectiveness was restrained, and Garp was the only one who was standing under the impending execution platform, looking up at the sky, without any movement.

“Ahh… she joined forces with Whitebeard?”

Garp looked at Nami in the air with a complicated gaze, and the scene of Nami and Ron dining in his house flashed before him.

He couldn’t help closing his eyes, clenching his fists, shaking constantly.

When the ship was about to fall at the top of his head, Garp suddenly opened his eyes. He gritted his teeth. The stone under his feet instantly shattered like a spider web, and the whole person rushed into the sky like a cannonball.


Under the gaze of countless people, Garp stretched out his palm, held down the falling ship with one hand, and forcibly preventing it from falling in midair!


Whitebeard’s eyes sank.

On this battlefield, the most troublesome person in his Whitebeard’s opinion was neither one of the admirals or Sengoku, but Garp, the hero…the powerhouse from his era!

If Whitebeard, Roger, and the Golden Lion were the legends of the pirates of the last era, then Garp was the legend of the marine of the last era!

World Destroyer, Byrnndi World…

Demon Heir, Douglas Bullet…

The Golden Lion, one of the three legends…

He even took down the Rocks pirates with the help of Roger, the legendary and powerful pirate crew.

And many others…were defeated by Garp.

Countless pirates were famous in the sea. Their names were enough to make the sea tremble!

Among the most powerful pirates currently imprisoned on the sixth floor of Impel down, almost half of them were defeated and arrested by Garp!

The strongest in the marine!

As the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard was naturally not afraid of Garp, but once Garp makes a move and goes all out…things will change! Garp will be more than capable to restrain Whitebeard for a short time.

Once he is restrained, the situation on this battlefield will be extremely unfavorable, even with the assistance of Nami and Albares, it will be extremely troublesome.


Garp carried the falling ship with one hand. Although his voice was loud, it seemed to be struggling. He gritted his teeth, and the blue veins on his right arm appeared, suddenly exerting force.


That huge ship was just pushed out by Garp with one hand, making it fall in the direction of the harbor in front of the marine headquarters.


Sengoku, who was suppressing Diamond Jozu, seeing this scene, his eyes flickered, and at the same time, he was slightly relieved.

If Garp didn’t make a move, the marine would have lost this war in no time!


Ron glanced at Garp.

He did not say a word, and just exerted his mental power supporting the huge ship that flew out. He managed to stabilize the ship midair and Instead of falling back into the harbor, he made it fall on the square in front of the marine headquarters


The huge ship fell to the ground and fell to pieces in an instant! Countless pieces of wood splashed, almost completely falling apart.

But when the ship landed, countless figures that had been eager to fight for a long time rushed down! The commanders of the whitebeard pirates group along with their crews rushed out!

“Destroy the marine! Rescue Ace!”

“Go! Kill them!”

“We couldn’t reach the execution platform, but this position is more than enough. Brother Ace is waiting, we came to your rescue!”

Many commanders exploded with their own turbulent fighting spirit, leading the most elite members of their subordinates, blatantly killing the enemies in their way to reach the execution platform.

At that time, the marine side also reacted, and many vice-admirals roared.

“Block them! Don’t let them approach the execution platform!”

“Everyone strikes! Besiege them!”

Those marine elites who were in shock and horror finally woke up from their nightmare after hearing the orders of their supervisors.

Although there was some trembling in their hearts from the power of Whitebeard and his companions, there were also the admirals, Garp, and the others in their side, which calmed their wavering hearts!

“Destroy the pirates!”

“Kill them, there is nothing to be afraid of! We have the admirals and the hero Garp here, the Whitebeard Pirates are not something to be afraid of!”

The marines on this battlefield were all elite officers transferred from all over the world, plus the marine headquarters elites. At that moment, under the roar, they all clashed their weapons and brazenly faced the people of the Whitebeard Pirates.

boom! boom! boom!

The commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates Group collided with the elites led by the Vice-admirals of the marine Headquarters, and entered the fiercest battle in an instant!

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