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P.A.S Chapter 265: Is That So!

Without Ron’s assistance, Moby dick couldn’t stay in the air, and fell downward, and fell to the ground along with Whitebeard and his commanders.

Although the fall was relatively from high altitude, it was nothing to them, and since the ground was crushed to gravel by Ron, it was a safe landing.


The distance between Ace and Whitebeard was almost only a few hundred meters away.

As the execution platform collapsed, Ace was lying on the ground at that moment, looking up in the direction of Whitebeard, struggling hard in his chuckles.


Whitebeard looked at Ace and walked towards him.

But at that moment, Akainu and Kuzan appeared one after another, blocking him.

The power that Whitebeard showed earlier made it clear that there was no way to block Whitebeard alone. Moreover, the distance separating Ace and Whitebeard was only a few hundred meters. For the strongest, such distance was trivial and can be crossed almost in an instant.

Once Whitebeard reaches Ace, destroy his shackles, it is game over!

“We won’t let you pass…”

Kuzan looked at Whitebeard and spoke coldly.

Akainu also said solemnly: “Don’t think that you can take a step forward, Whitebeard…this is your burial place!”

Whitebeard stopped, retracted his eyes from Ace, and stared at the two admirals in front of him. There was a trace of domineering and coldness in his eyes. He said:

“You insolent kids…”

“Let’s see how you are going to do it!”

As Whitebeard’s voice fell, his fists were suddenly clenched, and the white fluorescent light appeared on both fists, slammed at Kuzan and Akainu on the left and right, slamming the void.


The air instantly shattered, and the force of the shock exploded towards the two admirals.

Kuzan and Akainu were aware of the power of the Whitebeard’s attack. Their eyes were extremely solemn. They could not retreat from that position and could only resist with all their might. Both of them drank together, fully stimulating their respective abilities, burst out straight ahead.


Red and blue light wrapped in white light, burst out on the battlefield.

The red and the blue light formed a small circle, while the white light had formed a larger one. Although it was two vs one, Whitebeard had the upper hand and wasn’t shaken.

Whitebeard’s hidden injuries have been completely cured by Mansherry. Ron and Mansherry did their best so that Whitebeard can display strength close to one from his youth days.

Seeing that Whitebeard was facing the two admirals, Marco and the others looked in the direction of Ace and rushed towards him.

However, Borsalino and the others wouldn’t just watch them. Borsalino’s figure flashed, and he reappeared in front of Marco and said: “This road is blocked…”

“Then I will go through.”

Marco knew that he wouldn’t be able to go around Borsalino, so he opened his mouth with cold eyes, and without hesitation, blue flames entangled and turned into phoenix’ claws.

Borsalino did not shy away. He put his hands together, and in no time a very sharp sword of light solidified and was waved towards Marco!

The other side.

The Fifth Division commander Vista rushed to Ace, waving his swords, petals flew towards the sea-stone shackles that bound Ace.

However, before the petals fell, a golden sword aura struck, destroying all the petals.


Gion walked over from a distance step by step, staring at Vista.

“It seems that you won’t let me pass easily.”

Vista said as his gaze fell on Gion, and soon his face became extremely serious and solemn. For a swordsman, a moment of distraction could cause instant victory or defeat.

Jozu was held in the soil by Sengoku in his big Buddha form, but his massive strength and strong defense also made the latter exhausted from suppressing him. The two were like two gladiators, entangled together, one bathed in golden light and the other bright dazzling.

“Go away!!”

Jozu roared hard and lifted the palm of Sengoku.

Sengoku’s face was cold as his other hand grasped Jozu’s arm, then said: “You won’t take another step!”

The situation has reached a stalemate.

Tokikae was not in a hurry. He slowly walked out of the dark and looked at Nami who was floating in the air.

Being able to foresee the future, and since Nami did not move too much, he was handling the situation with extreme caution, because he knew how strange Nami’s abilities were! He must be prepared in advance, otherwise, she might liberate Ace in a flash.

Garp was also looking at Nami.

Garp did not take any action against Whitebeard, nor did he participate in other battles. After pushing the Moby dick out, he fell back to the side of the execution platform, standing not far from Ace, less than ten meters.

Ace saw that Whitebeard and the others fighting all-out…It was a mess that he couldn’t see the situation clearly. He withdrew his gaze and looked at Garp next to him.


Garp retracted his gaze, walked to Ace without saying a word, and sat down. Instead of looking at Ace, he just sat in the mud, hanging his head and gritting his teeth.

“Pirates are heinous, but family members are different…”

“…Ace…you bastard…What you want me to do?!”

Garp squeezed out the words one by one, pain and struggle in his eyes.

If Ace becomes a marine and fought for the marine wholeheartedly, then even if he was Roger’s son, the government would never agree to kill him!

But… Ace was a pirate. He didn’t know what to do.

Seeing Garp’s appearance, Ace’s eyes trembled, and he was also in pain, but this wasn’t his fault either… why was he born….



Tokikake looked sideways to Garp and Ace, and couldn’t help sighing.

He couldn’t say anything, and he also didn’t know what to say. As a marine, he could only stand on the marine’s side.

“Little Nami, even if you side with Whitebeard, you can’t win.”

Tokikake looked at Nami in the sky and shook his head.

“It was impossible to win”

Even if Garp didn’t make a move, they still have Shichibukai who hasn’t made any efforts yet. Even if the latter turned out to be useless, they still have CP0 sent by the government!

The three CP0s who had besieged Ron were also present there. Even if the strength of those three was slightly inferior to him, they were not much different from the commanders such as Diamond Jozu.

There was no opportunity against such combat power.

Nami just floated there, looking at Tokikake, her eyes were cold, and she did not respond immediately, but after a few seconds, she said faintly:

“……is that right?”

Hearing Nami’s tone, Tokikake had a vaguely unpleasant feeling. With him and Garp there, with the three CP0s, what can go wrong?

He stared at Nami in the air, frowning.

But then, he seemed to see something, his face suddenly changed, showing a somewhat unbelievable look, and lost his voice:

“This is impossible!!!”

Tokikake suddenly turned his head to look in Ace’s direction.


The shackles that held Ace, extremely abrupt, disappeared under the gaze of Garp, turning into a mass of broken stones.


Ace raised his hands and looked at them, a little dazed.

The pain and struggle in Garp’s eyes also disappeared as he looked at Ace’s broken shackles in a daze.


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