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P.A.S Chapter 266: Hesitant

Ace looked at his freed hands, then stood up.

A few strands of golden flames appeared on his fingertips, his hair, and between his legs. He seemed like an excited fire spirit, resonating after being liberated.

“This is……”

After a brief period of confusion, Ace suddenly raised his head and looked at Nami in the air.

[Did she do it?!]

Although it was not clear how Nami made the seastone shackles disappear, as things were on the battlefield, only Nami should be capable to make such a feat.

Once he was enemies with Nami and Ron. He was even arrested by Ron once, but now that the latter has died in the hands of the government, and Nami was on the side of the white beard, Ace felt like fate was mocking him.

“Ace, you…”

Garp’s fists loosened seeing Ace free. He didn’t know what to do for a while.

At that time, the numerous marine officers who were risking their lives to stop the pirates discovered the abnormality in the rear. They all turned their heads to look there, all in a dull or stunned manner.

“Garp! You bastard!!”

After a brief astonishment, Sengoku roared at Garp and roared: “What did you do!! Garp!”

Garp: “???”

Kuzan, Akainu, and the others all had extremely ugly faces, while the people on the side of the WhiteBeard Pirate Group had an uplifted look, including Whitebeard, all grinning.

That was Nami’s ability!

Before coming to the marine headquarters, everyone discussed the battle plan, and Nami had also shown her ability to relocate the seastone shackles, so during the fight, they hardly worried about whether they could rescue Ace or not! Because as long as Nami gets close enough to Ace, he can be liberated instantly!

Ace’s strength was no joke. As the commander of Whitebeard’s second division, even if he has been imprisoned in Impel down and suffered a lot of torture, as long as he is liberated, he can be regarded as a marine admiral in the ranks of the pirates! A figure that cannot be easily arrested again.

“Ace, come here!”

Marco looked at Ace who was still in a daze and called out.

Ace had already reacted at that time. He looked at the smiles of Marco and others, with a smile on his face, and rushed in Marco’s direction.


There was a thunderous roar.

The ground under Ace’s feet suddenly shattered, and countless mud bricks were tossed up, wrapping Ace’s whole person in the center, crazily rotating and compressing, and strangling inward.

Tokikake in the distance stretched out his hand in the direction of Ace with an ugly expression. He knew that Nami must have used some weird ability! He definitely couldn’t let Ace go away.

However, despite the fact that his ability was so strong, Ace’s power should’nt be underestimated.


In the next instant, the continuously compressed ball of mud and stones suddenly stopped circulating, and cracks appeared on the surface. Strands of golden flame emerged from the cracks.


The blazing flame burst through the sky and burst out, smashing the mud ball.

Ace’s figure appeared soon all wrapped in flames.

” Dai Enkai: Entei!”

Ace raised his hands high, and instantly monstrous flames gathered into the air, turning into a huge fireball, and with a bang, it was released towards Tokikake standing not far away.

Tokikake stepped forward with an ugly face, and the earth shattered and rolled in front of him, swept up like a wave, facing the huge fireball, and banging together.


The roar of Sengoku came again, saying: “Are you going to continue to stay still like a dumbass?! If you let Fire fist Ace go away, you know how serious the consequences will be! Even you will not be spared!”

Ace was relieved of the restraint. Even if Tokikake manages to suppress him, it wouldn’t be enough to prevent Ace from escaping.

Only Garp had the time and power to do so.
Garp stood there, watching the fight between Ace and Tokikake with tightened fists. At that moment, he heard the roar of Sengoku. He gritted his teeth and walked towards Ace.


In the next moment, a figure stood in front of him.

The figure was beautiful and graceful, and the orange hair was flying in the wind. Its grace and charm seemed to have a little charm effect similar to that of the Pirate Empress, making many people who look at her direction a little dazed.

“Don’t stop me, Nami.”

Garp paused for a while, squeezing his fist to speak to Nami standing in his way.

If someone else was blocking him, he would have already punched him, but it was Nami blocking him… and Ace was behind her…Garp was so hesitant about his next move. His heart so trembling…

“…You want Ace to leave here alive, too.”

At that time, Ron, who was still controlling Nami’s body, addressed Garp calmly. Next to his right hand, a red rune appeared in the void. Countless flames gathered and condensed into his hand forming a scarlet sword.

The fourth-level fire magic, the blade of destruction!


Seeing Garp hesitating again, Ace about to reach Marco’s side, Sengoku’s eyes were splitting, and he couldn’t help but yell again.

Sengoku made Garp grit his teeth and start moving forward towards Nami.

The mighty fist was slammed at Nami.

At the same time, Ron, without delay, waved the blade of destruction in his hand, colliding with Garp’s fist.


A roar that shook the earth.

The moment the crimson flames made contact with Garp’s fist, it completely exploded upward towards the sky!

the flames that erupted were abruptly contained there as if they were imprisoned by some terrifying force.

Garp didn’t use his full force with that punch.

But even if he didn’t go all out, the power contained in that punch, and the armament Haki covering his fists made that attack a terrifying one!


The Blade of Destruction was blown abruptly by Garp’s punch in a brief confrontation!

Garp’s punch smashed the Blade of Destruction. He crossed the flames afterward as if it was nothing, Garp’s figure appeared again in front of Nami, and his fist was in motion again!

but before he got close to Nami, he first hit an invisible wall.

Click! Click!!

The invisible defense built by mental power held up! Yet, Garp continued to attack!

Ron had already used the guardian’s third-level magic void armor in advance. At that moment Garp’s punch was contained, Ron flew out and retreated into the air more than ten meters away.


Garp looked at Nami in the air, also slightly unexpected.

He never thought that Nami could block his punch.

Although he didn’t go all out, in his impression, Nami shouldn’t be able to block suc a punch…but she did!

“Damn it!”

The complexion of Sengoku was already extremely ugly.

Of course, he could see that Garp was holding back… That fool finally did it…

Since Garp’s blow was blocked, Ace managed to retreat to a place not far from Marco. He reached a place that can be said completely out of trouble, out of the encirclement of the marines.

Sengoku’s face was stern. He started shouting:

“Don’t let anyone escape!”

“Kill all the pirates… on the spot!”

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