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P.A.S Chapter 267: Battle of the legends

Kuzan, Akainu, and the others, along with many vice-admirals, all had their faces pale at the moment.

At the command of Sengoku, almost everyone fought against the Whitebeard Pirate Group without saying a word.

The Whitebeard Pirates couldn’t retreat!

If Ace was allowed to escape unharmed, the members of the Whitebeard Pirates were allowed to leave, then the marines will be the laughing stock of the Pirates!

“Somehow, you managed to reach Ace and rescue him… but you can’t leave from here! I will make sure to make this your burial place, Whitebeard!!”

Akainu looked at Whitebeard coldly, the magma surged on his right arm, and punched him violently. The hot magma erupted, causing the temperature in the vicinity to rise sharply.

Whitebeard looked down at Akainu as if he was facing a child, glanced at him, then took his Murakumogiri thrown to him by one of the commanders, and slashed it down.


The earth broke apart, and Akainu’s magma fist was directly split open.

“Marco! Jozu! Everyone leaves the harbor immediately! Marines, I will be your opponent!”

After easily destroying the attack of Akainu, Whitebeard held his spear with both hands, roared, and slammed it forward.

The condensed white halo on the handle of the Spear exploded in the void in an instant.

Click! Click!!

The air in front of Whitebeard cracked like ice. The terrifying shock wave shook the entire island and exploded toward the front, destroying everything!

Till that moment, Whitebeard was worried about hurting Ace by accident, hence, he did not go all out. But the moment Ace was out of trouble, Whitebeard, who had no worries, went all out!

The entire island seemed to collapse!

Kuzan’s color changed. The faces of Sengoku and the others changed drastically.

Amidst the roar of Akainu, he waved his fist to try to resist, but his magma fist was shattered and splashed by the shockwave released by Whitebeard, and his whole figure was blown away!

Kuzan also tried to block it from one side, but the ice cube he released didn’t even last for a second, as it exploded into countless fragments in the air, splashing around.

Whitebeard’s blow… was almost unstoppable for a while!

Click! Click!!

The force of shock spread in the air, and the continuous rupture of nearby major earthquakes continued to spread straight ahead, all the way to the fortress of the marine headquarters.

Seeing that Whitebeard’s blow was about to destroy the marine headquarters, a figure suddenly flashed, appeared in front of Whitebeard, and threw a punch at him.

There was no peculiar power on the huge fist, but the condensed armament Haki was just shocking! As the fist was swung out, a shock-like power burst out, colliding with the shocking force in the air.

It abruptly contained the shock of the outbreak!


There was a deafening roar.

The power of the Whitebeard’s blow was finally restrained abruptly.

The man who prevented the blow of Whitebeard was wearing a vice-admiral cloak of justice! He was no one but the marine hero who had been hesitant before, Iron Fist Garp!


Seeing Garp blocking the blow of Whitebeard, Sengoku’s face eased a little.

Garp stood firmly in front of Whitebeard, looked at him, then said solemnly: “Leave it to the old man, here!”

Garp didn’t want to chase after Ace, he truly wanted him to escape.

But if Ace escapes, even if had nothing to do with his shackles, he will still be blamed. In this war, he has to do his best!

And there was only one worthy opponent!

Whitebeard, Edward Newgate!

” Gurararara, we haven’t done anything in decades, Garp.” Looking at Garp standing in front of him, Whitebeard said while grinning.

On this battlefield, the only opponent that deserved his attention was Garp!

As the man who chased Roger to desperation countless times, as the existence who arrested countless legendary fierce pirates! Garp was only a vice-admiral, but his strength cannot be measured by his marine rank. He was the most special existence in the marines.

If among the pirates, the one who conquered the sea is called the pirate king, then Garp is the corresponding existence in the marines.

Whitebeard and Garp fought against each other before.

They fought more than once.

But every time, none of them was left victorious, because Garp was a marine, and he will have a steady stream of support from behind. Whitebeard never fought him to the end, and always would withdraw after a short exchange of blows.

“As long as this old man is alive, you won’t be allowed to act recklessly…If you want to destroy this Marineford, you need to step on this old man’s corpse first!”

Garp spoke to Whitebeard.

Whitebeard grinned, and said: ” Gurararara, then… just watch me do it!”

As the voice fell, the smile on Whitebeard’s face disappeared, and the cold light flashed in his eyes, holding his spear with both hands, he slashed at Garp boldly.

Without delay, Garp also let out a roar and swung his fist!

The two blows clashed together in an instant.


Ace, who had already retreated to Marco and the others’ location, couldn’t help but mutter with a worried expression when he saw Whitebeard fighting Garp.

Marco pointed at Ace and said: “Retreat to the coast. Oyaji will follow. With us around, he can’t do his best.”

Ace nodded.

However, when Garp faced Whitebeard, Kuzan and Akainu were liberated. At that moment, the two admirals, who had cold expressions, made a bold move towards Marco and the others.

Seeing Garp blocking Whitebeard, Sengoku’s anger also subsided a little. He turned his head to look at Marco and others, and shouted:

“All pirates should be executed on the spot!”

With Garp blocking Whitebeard, the marines have an absolute advantage! Even if Ace was out of trouble, he can never escape from the marine headquarters!

boom! boom!!!

Marco, Fire fist Ace, Vista, and many others all retreated together, joined forces, and fought their way in the direction of the harbor.

The two admirals in the rear were chasing after them. Because of the huge advantage in combat effectiveness, some people started losing their spirit… they were so scared…unable to even cross half the distance.

Sabaody archipelago.

Watching the live broadcast, people could not help saying: “Ace was rescued, but it doesn’t seem that they will leave there easily….”

“The marines will never let them go, and they will destroy them at all costs.” Someone took a deep breath and spoke.

“Looking at the currant situation, the marines still have the advantage, and… the Shichibukai have not even made a single move! The whitebeard pirates are heading towards them! they may be in danger.”

Someone mumbled while looking at the live broadcast on the screen.

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