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P.A.S Chapter 268: the Black Sword Yoru

The Shichibukai has indeed not made a move yet.

Well. the Tyrant Kuma was taking a shot at the forty-three pirate groups under Whitebeard outside the harbor, while the others were still watching the show.

At that time, the members of the Whitebeard Pirate Group were fighting and retreating, gradually moving away from the position of the execution platform, and getting closer and closer to the location of the harbor.


Among the Shichibukai, Hancock didn’t seem that she was willing to make any move, and the others also watched the war in the field with blinking eyes.

But at that moment, Mihawk, who had been silent for a while, suddenly took a step forward, and slowly stretched his right hand to his back, holding the hilt of the Black Sword Yoru.

Mihawk ‘s movements immediately caused Hancock and the others to look sideways.

The marines below the harbor, as well as the admirals nearby, also noticed his movements. All attention was focused on him.

“Dracule… Mihawk…”

“Is he finally making a move?”

A vice-admiral said in a deep voice: “As long as the Shichibukai takes action, none of Whitebeard Pirates will escape!”

The pirates were already resisting with difficulty, fighting while retreating. If one of the Shichibukai helps the marines in a pincer attack, that will be enough to be the straw that broke the camel’s back!


Mihawk pulled out his black sword without saying a word.

The world government’s call? Mihawk was always on his own way and rarely responds to the government’s calls, and even if he responded, he generally does not take it seriously.

He either doesn’t come at all or once he does, he won’t watch the show from beginning to end.

“Whitebeard Pirates, Albares Guild… Even if they join forces, can they leave this island?”

Mihawk held the black sword and looked in the direction of Marco and others.

He lifted the sword up and suddenly slashed it in the direction where everyone was retreating.


He didn’t go all out, just a random slash, yet, a huge emerald green Flying slash traversed the earth, split it into an abyss, and slashed towards Marco.

As the world’s strongest swordsman, once he showed his power, he was no less inferior to admirals such as Kuzan and Akainu! He attracted the attention of the entire battlefield in an instant!

The emerald green sword energy ran across the battlefield, and when it was about to fall into Marco’s group, a figure flashed out.


The huge sword energy was stopped by three swords and was directed into the sky.

Zoro, who was staring at the battle for a distance, had his eyes set on Mihawk since the beginning. But since he was standing so far, his flying slashes wouldn’t be that effective on a monster like Mihawk, so he didn’t make a move and waited for the right moment.

Originally, when Gion swung her sword, he was about to intercept, however, Vista took the attack first, and Zoro did not want to intervene in the duel between them.

“Hoy! This slash…He deserves to be called the strongest…”

Resisting Mihawk’s flying slash, cracks appeared on the ground under Zoro’s feet. He showed a slightly strenuous expression, but there was no timidity in his eyes, and some were just heart-pounding pleasures. The blood in his veins seemed to be flowing faster.

Zoro, who can now be regarded as a top swordsman, stared at Mihawk from a distance. The swords were surging and croaking. He was releasing an intense aura, all directed towards Mihawk as if he was the only person he could see on the battlefield.

“Pirate hunter… Zoro…”

Mihawk looked at Zoro, sensed his sharp aura as his eyes flickered slightly.

In this world, Mihawk did not meet Zoro in the East Blue! This was their first encounter! Zoro that was standing in front of Mihawk wasn’t that weak fellas from East Blue! He was a powerful existence that even Hawkeye had to take it seriously.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zoro rushed towards Mihawk.

He defeated all the marines that blocked him along the way.

“At last, we met, Mihawk!”

Mihawk had already jumped down from the harbor and walked towards Zoro holding his black sword. Zoro challenged him as a swordsman, so there was no way Mihawk would back down from such a duel.

“I went to sea for you…”

“What do you want?”

“Your tittle…”

“…Come at me then.”

The black sword in Mihawk’s hand was placed in front of him, staring at Zoro who had already come in front of him.

Zoro let out a hey and rushed towards him.

Cling Cling!

The two collided instantly.

Today’s Zoro naturally was still lucking in comparison to Mihawk, but the latter hasn’t encountered a challenge from a top swordsman for a long time. He didn’t go all out from the start point but first tried to assess Zoro’s strength.

It was the first time he had encountered a swordsman with three swords style that could reach this level.

Zoro briefly blocked Mihawk.

Marco, Ace, and the others continued to move towards the harbor.

At that moment, a warship suddenly appeared from the sea in the distance, driving towards this side, and hit the harbor.

Seeing this abrupt emergence of the warship, many marines were stunned. Whether it was the heavy artillery on the harbor or the warship outside, they did not immediately fire at this new emerging warship.

The warship was advancing at a high pace as if it was being supported by some ocean current. In the brief stupefaction and hesitation of many marines, it has rushed to the edge of the harbor and hit it.


The warship slammed into it, the bow of the ship dented and shattered for an instant, and countless and strange screams were emitted from the shipboard. A large number of people flew out of the ship and flew into the harbor due to the impact.

Most of the people in this group were still wearing prisoner’s clothes, and the one leading them was wearing a straw hat. It was the straw hat Luffy!


Screams and grotesque shouts one after another, and a group of people crashed into the battlefield.

This sudden change caused the situation on the battlefield to stagnate for a short time, and even Mihawk looked sideways, and when he saw the straw hat, his eyebrows twitched.

“Jinbe! You bastard, I’m going to kill you!!”

Buggy fell to the ground and shouted angrily.

At that moment, a stream of water surged into the sky, and the figure of Jinbe was seen rushing out of the water and falling onto the battlefield.

“It was the only way! Otherwise, the marines would have stopped us before we reached the harbor.” Jinbe who landed said to Luffy and the others who fell to the ground.

“…It’s the right entrance for such a battle!”

Ivankov stood up, looked at the situation on the battlefield, opened his eyes wide, and said: “Whitebeard, hero Garp, and the admirals… Hey, and the wind whisperer… Has Whitebeard and Albares teamed up?!”

Although he was being held at one of the lowest floors of Impel down, he was getting newspapers and was aware of the outside world’s news.

As a person who had a bounty of one billion Berries for the first time, Ivankov naturally has a deep memory of Nami, and he recognized her the moment he saw her.


Luffy didn’t care so much, he didn’t care about the situation on the field. When he saw Ace in Marco’s group, being chased down by the admirals, he rushed towards him yelling, somewhat surprised and somewhat delighted.

It looks like Ace has been rescued.


Ace didn’t expect Luffy to appear. When he heard Luffy’s voice, he looked over in surprise, then he sank his face and said to Luffy: “…Luffy, you bastard! Come here. What are you doing?!”

It was the top war! Even if he was in danger, even he may be killed at any time, seeing Luffy out there, not only moved him but also made him want to scold his stupid brother.

Luffy didn’t care much. Seeing that Ace was being besieged by the marines, he rushed into his direction and said, “Ace! I’m here to help you!!!”


Ivankov tried to stop Luffy from rushing, but he couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth. He shook his head and sighed: “If that’s the case, then we need to go all out, Jinbe… Jinbe?”

Ivankov didn’t hear a response. He turned his head and saw that Jinbe had already followed Luffy and rushed toward the battlefield.

Ivankov couldn’t help but curse secretly, and then he helplessly followed them.

When rushing to the battlefield, Ivankov was also a little shocked. Although he was considered a big shot, it was the first time he saw this level of the battlefield.

Fleet admiral, Admirals, Hero Garp!

There was also the Shichibukai, the world’s strongest swordsman, Mihawk!

Then there was the world’s strongest man Whitebeard, along with his fleet commanders. The extremely dangerous Nami, who had a bounty of one billion berries, and the pirate hunter Zoro…

No matter which one of these people, they were all existence that could make the sea tremble and fear, but at that moment they were all gathered together in one place! dazzling!

This was the top battlefield in the world!

It was also the most massive battle in the past few decades, if not the biggest ever!

Ivankov took a deep breath, followed Luffy’s footsteps, and entered the battlefield.

With the addition of Luffy, Ivankov, and Jinbe, the members of the Whitebeard Pirates who were in an extremely difficult situation were immediately relieved.

The war has become more intense.

The confrontation of countless powerful people has already caused most of the marines to start to feel dizzy, and even the aftermath alone made them unable to resist.

The earth was falling apart, and the island was also starting to fall apart.

Even the admirals such as Kuzan and Akainu had no guarantee that they will leave this battle unscathed… They had blood stains on their bodies!

Many low-level marines, looking at the war, vaguely lost their intent to fight. On such a level, they could only feel their own insignificance!

“I can’t get in at all…”

“What is going to happen…”

Some marines looked in the direction of the center of the battlefield and spoke with trembling voices.

All top combat powers were doing their best to fight.

Ron was also constantly making moves, assisting the people of the Whitebeard Pirates to retreat. He may be the only one who hasn’t tried his best.

The reason was very simple! The time has not yet come.

Maybe everyone felt that this was the biggest moment of the war, but Ron knew that the main show didn’t start yet.

This war…actually has just started!

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