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P.A.S Chapter 269: Albares Troops

“Damn you, Garp! It’s your family again!”

Sengoku saw Luffy who suddenly appeared on the battlefield with a large number of prisoners, Jinbe, Ivankov, and many others, and couldn’t help but curse Garp again.

However, Garp had his hands full with Whitebeard, and he couldn’t hear Sengoku’s voice at all. Even if he did, he didn’t have the luxury to care about Luffy at that moment.


Sengoku, who slammed his palm resulting in a shock wave, took out the Den Den Mushi in the other hand and said: “Operation plan B is abandoned, and all members of the scientific force will participate in the war. They will outflank Whitebeard Pirates! Don’t let them retreat to the harbor!”

The original plan of Sengoku was to encircle the wall, let Whitebeard pirates break into the harbor, block their retreat route way with special sea stones and steel, carry out an indiscriminate bombing, and completely bury Whitebeard pirates.

However, the actions of the Whitebeard Pirates completely exceeded expectations. They attacked directly from the sky which made the layout of the harbor completely ineffective.

Obviously, it didn’t make much sense for the pacifista to stay on standby. It was time to deploy them on the battlefield.

Following the order of Sengoku, Sentomaru, carrying a huge ax, led the Science Force, a large number of pacifista, to the rear of the harbor.

“If we proceed like this, the island will definitely be destroyed, but there is no other way… All PX personnel, minimize the casualties as much as possible, and all attack!”

The voice Sentomaru blasted, and the many pacifista immediately started taking action.

The situation on the battlefield was undoubtedly still dominated by the marines. Even with Luffy, Jinbe, Ivankov, and the other prisoners, the marines still had a great advantage in terms of combat effectiveness, but the Whitebeard Pirates were holding their grounds so far.

The participation of the pacifista once again plunged the Whitebeard pirates into a huge crisis.


While resisting the attack of Akainu, Marco looked at the pacifista that was approaching from the rear. His brows gradually frowned.

At that time, all the top combat powers were fully resisting the bombardment of the admirals and the others. There was no one to spare to take care of the pacifista approaching from behind, and those cyborgs aren’t something an idle pirate can deal with! Only pirates with hundreds of millions as a bounty were qualified to fight against them.

Marco turned his head to look in Nami’s direction.

The Whitebeard Pirates have shown all their hands, but he knew that Nami was holding back, because when discussing the battle plan, Nami revealed that she had seen a group of powerful marine forces in the Sabaody Archipelago. She was aware of the upcoming trap.

At that time, Nami assured that Albares will deal with these reformers.

Ron noticed Marco’s gaze. However, he didn’t look back at him or the group of pacifista, instead, he glanced at the sky in a certain direction.

“It’s almost time to do it…”

Ron, of course, prepared some back-ups. In addition to his temporary use of Nami’s identity and the participation of Zoro, he was planning to use a third cadre in this battle.

There was another Albares cadre that can reach the Shichibukai level by virtue of his own strength beside Zoro.

Miss Goldenweek.

Almost when the thoughts flashed in Ron’s mind, a black shadow finally appeared on the far horizon. It kept approaching the harbor quickly, gradually revealing its shape.

“…Look over there, something is coming.”

“What is that?!”

A marine noticed the black shadow approaching from the sky, and his expression changed.

At that time, people, one after another, started noticing the new anomaly as they all looked up! Once the scene became clear, they all showed a bit of shock.

It was a ship!

A ship flying in the sky!

Unlike Whitebeard’s ship that was forcibly propped up in the sky, this ship showed a snow-white color throughout. It’s like being constructed from clouds.

This ship was huge, rivaled White-bearded Moby Dick in terms of size, and there were ten peculiar towers above it, showing a metallic color and faintly shimmering patterns on it.

“A ship?”

As he looked at the ship flying in the air, Sengoku’s brows gradually frowned.

From his position, it can be clearly seen that this ship was different from Whitebeard’s ship. It seemed like a ship that can really float in the air!

And the ship did fly extremely smoothly, just like that, floating in the sky above the marine headquarters.

Although he didn’t know what that ship was, Sengoku clearly felt that it was quite threatening, but at that time he was temporarily unable to dispatch troops to deal with it.

Just as the thoughts in Sengoku’s mind were flickering and preparing to deal with the sudden appearance of the ship, one side of the ship suddenly split and opened, revealing a large group of neatly dressed people.

Although they were different in height, they wear exactly the same clothes. They were all white magic robes with golden edges. The logo of the Albares Guild was drawn on the chest, which was an interweaving of ten golden dots, composing a special pattern at the center.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the next moment, they all jumped down at once heading towards the battlefield. They fell onto the battlefield neatly and uniformly!

At the moment of landing, they all tumbled, most of the impact of landing was borne by some kind of a cloud on their back. When they stood up again, they immediately took out their own weapons.

The weapons were all the same, they were all firearms with a metallic color.

There were countless strange patterns on every gun.

“…Who are they?”

Seeing this group of people landing, many marines on the battlefield were a little bit startled, and the people watching the live broadcast from the Sabaody archipelago showed a different color.

The people who appeared were obviously not under Whitebeard’s command. Both their clothes and equipment were extremely neat and tidy, as an army.

They didn’t look like pirates, more like a force under the command of the world government.

“Look at their chests! that is the symbol of the Albares Guild…”

Someone noticed the symbol on the chest of the magic unit.

Unlike the pirates, Ron’s logo for Albares was not based on a skull, but a symbolic design of stars guarding the gods.

That pattern was relatively well-known in the world, and many people could recognize it at a glance!

“Albarez’s troops? Never seen them before…”

Someone looked at the scene projected on the screen and said with a slightly nervous expression: “Did they appear at this time to counter the marine’s scientific forces?”

The scientific force was subordinate to the world government, and the marines also have the power to take charge over them. It has a long history of establishment and existed even before Dr. Vegapunk joined.

In comparison, from the establishment of Albares to that moment, it has only been a few years. Even if a group of decent troops was sorted out, can they fight against the scientific troops under the government?

In the nervous and weird gazes of many people, that group of magic troops finally landed and formed a uniform formation, squatting in the front row, standing upright in the back row, all the magic weapons in their hands were raised straight. Aimed at more than a dozen pacifista in front of them.

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