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P.A.S Chapter 270: magic vs science

Sentomaru, who led the pacifists, was also staring at the magic unit ahead.

Looking at the special weapon in the opponent’s hand, his eyes flickered slightly, and said: “Albares’ troops…are they equipped with those special magic weapons?”

As Dr. Vegapunk’s bodyguard, he was also familiar with the magic weapons, since the former has been studying those weapons for some time recently, but he could not find the mean factor behind them: the manufacturing method of the energy core.

So far, Vegapunk has not been able to replicate any magic weapon, which drove him crazy that he almost scratched his hair bald, which left a big impression on Sentomaru.

“Vegapunk doesn’t even know how to make the core of those weapons… but it’s impossible to stop the pacifista with these.”

Sentomaru’s eyes flashed with a deep voice.

He knows the power of magic weapons, but the pacifistas were the masterpiece of Vegapunk, with Borsalino’s laser as the core of the attack, and powerful enough to make a supernova with a bounty of 100 million berries look like a kid in front of it.

And at that moment, he was leading fifteen of them! if they were employed together, even a vice-admiral will have to retreat, unable to resist them head-on.

Albares will not have a chance against them!

“All PX members, shift the target, and focus on attacking the people of Albares!”

Sentomaru gave a solemn order. The pacifistas stopped attacking the nearby pirates, and turned around one after another, and aimed at the magic force of Albares in front.

not far away.

Ron was also looking at this side. While blocking Borsalino, he calmly said: “The magic unit, aim at the group of cyborgs… and blast them all.”

Ron was using Nami’s identity, but he was still the highest command in Albares. Hearing Ron’s order at that moment, all the magic forces who have been prepared for a long time were so hyped up.

At the same time, the pacifistas, under the command of Sentomaru, opened their mouths, stretched out their hands, and the bright golden light gathered.


The two hundred members of the magic unit all lit up their magic weapons.

In the row that squatted down, the magic weapons showed a uniform crimson color, and the fire elements gathered crazily, brewing a wave of heat swaying in all directions.

In the standing row, the magic weapons showed a neat cyan color, and the air current was surging crazily, forming a vortex, converging together.

“Kill them!”

Sentomaru chuckled in a low voice.


The bright golden light gathered by the pacifistas was released in an instant, bombarding Albares’ magic forces.

Looking at that scene, many of Whitebeard Pirate Group showed a touch of palpitations.

They have experienced the attacking power of pacifistas. Although it was far inferior to the power of Borsalino himself, their laser bombing was also extremely terrifying, far beyond ordinary artillery!

At that moment, nearly dozens of lasers burst out at the same time! It was a concentrated bombardment! Even a Shichibukai-level would not dare to resist directly!

But at that time, the heart palpitations were useless, they could only believe in Albares. Believe in Nami, who confidently said that the scientific force would be dealt with, that Albares indeed had the power to deal with the scientific force.


The moment the pacifistas fired, the magic unit did!

Except for the forty people guarding against unexpected attacks, the remaining one hundred and sixty people fired neatly!

80 scarlet fireballs were seen suddenly bombarding forward.

80 clear wind blades visible to the naked eye were also condensed and formed, bursting toward the front, and instantly caught up with the fireballs, intertwined with them, condensed into crimson blades, that burned everything on its way!


The scarlet blades and the bright golden laser suddenly bombarded together.

The roar that erupted in an instant shook the earth! It was not inferior to the full-scale confrontation between the two Shichibukai! The resulting airwave made the pirates and the marines in all directions roll backward involuntarily, unable to stay stable.

“This is… the confrontation between magic and science.”

Ron looked sideways and murmured in his heart.

The pacifistas were certainly strong, but based on his judgment and calculation of the power of the bombardment, his magical force has enough power! It will certainly be able to defeat the opponent!


There was another thunderous roar.

The collision of the golden laser and the crimson blades finally revealed the outcome.

Seeing that in the central area of the bombing, a huge depression had appeared, as if it had been hit by a meteorite.

On the side of the pacifistas led by Sentomaru, there were four or five pacifists with cracks on their bodies. There was a vague flame burning, and there were lines and metal exposed!

The other side.

Ron’s magic forces were unscathed!

Yes… unscathed!

The aftermath of the fire blade formed by the combination of magic weapons broke through the laser bombardment and fell on the pacifistas. Similarly, part of the laser broke through the explosion of the fire blades and fell on the magic forces.

But on the magic unit’s side, among the forty people who hadn’t done anything before, there were twenty of them who activated the magic weapons in their hands at that moment.

They released blue ice shields!

The aftermath of the laser fell on the ice shield and blow it into pieces, but no harm reached the people standing behind it!

Eighty flames, eighty wind blades, twenty ice shields, and twenty magic swordsmen.

This was the configuration of Ron’s first batch of magic troops!

When the dust disperses.

The difference, in terms of power, between Ron’s magic forces and the government scientific forces was clear at a glance!

Many people showed expressions of incomparable consternation. Even Borsalino, the admiral, had a slight shock in his eyes.

They were not even an opponent!

The pacifistas made by the genius Dr. Vegapunk didn’t have a chance against Albares’ strange forces!

“This is impossible……”

Sentomaru also showed a bit of disbelief on his face. He looked at the cracks on the pacifists and said: “Each one of these is worth more than one warship! Yet they couldn’t take down a strange group of birdmen!!!”

Sentomaru was full of disbelief, unable to accept such a result! At this moment, the pacifistas once again launched a bombardment on the magic force.

At the same time, the second round of bombardment of the magic force also fell.


The second wave of the two sides collided again.

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