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P.A.S Chapter 271: Miss GoldenWeek interfere

The originally sunken earth burst out again at that moment with monstrous explosions and airwaves, and dust spread in all directions in an instant.

When the dust dissipated, the magic unit was still standing there, unscathed, while on the pacifista side, one pacifista was completely cracked and damaged, and the remaining seven or eight had cracks in their bodies and sparks inside, flickering.

If the first round of the confrontation didn’t confirm it, then the second round completely revealed the difference in firepower between the two sides.

The magic force had the upper hand!

Perhaps in terms of pure power, the magic force wasn’t that strong! But how balanced the force was absolutely terrifying! They had guards, attackers, and melee swordsmen. Even with just two hundred soldiers, it was already a powerful and unmatched force!

This unit, even if it was against an elite group of marine, tens of thousands of them, will end up victorious. Ordinary firearms against magic weapons are like bows and arrows against machine guns!


Borsalino was also unable to accept that the scientific troops could not defeat Albares’ unit! They didn’t even have a chance!

When Sentomaru heard Borsalino’s voice, he recovered from his sluggishness. He gritted his teeth and said: “PX all spread out, fight freely, and focus on attacking that unit!!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Following the order of Sentomaru, the pacifistas quickly dispersed.

Once they did, the limitations of the magic force became apparent.

Their concentrated firepower was enough to beat the pacifistas, but once they were separated, each pacifista’s close-range ability was extremely better. Once they manage to get close, there is no doubt that it will be another result.


This had already been expected by Ron.

That’s why Ron chose this battlefield to mobilize the magic force. First, to make the magic force officially make her first appearance on the stage of the world, and the other reason was to test its performance in real combat.

Now that he had an idea about the capabilities of the unit at a force, Ron gave the orders to back up the magic unit before it fell into a crisis.



With the dispersion of the pacifistas, the ones who were the first to pass the crowd and were about to rush into the queue of the magic army were suddenly attacked from the sky.

It was a large pillar of fire, which seemed to have magma flowing down from the sky. It immediately hit the pacifista and swallowed it completely!


Sentomaru’s pupils shrank violently as he looked up at the sky in a little shock.

He saw the ship in the sky. He didn’t know when it changed its shape again. The lights of the ten magic towers lit up one after another, and each time they lit up, a beam of light fell from the sky.

“This became a little troublesome, it’s that damned towers.”

Looking at the lighted-up towers, Borsalino, Akainu, Tokikae, and many others frowned.

They were too familiar with this kind of attack! Ron used the same trick in his battle! Most of the attacks he released came from this kind of thing!

The ship floating in the air was like some kind of a fortress!

boom! boom! boom!!

On the flying ship, the ten magic towers continuously released magic in turn! Magic fell from the sky one after another, bombarding the marine headquarters below.

Some hit the pacifistas, while others hit the vice-admirals and the Shichibukai.

The situation that was originally extremely unfavorable for the Whitebeard Pirates has been reversed once again. Although the marine’s combat effectiveness had the advantage, it was under tremendous pressure, not only to deal with enemies from all directions but also to deal with attacks from the sky!

“That’s it!”

Borsalino couldn’t stand it anymore, his eyes flickered, and his whole person came to the sky for an instant, his hands interlaced in front of him, the bright golden light gathered, and countless golden laser beams blasted the ships in the sky.

boom! boom! boom!!!

The golden laser burst in the sky. It encountered an invisible wind blowing head-on. It was like billions of wind blades intertwined, intercepted the laser beams preventing them from reaching the ship.

Seeing this scene, Borsalino couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

[Another strong enemy?!]

It was fourth-level wind magic that blocked Borsalino’s attack. Among Albares, besides Ron, only Miss GoldenWeek was capable of releasing fourth-level magic easily.

When the aftermath dissipated, little loli’s figure appeared in the air, looking at Borsalino below. There was a sense of helplessness in her eyes, as if she did not want to fight, but was forced to.


She waved her little hand helplessly, condensing her mental strength.

Ron told her to try her best to guard the ship in the sky. Still, in case she encounters an admiral, he told her not to take the risk of fighting, and just release third-level magic of the undead system.

Borsalino was still observing Miss GoldenWeek that blocked his attack.

The moment Miss GoldenWeek’s little hand fell, an extremely bad feeling surged in his heart.

“This is… bad.”

Borsalino’s face suddenly changed.

Almost without any hesitation, he transformed into a golden light, fled towards the distance!

But even with his fast reaction, to take distance, it was still in vain.

Ron felt that the magic of Hell’s Gate seemed to be specially designed for Borsalino, ignoring his speed! He wouldn’t be able to avoid it after it was locked on him.

Ever since.

Under the horrified gaze of countless people, they saw Borsalino, who had fled thousands of meters away, being slammed by a large translucent hand extending from the swamp-like ground! Soon, he was completely swallowed by the swamp, without leaving a trace.


Seeing this scene, even Sengoku could not help showing his shock.

[What is this ability?!]

He looked at the Miss GoldenWeek in the sky, and he couldn’t believe that this loli could use such a weird ability!

Previously, Borsalino suffered a loss against Nami, and he informed Sengoku about her strange abilities and reported that to the world government, which resulted in putting a bounty of one billion berries on her head.

Recalling Borsalino’s description at the time… it seemed to be the same ability.

But wasn’t that the ability of the Wind Whisperer? How could other cadres in Albares also use it?!

Sengoku began to have a headache.

He was not worried earlier with Borsalino’s presence, but now the latter is restrained!

The scientific force was suppressed, Borsalino was restrained, and the situation on the battlefield was already somewhat equalized. If the war continues, it will become unpredictable!

[Should we use them?]

Sengoku turned his head and glanced at a dark place, gritted his teeth slightly.

It’s time for the CP-0 agents to take action. With the current situation on the field, although the Whitebeard Pirates were still at a disadvantage, the difference in combat effectiveness was not so big anymore.

Not to mention that the current goal of the Whitebeard Pirates was to retreat. They already secured their target…Ace.

The addition of Albares completely subverted the previous assumption of Sengoku.

At that time, whether it was this battlefield, the Sabaody archipelago, or the world’s major forces, they were all shaking at the strength that Albares showed.

Nami who could face an Admiral!

Zoro who could fight Mihawk!

Miss GoldenWeek that contained Borsalino!

A magic force capable of suppressing pacifistas with their firepower!

Although the strength that Albares has shown was not as good as the forces of the Four Emperors, the gap between them wasn’t that big! Also, another thing, not all the cadres of Albares participated in this battle! They still got other capable cadres!

If you think about it this way, this is undoubtedly a bit shocking.

Albares, who lost its leader Ron… thought to be on the verge of collapsing, is now the most powerful force besides the Revolutionary Army and the Four Emperors!

If only Ron was alive… then Albares would be officially considered as a new emperor of the sea!

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