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P.A.S Chapter 272: A Dragon!?

“It’s time for us to act.”

Somewhere in the marine headquarters, three men in white cloaks stood there, all wearing masks, with their eyes fixated on the battlefield.

They were members of the highest secret spy agency, CP0. Under the direct command of the five elders, their status and power were even higher than that of the admirals, equivalent to the spokesmen’ of the celestial dragons.

In the world government, the status was not necessarily linked to strength, but CP0 and the marine were different. Both of these organizations were combat organizations. Only with sufficient combat power and effectiveness, someone can make it to the top level of these two organizations.

“Albares’ forces are too strong, they are the Darkhorse of this battle.”

“Fortunately, that mage, Ron, was killed last time.”

Several people opened their eyes with flashing light, all affirming the decisiveness and judgment of the world government. If the Gov didn’t take action against Ron then, he would’ve been the biggest trouble now.

But even with Ron gone, the current Albares is a huge problem.

It’s just that the purpose of this war to target the Whitebeard Pirates, and Albares was not in their plan to destroy.

“Let’s do it.”

“If we wait any longer, they will flee to the harbor.”

The three agents reached a unified opinion, and they stepped forward, preparing to rush out from the dark, with kill intent, in the direction of the battlefield.

Although it was difficult for the marines to encircle and suppress the Whitebeard pirate regiment in the presence of Albares, the pirates were barely resisting the pressure of the marines.

Once the three agents join the battle, the situation can be settled.


As they took a few steps forward, the three of them stopped at the same time. They suddenly turned their heads and looked in a certain direction in the distance.

“This breath is…”

Observation Haki was activated! When they perceived that the horrible breath source wasn’t inferior to Whitebeard, their faces change drastically.

The battle has stalled.

Sengoku and the others almost all sensed that terrible breath at the same time, almost all of them slowed down their movements, and suddenly turned their heads to look at the distant sea.

“Is it finally here…”

Ron also looked sideways at the distant sea, his eyes didn’t show the slightest surprise, instead, he murmured.

As the movements of Sengoku, Akainu, and the others slowed down, those vice-admirals and lieutenants also noticed the strange atmosphere, and they all followed the gazes of the fleet admiral and the others to the distant sea.

Everyone’s expressions were sluggish at first, and then gradually showed a look of horror.

They saw it.

On the sea in the distance, the sky has dimmed completely at some point, like a prelude to the coming of a violent storm, with vaguely thunder intertwined among the dark clouds.

In that sky, a huge black shadow appeared, coming in the direction of the marine headquarters. It finally stopped in the sky east of the headquarters.

“That… that’s… a dragon?!”

Someone looked at the huge black shadow that appeared in the sky, only to feel suffocating oppression coming. Their hearts trembled, and their eyes were wide open, full of disbelief.

The black shadow was a dragon, a blue dragon, with faint clouds and mist between its five claws, as if driving the entire sky, a pair of huge eyes looking at the battlefield in the direction of the marine headquarters, revealing a profound and enchanting expression.

Sabaody archipelago.

When many people saw this scene, their bodies shuddered and fell to the ground.

“Dragon? This…is there such a creature in this world?!”

The voices of those people were trembling! That felt like they were living a nightmare!

The combat power of the admirals and Whitebeard made those people already feel that they were a lot of monsters lived among them! But this was different! Such a creature should only exist in legends! Yet, it has appeared!

“No, that’s not a dragon…”

At this moment, a trembling voice came.

People nearby all looked over.

The figure was of an old man. He was looking at the screen and shivering, his forehead was full of cold sweat, and said: “Why did that guy appear there… how come…”

“That guy is… The yonko… The strongest creature, Kaido!!”

Everyone went silent.

Immediately afterward, there was an uproar, and countless people were shocked by the news, showing a look of horror.

The Yonko… Kaido!!

Among all the four emperors, it would be terrible to provoke Whitebeard, and it would be terrible to provoke Big Mom, but the beast Kaido, his existence alone in the world, was already terrifying and making countless people tremble.

Because he was not an existence that his action could be guessed by common sense at all. He has invaded the marine base by himself countless times, and even attacked the entire group of the other Four Emperors!

At that moment, the Sabaody archipelago was in an uproar. At that moment, looking at the sky, Sengoku’s complexion became extremely ugly.

Beast Kaido!

That guy actually came to the marine headquarters!

Before the beginning of this war, Sengoku had inferred that it was possible that the beast Kaido might appear in the headquarters, but the possibility was not very high.

Because just a few days ago, Kaido and the Red-hair Pirates met once in the new world, and there was a violent conflict. It was said that they were fighting about joining the battle at the marine headquarters.

Unexpectedly, Kaido still came!

Big trouble!

Whether it was Sengoku, Akainu, or the others, that was the first thought that came to their minds.

The beast Kaido has always been at odds with Whitebeard, but when he appeared there, it was obviously impossible that his purpose was to besiege Whitebeard with the marines… No matter what the beast Kaido’s goal was, troubles are coming!

This battlefield is about to get out of control, completely out of the control of the marines!

“Damn you, Kaido…but did come by himself…”

Sengoku’s complexion was ugly. He was thinking deeply, but the next moment his thoughts solidified as he saw pirate ships on the sea in the distance.

That was the pirate ship of the Beast Pirate Group.

If it was just Kaido, the three CP0s in secret could at least contain him. The government will send more reinforcements to increase staff, and they could withstand it.

But if the Beasts Pirates join the fight, this will definitely get out of control!

Although the Beast Pirates are weaker than the Whitebeard Group as a whole, they were serving under one of the Yonko!

“Now, if we don’t proceed carefully, we may end up completely destroyed.” Sengoku looked at Kaido in the sky with a calm face, and slowly spoke.

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