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P.A.S Chapter 273: Elimination

Kaido appeared in the marine headquarters, and yet Ron was not surprised.

The reason was very simple. Ron actually participated in this event, using his agreement with Kaido to deal with the artificial devil fruits as an incentive and the latter enmity against the marines and government. Plus, the battlefield itself has a certain attraction to Kaido.

So, he came.

Of course.

Ron’s proposal to Kaido was not to assist Whitebeard in destroying the marines, but to bury all these two forces while they are at war!

In that case, no one in the sea can stop him anymore.

This aligned with Kaido’s objectives, and of course, If there was a chance that the marines and the Whitebeard Pirates were to be eliminated together, he wouldn’t let such an opportunity pass. Once it happens, the sea will be completely under his dominance!

“The fight is fierce…”

Kaido looked at the battlefield and spoke slowly. His voice resounded like thunder on the sea, making Whitebeard and others look over.


Whitebeard’s eyes sank slightly.

He knew that Kaido’s presence was no good.

Garp also had a heavy face. He temporarily stopped fighting with Whitebeard, fisted, and looked at Kaido in the distance. Originally, this battlefield was already in chaos. The marines, Whitebeard, and Albares were fighting all out.

Now with the arrival of Kaido, it will turn into a royal rumble… four forces.

The marines have the strongest and greatest power, followed by the alliance between Whitebeard Pirates and Albares Guild, and finally the Beast Pirates.

It was true that the Beasts Pirate Group was the weakest overall, but no matter which side they will take or attack, it would be enough to overturn the current situation on the battlefield.

“How can I be absent for such a war…”

Kaido spoke slowly. Soon after, he suddenly opened his mouth, showing a feverish feeling. Then he drew his head back and took a deep breath.


The clouds and airflow around him, visible to the naked eye, was sucked into his mouth, and his cheek also bulged, there was a kind of terrible energy brewing.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s expressions changed on the battlefield.

But before everyone reacted, Kaido opened his mouth and suddenly moved towards the marine headquarters, a fire breath was released.

“…fire breath!”

In an instant, the air was distorted! It was visible to the naked eye.

A fire that was enough to destroy the island broke out in an instant, brazenly heading towards the marine headquarters, impressively shrouded the entire Navy headquarters in the scope of attack!

“Kaido! You bastard!!!”

Sengoku roared almost instantly.

The commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates such as Marco and Jozu, all frowned and cursed secretly in their hearts.

But they are not too worried, because the Whitebeard Pirates were all gathered now, and no matter how strong Kaido is, this blow will not be able to threaten so many of them.

But the marines were in trouble.

The marines were in a completely dispersed state, and most of those on the edge of the battlefield were of average strength, and they were all within the attack range of Kaido’s attack.

“Such a mess…”

Whitebeard said slowly, he was able to withstand Kaido’s blow, to completely block it, to even knock Kaido from the sky, but he didn’t do anything.

Obviously, this blow poses a greater threat to the marine. He didn’t have to intervene, but the marines must act fast! They cannot let this shot strike down.


Garp squeezed his fist. In normal times, every time Kaido showed up to mess around the headquarters, Garp would stop him, but this time, he had his hand full with Whitebeard and couldn’t move at all.


Sengoku took action and released a shock wave that hit the sky, countering Kaido’s fire.

As the head of the marine, a formal admiral of the marine, Sengoku’s strength was undoubtedly at the pinnacle of the sea. Diamond Jozu, even with ridiculously strong defense, was almost immobile after being slammed by him.


The shock wave and the fire collided together.

The entire sky seemed to explode in an instant, and the layers of dark clouds were suddenly swept away by the explosion of this blow.

After the massive collision of the attacks, the sun shined into the marine headquarters from the clouds’ opening.


Kaido spat out a little flame and looked in the direction of Sengoku.

At that moment, Sengoku was floating in the air with moon steps, bathing in golden light, looking at Kaido, and shouting angrily: “Kaido, did you join hands with Whitebeard, you bastard?!”

“I am not interested in joining hands with that old man… But you guys, the marines, and your government ruined my deal. You should know the consequences of meddling with my affairs!”

Kaido hovered in the sky and said to Sengoku.

In the confrontation between Kaido and Sengoku, the people of the Beast Pirates Group finally reached the harbor. The forces rushed towards the battlefield, led by the three all-stars.

King the Conflagration!

Queen the Plague!

Jack the Drought!

Seeing all the three all-Stars appearing, the faces of the marine officials were completely gloomy.

Obviously, all the high-level combat power of the Beasts Pirates weren’t dispatched just to make havoc… Kaido’s intention wasn’t just to disrupt the situation, but he had a certain purpose!

“The marines… kill them all…”

Jack looked at the battlefield, his gaze fell directly on the nearby soldiers. The bloodshot eyes made the nearby officers horrified.

“Idiot, not only the marines but also Whitebeard’s men.”

“You are idiot, you have exposed our purpose.”

King and Queen scolded each other, while the nearby marines were about to suffocate, shaking, barely able to hold their weapons straight.

In front of them were the three all-Stars of the Beast Pirates!

Each one of them had a bounty of more than one billion!

“Okay, let’s stop this nonsense, it’s time to do it.”

King was too lazy to talk with Queen. The primary goal was the maries.

The marines were too powerful. Under normal circumstances, no one would be able to shake them, not even the Four Emperors.

Even if two Four Emperors join forces, the marines would still handle the situation with world government support…It was difficult to confront the marines.

But this time it was different.

Not only did the Whitebeard Pirates participate in the war, but there were also Albares.

This was something that has never happened in decades! This was a golden chance to annihilate the marines!

And once the marine is eliminated, the government will lose its most powerful force.

Which means! A golden chance to wipe out the government later!

At that time, the world will completely lose its ruler, and it will enter the era of hegemony! King’s battle… and Kaido wanted that to happen!!

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