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P.A.S Chapter 274: the breath of death

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Kaido’s three all-stars brazenly entered the battlefield, leading a large army of devil fruit users.

The entire marine headquarters was in chaos, and countless marines were beaten, stepped on…unable to resist even the slightest.

“Damn it, this is so bad…we will be completely wiped out at this rate!”

Said a vice-admiral with an ugly face, as he wanted to step forward to resist, but he was not an opponent to the Three all-stars. He was suppressed effortlessly, kicked away as if he was some kind of ball.

Originally, Whitebeard Pirates had a slight disadvantage fighting the marines, but as the Three Plagues broke into the battlefield, the situation was suddenly reversed, which made the people of Whitebeard so confused.

“Kaido is here…”

Marco murmured with a sullen face.

The appearance of Kaido made the situation on this battlefield suddenly more complicated and confusing. Originally, their purpose was only to rescue Ace and flee, but with Kaido’s appearance, as things stood, there was a chance to become an elimination mission of the entire marine DP!

If they continue to retreat, Kaido will probably retreat after a while.

However, if the fighting continues, no one knows what the situation will be. Marco couldn’t call the shot. He could only turn his head to look in the direction of Whitebeard.

Whitebeard was standing there solemnly.

A trace of hesitation also appeared on his face. Should he continue to fight the marines, completely destroy their headquarters, or just retreat?

And just when the Whitebeard Pirates hesitated, the three CP0 high-level officials dispatched and the world government finally took action.

If they allowed Kaido’s three plagues to wreak havoc freely any longer, regardless of the final outcome of this war, the marine will suffer heavy losses! An unacceptable outcome for the government.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!!

The three of CP0 wearing white cloaks and masks flashed out from the dark, and entered the battlefield in an instant! Each found its own target and directly faced the three plagues under Kaido’s command.

“…Iron fist!”

A sturdy man, with a dark and domineering appearance on his fist, came to the front of Jack the drought, and slammed his fist on his face, distorting the latter face.

Jack fell to the ground with a blast, and the ground was torn apart.

On the other side, the other two CP0s also headed towards Queen and King, blocked them at the same time, preventing them from advancing any further.

The three CP0 agents all have the ability and powers close to Tokikake.

However, even if the Three plagues meet the current three admirals, they can hold their grounds for a short time, not to mention against the three CP0 agents who have not yet reached the admirals’ strength.

To suppress the three plagues was already the limit for CP-0.

CP-0 agents thought that was the only possible way to save the situation! By taking care of the all-stars, the remaining vice-admirals and the other marine elites should be more than enough to take care of the ordinary cadres under Kaido’s command.

And actually, that’s what happened! The marines quickly stabilized the situation again and withstood the pressure from the beast pirates.

Whether it was the marine…or the world government, they displayed a bit shocking level of strength.

They were facing the Whitebeard Pirates, the Beast Pirates combined, plus some Albares’ cadres!

Although the overall strength was not up to the level of three Yonkos, the enemy was super strong!

Of course.

The marines at that time were no longer as calm as before.

Even with the three strong supporters from CP0, and the Shichibukai who helped out a bit, the marine was still at a disadvantage against the forces of nearly two and a half Yonko regiments.

Whitebeard Pirates had originally planned to evacuate as soon as they secure Ace, but now, their perspective started to change and even their expressions changed.

They were no longer thinking about how to evacuate but started to look at the marines with twinkling eyes. Especially after Akainu maliciously ridiculed Whitebeard and Fire fist Ace, he attracted the anger of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Ace was on the verge of starting a fight with Akainu, even Marco and the others were also very angry, but they knew that Akainu was using agitation, so they suppressed their anger.

But with the current situation, it didn’t seem that suppressing their anger was a necessity.

If the fight continues, the marine may not be able to do anything!

“…Kill them, eliminate the marines!!”

Finally, someone roared and slashed towards the marines.

Ace also showed anger in his eyes and walked towards Akainu.

The latter knew that the situation was not good, but seeing Ace coming over, he still sneered: “Do you think you are the strongest devil fruit user or what? You just can control some ordinary fire, kid! I am at another level! The relation between our abilities is a relationship of superiority and subjugation!”

As the voice fell, Akainu threw a punch at Ace.

Ace also swung his fist at the same time! The fire collided with the magma in the air, bursting out monstrous flames, splashing everywhere.

The relationship between Magma-Magma Fruit and Flame-Flame Fruit was actually not completely restrained, but there was no doubt that there is a very obvious gap between ACE’s ability development at the moment and that of Akainu who has been infiltrating for decades.

No one can become an admiral unless he was super strong and talented!

Akainu, Kuzan, Kizaru, each one of them was an extremely talented character, that even without their devil fruit abilities, they could still become extremely powerful existences.

Although Ace was more talented, he has only mastered the Flame-Flame Fruit for a few years after all, and he couldn’t easily bridge the gap between him and the admiral.


As the magma burst, Ace’s flame was extinguished, and the whole person flew backward.

“Ace, don’t fight against Akainu.”

Marco rushed over, staring at Akainu coldly, and said: “I will be his opponent. Your ability is a bad fit against his.”

Ace was also aware of this problem, his heart was still full of anger, but he knew that Marco was right, and also Aokiji began to attack everywhere, so Ace decisively shifted his target.

When he was ridiculed, Ace would lose to his rational anger, but when his companions are threatened, he still could distinguish his priorities.

Ace rushed to Aokiji.

The latter abilities did not have that much restraint on Ace. Actually, Aokiji suppressed Ace but he was unable to directly defeat him.

Ron was also participating in this mess, fighting with Tokikake.

He didn’t show an overly exaggerated strength. He just steadily blocked Tokikake’s attacks.

At that time, Ron’s overall strength was not much different from that of Tokikake without relying on foreign objects, but his advantage lies in his strong self-protection ability.

Space movement, void armor, god mode…

If Ron went all out, he would even manage to hold his grounds against two Tokikake for a short time.

If there were enough magic towers, like three or four of them, Ron was confident that he would trash Tokikae easily.

“It’s almost done.”

Constantly fighting against Tokikake, Ron murmured in his heart while observing the situation on the battlefield.

His goal was almost achieved.

In this top war, he didn’t want to destroy any power. Actually, it was very difficult to do so. His purpose was first to make Albares’ momentum shake the sea.

This goal has been achieved, and the strength that Albares has shown today was already enough to shake the sea. The sub-organizations under his command will never collapse again but will unite again, and there will even be more, many forces will join the guild after that strength display.

After all, Albares became a force close to that of the Yonko!

As for the other purpose…that is to weaken the marine and the government as much as possible.

In this sea, the four emperors were certainly strong, but the most massive force was that of the government and marine, sitting there like a giant.

Two of the Yonkos were dealing with the marine headquarters, yet they were still blocked! And it was certain that the government didn’t dispatch all its forces.

Ron was not afraid of the Yonko, but of the joint actions of the government and the marine! So, this war’s purpose was to weaken the power of the government and marine.

The admirals were not his target.

The admiral had no obvious weaknesses in all aspects. It would be too difficult to kill an admiral, and he would easily lose too much mental power in his attempt which will make his situation unsafe.

Ron’s goal was the admiral candidate and CP-0. If it doesn’t work, it’s okay to kill a few Shichibukai… Some of them were already killed by him and If he kills a few more, the system will be dead.

The scuffle continues.

Ron, who has the spatial ability, was undoubtedly extremely flexible.

After a malicious guide, Ron made Tokikake’s attack obstruct one of the Shichibukai, forming a cracked terrain.

“This is bad……”

Tokikake observation Haki was activated, but what he predicted in advance was Ron’s response to his move, and ignored the influence of his actions on the other directions of the battlefield.

Using his ability, he could only see a part of the future when he focused on one point. If in case he was distracted, he will undoubtedly not see multiple futures.

When Tokikake found out what’s going on, Ron had already made a bold move.

A fourth-level magic of the Frost Element was released.

The Shichibukai, who was affected by Tokikake’s attack looked terrified. His face turned pale. He tried his best to use his abilities to resist Ron’s attack, but he still couldn’t stop him. He was instantly frozen turning into an ice sculpture!

One Shichibukai died!

The death of the Shichibukai seemed to have opened the shackles of the god of death, and in an instant, the breath of death permeated the entire battlefield.

Originally on this battlefield, it was already difficult for someone at the Shichibukai level to guarantee his own safety. And the moment one of them was down, it was like unveiling the prelude to death.


Akainu fell with a punch and pierced the chest of Blenheim, the commander of the 9th division of the Whitebeard Pirates!


The aftermath of the confrontation between Whitebeard and Garp affected Jack and the CP0 who were fighting fiercely. Jack relied on his strong defensive power to resist the aftermath, grabbed his opponent, and slammed him into the direction of King. Relying on the momentum of Jack, with just one move, king’s blow penetrated the chest of that CP0!

But as a price of his distraction, King suffered a blow from the other CP0 agent and his shoulder was smashed. Jack was also pierced in the belly by the dying CP0’s counterattack before he let out his last breath. He was severely wounded and bleeding.

The cruelty of the war was gradually unfolding, even people at the level of the three all-stars couldn’t ensure their safety on this battlefield!

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