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P.A.S Chapter 275: Whitebeard’s wrath

The fighting continues.

One of the Shichibukai died, CP-0 died, and a commander died, and the battle was still going on. Everyone was covered in blood.

And in this melee, Ron’s methods were incisively and vividly displayed.

In less than ten minutes, he first killed a Shichibukai, and then assisted Diamond Jozu to kill another… and then raided CP0, killing the second one!

Three commanders of Whitebeard Pirates died!

The beasts’ pirates…Jack and King were seriously injured!

The government… CP0 was almost wiped out!

The marines side… All the three admirals were injured!

The fierce fighting has continued. Almost everyone on this battlefield has been injured. Even the top powerhouses such as Sengoku and Garp had blood spilled from the corners of their mouths.

Leaving Marco aside, with his special ability, there were only two people who are not injured on the court…Mihawk and Nami.

There was a duel between Mihawk and Zoro, and no one dared to intervene.

As for Nami, Ron would naturally not let her get hurt. He would rather miss an opportunity to kill an opponent, and fight in a more secure way than put her in harm. After all, it was not his own body.


Ron glanced at the last person from the CP0 group standing not far away.

The Three Plagues were all injured, and the Whitebeard Pirates had basically suffered a lot of casualties. As for the marines, they almost lost half of their elite agents. Ron didn’t plan to deal with these three parties anymore, because there was still a force that didn’t show up yet…

Blackbeard Pirates.

When Blackbeard led his subordinates quietly, arrived at the headquarters of the marine, Ron had already noticed their presence, but he did not respond immediately.

Blackbeard’s goal must be Whitebeard. He wants to get Whitebeard’s ability, which means that he will definitely cooperate with the marines to get what he wants.

This is why Ron ignored Blackbeard for the time being.

If Blackbeard directly attacked the Whitebeard Pirates, then the balance in this war would be tilted again, so Ron started eliminating the marine allies; the Shichibukai and CP0.

He was almost done with that.

Two Shichibukai and CP0s were killed already.

Even if the Blackbeard Pirates take the marine’s side, the situation on this battlefield would not be subverted.

After confirming the combat power of each party, Ron continued to fight Tokikake. With a wind blade inadvertently, he split the fragmented marine headquarters in half, revealing some figures in the rear.

On this battlefield, there were countless top powerhouses.

If you reveal the slightest aura, you will be noticed immediately, and once you are exposed, even a little, it will be impossible to hide anymore.

When the members of the Blackbeard Pirates were exposed, several eyes were cast there. Others in the fight also noticed the changes. Their movement slowed down, looking at Blackbeard and his companions.

“Ah yo yo… We are exposed.”

Laffitte stared back at the crowds.

“Huh, they ruined my plan. I wanted them to fight a bit longer before I make my entrance.”

Blackbeard said in a somewhat unhappy tone. In his opinion, the situation on the battlefield was still very dangerous, and it has not yet reached the best time for him to make his move.

The thing was that the battle between Whitebeard and Garp has not yet been determined, and Whitebeard’s body seems to have suddenly improved. Fighting with Garp up to now, there has been no physical overdraw or any signs of his hidden illness. The situation made him wonder.

Maybe it was the doing of the weirdos from Albares.

Now that they were discovered, it was useless to hide. Blackbeard walked towards the battlefield staring at Whitebeard.

“For now…it’s a little difficult to deal with the old man.”

His goal was originally Whitebeard, but as things stood, it seemed that it may not be so easy to get rid of him. If only they could wait a little longer until Whitebeard and Garp finish their fight.

Van Augur stood next to Blackbeard and said: “We can’t help it and it doesn’t seem that bad! We can do it now.”

He narrowed his eyes and said as he looked at the battlefield.

In his opinion, the situation wasn’t that bad. The situation on the battlefield was fairly level, which meant that if their group joins, even if they go to besiege Whitebeard, no one can support him.

The Whitebeard Pirates will be restrained, and the marines definitely would support him.


The moment he saw the appearance of Blackbeard, there was an extremely cold light in Whitebeard’s eyes, and the domineering look burst out in an instant, pressing towards the Blackbeard and the others.

This terrifying Conqueror’s Haki instantly made the atmosphere of the entire battlefield more depressing, and some weak people even passed out directly.

“Zehahahaha, don’t be so angry, old man.”

Whitebeard’s Conqueror’s Haki caused the breathing of Blackbeard and others to stagnate a little, and everyone involuntarily showed a somewhat solemn gaze.

Hearing Blackbeard’s words, there was no anger on Whitebeard’s face, but speechless anger. The terrifying domineering look and cold eyes were all locked on Blackbeard.


Garp also looked sideways in the direction of Blackbeard and the others with an uncertain face.

Blackbeard had invaded Impel down before and undoubtedly had already abandoned his position as a Shichibukai. Giving the circumstances, he didn’t invade the battlefield with a friendly purpose.

The only thing that can be assured is that Blackbeard and Whitebeard don’t get along, which means it is absolutely impossible for them to join forces to deal with the Whitebeard. In other words, the appearance of Blackbeard may be beneficial to the marines.

Sengoku had the same idea as Garp.

He was battling Kaido.

As a former admiral, his strength was undoubtedly the top of the sea, and his battle with Kaido will not be over any time soon.

Kaido didn’t have any interest in Blackbeard. He had heard about him and the fact that he once was Whitebeard’s subordinate. So, it had nothing to do with him, and he didn’t bother to care about it.

“Teach …”

Whitebeard held his spear in his hand and stared at Blackbeard, and said: “You are not worthy of being my son! You violated the only iron rule on my ship. You killed your companion…”

As the voice fell, Whitebeard ignored Garp for the time being. Holding his spear in both hands, he slashed directly in the direction of Blackbeard.


The air shattered like a mirror, and the power of violent shock poured down.

Feeling this terrifying power, the expressions of Blackbeard and the others changed.

“Damn, this old immortal, how can he produce such a strong power…”

Blackbeard couldn’t help but scream, and without hesitation, he aroused the dark fruit’s ability covering the front side, resisting Whitebeard’s attack.

Van Augur and the others’ complexions changed. They didn’t dare to be careless, so they shot one after another to resist the angry blow of Whitebeard.


The earth was fragmented.

The members of the Blackbeard Pirates group shot together, blocking the flying slash released by Whitebeard.

“Zehahahaha, after fighting for so long, he still can produce such power.”

Seeing everyone teamed up to block the blow of Whitebeard, Blackbeard grinned again, his expression relaxed slightly as he watched Whitebeard.

Whitebeard’s five fingers clasped his spear tightly and stared at the Blackbeard Pirate Group coldly.

He wanted to get rid of them, but he couldn’t ignore Garp in front of him. If he doesn’t stop Garp, the latter will head towards Marco and the others…

Whitebeard was not a person that would act based on his anger, but the current situation did make him look a little bit weak, seeing Blackbeard over there, unable to do a thing.


When Whitebeard’s heart burned with anger, suppressing his feelings while guarding against Garp, a figure flickered abruptly and appeared on his side.

“Go and deal with Blackbeard.”

“Leave it to me.”

Ron didn’t look at Whitebeard. He just put himself between Whitebeard and Garp looking at the latter, then spoke quietly.

Whitebeard looked sideways at Nami.

After a brief hesitation in his heart, he chose to believe in her.

Although he was a bit surprised with the confidence Nami had, to be able to deal with Garp, it seemed that they knew each other well. Her eyes were very calm. This wasn’t a reluctant decision.

Also, he could only trust Nami now, because if he doesn’t take care of Blackbeard, he will probably make trouble for Marco and the others. He was a huge threat.


Whitebeard said in a deep voice, and walked in the direction of Blackbeard, leaving Nami and Garp tens of meters apart, facing away.

Garp didn’t attack immediately, but looked at Nami slowly and said: “That kid Ron may be decent, but you are still not the old man’s opponent…”

He also saw Nami’s battle, despite the weird methods and strength she showed. In Garp’s view, she still didn’t reach the real top level.

The war has reached this bloody level, and there was no longer any place for old feelings and the like. Once he makes his move, he won’t back down or show mercy.

Seeing the scene out there, the expressions of Sengoku and the others were slightly relaxed.

The situation has reversed!

The moment Blackbeard Pirates appeared, they showed their malicious intent towards Whitebeard, and the latter took the initiative to face them! And regardless of the outcome of that fight, Garp was freed.

Nami, the Albares cadre, was eye-catching, but it was impossible for her to block Garp, which means that Garp can free up his hand to support the others.

Once that happens, the situation will immediately be reversed.

Waiting for the reinforcements from the world government to arrive… There was still hope to bury the Whitebeard Pirates there. Even if they couldn’t do it, two Yonko Pirates can be hit hard!

“She went after Garp…”

Compared to the marine’s momentum, Whitebeard’s people were all worried.

They were also very angry at Blackbeard, and they wanted to crush him into pieces, but Whitebeard was going to deal with him. What should they do with Garp who was left behind?

Nami’s methods were weird and powerful, but no one thinks that she can stop Garp. After all, he was a naval hero, a legendary character, who could confront Whitebeard!

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