Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 25: Elf magic wand


Nami was standing beside Ron, carrying two suitcases.

All the money accumulated so far in the suitcase was converted into paper money, and the collected amount was about 54 million Berries.

Originally, it was less than 50 million, but Ron and Nami had an idea. Fortunately, their thoughts coincided, and they decisively sold the medium-sized ship, and then bought a small sailboat. As a result, 54 million Berries were left.

This small sailing boat was not like the junk boat they used to travel with, this one was a real boat with two cabins, a bedroom, and a warehouse connected to the interior of the boat, where they could store a large amount of food and fresh water.

“how about it?”

Boarding the boat, Nami and Ron walked into the cabin and took a look.

Ron walked down to his newly bought reclining chair and said leisurely: “Very good, much better than the previous boat, and also we will have no more trouble to close the sails or anything.”

Although the medium-sized sailing ship that they seized from the Hammer pirates was big enough, there were all kinds of facilities, but it was impossible for Ron and Nami to sail with ease considering how they weren’t physically fit. The two of them trying to sail alone on that ship would be nothing but desperate efforts.

In contrast, this new boat was much easier.

And the most important thing was that after buying this boat, the achievement of ‘Captain I’ that Ron failed to achieve before was also completed.

As always, the achievement system was still considering Ron as the leader of these two partners in crime.

And besides that, the 54 million Berries was also judged to be a part of his property, so Ron was able to accomplish the achievement of ” Big Shot” along with “Captain I”.

Ron wondered if the system was judging Nami as his subordinate, that no matter how the property was distributed between them, he would have more than 50 million Berries here.

In addition to the above two achievements, Ron completed another achievement the day before yesterday “Daily sailing out”, which was accomplished on the condition of a cumulative ten days at sea.

Speaking of that, this last achievement was not displayed on the achievement interface before, which also verified Ron’s previous doubt that some achievements were hidden, and they would appear after they were accomplished, or only when certain conditions were met.

“Are we going back to Cocoyasi Village first, or we will continue to look for pirates?”

Ron asked Nami, swinging in his reclining chair.

Nami hesitated and said, “It has been more than half a month since we left the village. It will take several days to reach the island. I’m afraid that if I don’t show up any time soon, Arlong will start harassing the villagers.”

“Then you should go back first, I will wait for you on this island.”

Ron smiled at Nami and said, “Don’t feel as you owe me anything! Don’t even think that you should stop relying on me or that you are being a burden! If you don’t come back, you will just trouble me with the process of sending the missing money for your deal with Arlong to Cocoyasi.”

Nami did have such an idea in her heart, but before it was fully formed, it was punctured by Ron. Nami could not help biting her lip, then raised her head, smiled at Ron, and said: “You don’t have a navigator, do you?”

“… After I finish my agreement with Arlong, and leave the Arlong Pirates, would you accept me as your ship’s navigator…?”

Hearing Nami’s words, looking at her lovely smile, Ron smiled and nodded, “Of course.”

“But, my wage will be very high.”

“Um … I think I will be able to grant you that.”

Ron smiled, got up from the recliner, took about 100,000 Berries, walked out of the cabin, returned to the shore, and waved goodbye to Nami preparing the boat to sail.

[Actually, she didn’t have to say that, she knew very well that even if Arlong was willing to fulfill the agreement, he wouldn’t let her leave his crew]

Watching Nami leaving in that small boat, Ron shook his head slightly and smiled again.

Even though Nami said such an agreement when she knew it was impossible, she truly wanted to be Ron’s navigator, but Cocoyasi Village and the town people were her first priority.


Watching Nami’s boat gradually sailed away, Ron exhaled and called out the achievement system.

Ron didn’t plan to go back to Cocoyasi for a while. First, he would like to avoid unnecessary contact with Arlong, which was too early to deal with him. On the other hand, he needed a quiet place with no interruption.

However, before starting to study the runes, he wanted to find out the reward that the system gave him after reaching a total of 20 achievement points.

“Captain I”, “Big Shot”, and “Daily sailing out”, the 3 achievements granted Ron 1 point each, adding up these 3 points to his 17 points accumulated before, he finally reached exactly 20 achievements.

In the attribute interface, Ron added the achievement points just obtained to his spiritual attribute. Hence, his total spiritual attribute reached 34 points.

Among them, 20 points were from the attribute interface, 5 points were from the magic mark, and the last 9 points were from the excessive practice of magic.

When Ron switched to the career interface, the system prompted as expected.

[Tip: Your total achievement point reached 20 points, you got a wand extraction opportunity]

Ron’s eyes fell directly on the “wand extraction” at the end of the prompt, blinking, revealing a trace of surprise and joy.

Although he didn’t know what the use of the magic wand was, it was undoubtedly a magician’s exclusive weapon, which must have a certain function. Moreover, with his current mental strength and control over magic, drawing a magical rune was trivial for him.


After the prompt, an extraction interface popped up. This time it was no longer a rune pattern, but a huge roulette-like thing.

The roulette was divided into ten areas. Each area had a magic wand pattern. However, the wands were different from an area to another.


The roulette quickly spun up, well not actually spinning, but in fact, the light in each area was lit up in turn, in the same form as in the rune extraction.

The flashing speed was slow at first, and then accelerated until it reached a pace that made it difficult to distinguish which areas were lit, with the naked eye. Finally, it slowed down again, advancing one by one, and eventually stopped on one of the areas.

[Tip: You got the “Elf Wand”]

Along with the alert sound, a wand, about half a meter long, with a crystal-like transparent color, appeared in front of Ron.

At the top of the wand, there were golden spiral-shaped parallel branches, encircling a crystal ball with the size of a thumb. The crystal ball had a little fluorescent color.

Ron reached out carefully and caught the wand.

While he took the wand, a detailed description of the wand also appeared on the career interface.

【Elf wand】

[Introduction: A common wand, its main body is made from the branches located at the bottom of the world tree, matched with magic-flowing pure ore and Elfbeads.]

[Features: With the world tree branches as the main body, it is suitable for all types of magic, and it is not exclusive to all magic does not repel any kind of magic. It can reduce the release time of all magic and mental power consumption thanks to the combination of pure ore and the Elfbeads.]

[Evaluation: This wand is very suitable for magic apprentices and general magicians]

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