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P.A.S Chapter 26: The real Magician!

Looking at the wand in his hand, Ron examined it carefully for a while.

Holding it in his hand, he could clearly perceive that the wand body was the only one of its kind that fits. As if it could not be replaced by any other metal or substance, he felt like holding the whole world in his hand. Even if he was just holding it, he was able to clearly perceive the various elements between heaven and earth.

The magic orb with faint colorful fluorescence at the top of the wand gave a sense of eternal fire and continuous burning.

“Ordinary wand … is it really just an ordinary wand?”

It took Ron a while to come back to his senses. He could not help wondering about the wand. If the wand in his hand was just a common wand, what would a higher-end one look like??

It was a difficult thing even for Ron to imagine such a marvelous item. At that time, he was a little impatient to try the effect of his new wand. So, he looked at the sea in front of him and waved it gently.


This time, it didn’t happen like it was usually done! The magical circle rune was not condensed in the spiritual world. However, the elfbead, the pearl at the top of the wand shone brightly, and a clear rune appeared inside.

Then a wind blade emerged out of thin air and flew towards the sea.

“Hoy Hoy……”

Ron couldn’t help but froze.

“How much time has just passed? Half a second? A quarter of a second?”


Even faster!

The moment when Ron thought about releasing his wind blade, the rune was condensed and formed in a flash in the pearl, and then the wind blade flew out. The entire process lasted merely 0.1 seconds!

What caused this release time reduction…How was it done? It was as if the release time was completely removed directly, and Ron’s magic turned to be instant.

And what made Ron more amazed was the fact that after releasing his wind blade, its mental energy consumption was very small, not even a fifth of his previous consumption!

Reduced mental energy consumption?

What an absurd consumption reduction! Ron’s normal recovery of mental power was almost equal to the wind blade’s release consumption by the wand!

“That is to say, a magician without a wand is not a magician at all…” Ron looked at the wand in his hand with amazement.

Ron had previously thought that his mental attributes had reached 30 points, and his thought response speed was dozens of times that of ordinary people and that could be more than enough to even master the second-level magic, but the lack of synchronization between his mind and body, the mental consumption rate per ability made it a bit hard for Ron to maintain his great reaction speed.

It was a great asset for him to not get cough off guard and get hurt in battle.

And there was another point. Even with such thinking speed, although he could condense the runes in a blink of an eye, but the exhaustion caused by his mental power consumption made him unable to release them continuously. When he studied the derivative runes, he had to stop and frequently rest, which made him efficient only for 10 minutes per hour…

At that moment, Ron understood that the magic wand was what he lacked, the most critical weapon and tool for the magician!

“Now, I am really a magician.”

Ron, who gradually understood the importance of the wand, was unable to hold back his tears of joy.

Ron decided to concentrate on studying derivative runes and how to maximize his efficiency. He became more eager to learn magic and to enhance his abilities. After all, he just acquired a magic wand, that would make exploring derivative runes way easier and more efficient!

Ron gently waved his wand.


Multiple wind blades.

Multiple fireballs.

One magic after another was released by him and fell to the sea.

“The release speed of ordinary first-level magic has been reduced to almost a fraction of a second, and the release cost should be only one-tenth of the previous one.”

“The enhanced version of the first-order magic release speed has also been reduced to less than 0.5 seconds, and the release cost has been reduced to almost one-fifth.”

After sorting out the effects of the magical elf wand, Ron kept laughing bitterly. At that time, he understood why he always felt so uncomfortable.

How come that magicians, after releasing only a few attacks, would drain all their mental power? How come that magicians that they were never afraid of the existence of human tactics, would have a hard time versus the excessive number of enemies?

“The first-order magic effect of the enhanced version has been reduced. It is estimated that the magic effect of the second-order or higher magic will be worse, but it should also reduce the release speed and mental energy consumption by a lot.”

Ron continued to test and make some judgments.

After a while, he finally took a deep breath, looked at the sea in front of him, and suddenly shook his head and smiled.

Before the appearance of the magic wand, he even felt that it was time to strengthen his body. Otherwise, in case he drained all his mental powers, he would not be able to defend himself, let alone kill his enemy. The defect was too great!

But currently, it became completely unnecessary.

Spirit was the master of everything!

With his current speed of thinking and the speed of magic release that he reached that day, he was not even afraid of close combat. Not to mention that it becomes harder to even approach him. If he could master defensive magic and space magic in the future, having a weak body would be a trivial matter!

As some of the world’s superpowers, for a magician having a strong spirit was more than enough to crush everything, there were no flaws, no dead ends!

That’s what we would call “The real magician! “

Somewhere on the shore.

Ron sat on top of a huge reef and looked at a rock face in front.

“like this……”

He held the elf wand in his hand and waved it gently. The golden lines in the air emerged and quickly formed a rune mark.


The rune mark burst instantly.

Ron shook his head and stretched his wand a little more, and another rune mark condensed out, slightly changing a line from the previous rune.


The rune mark exploded again.

Ron was not discouraged and continued to wave his wand.

Previously, his mental strength would be drained after less than ten attempts. Then, he needed to meditate for a while to restore his mental strength, but currently, with his new magical wand, the spiritual power consumed by a single rune magic circle was only one-tenth of that what was before.

In addition, his mental strength was slowly recovering even in his normal state, which made the mental strength consumption was almost negligible that he could make repeated attempts one after another.

In the course of a half-day practice, Ron confirmed a previous assumption about the derived wind runes. They were evolved from the basic ones, and their core area should remain unchanged.

The lines of the core area of a rune account for about one-third of the entire rune. It was determined that the core area should not be changed, so only two-thirds of the outer circle needs to be explored.

At that moment, Ron was deducing various possibilities, using the pole method.

He felt that there should be more correct ways to explore derived runes, but now he had no experience, and he could only use this old-fashioned method, little by little, to try every possibility.

Thanks to the magic wand, the energy consumption of condensing a single rune was minimal, so Ron’s efficiency was extremely high that he could try more than ten times per minute.

Hence, it would take more than half an hour for Ron’s mental strength to bottom out, and then he would need to rely on meditation to adjust and rest a little.

Half a day later, Ron had tried thousands of combinations, but unfortunately, he still failed to deduce a derivative rune.

Ron was not disheartened either. His efficiency exceeded his expectations. As long as he kept trying, he would be able to get the hang of the correct derivative runes! For sure!

one day……

Two days …

Three days …

In the evening on the fourth day.

After nearly four days of trials and nearly ten thousand combinations, Ron finally explored the first derivative wind rune!

When the runes condensed and formed in the air, they did not collapse or disappear as before. Instead, they turned into a bright golden light, guiding the sea breezes blowing in all directions, forming a small hurricane.

[Tip: You have mastered one of the wind-derived runes]

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Rune Explorer” and you got 1 achievement point]