Pirate’s Achievements System Pirate’s Achievements System
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P.A.S Chapter 37: Future Plans

In fact, Ron was satisfied with the accomplishment of 7 achievement points. Actually, it was close to his expected best scenario case, but at that moment, he really wanted to extract a new rune.

He wanted to master some kind of defensive magic.

During the last fight, when he confronted the two thousand pirates, it seemed that everything was under control, no stress, but in fact, that fight was a huge test for his judgment and his situational awareness.

Because of the large number of people in the scene, the chaotic state, especially when he rushed into the pirate ranks, he took a bullet on his left arm. It was only judged as a minor injury, but in the end, he got himself shot. The thing, the bullet was really unavoidable, he could neither block or dodge it.

Which highlighted his need for defensive magic.

Whether it was a hard-resistant type such as a magic shield, or an evasive type such as instantaneous teleportation, it was okay for Ron, as long as it enhances his defenses. But unfortunately, he did not have a chance to draw a new rune, even after reaching 30 points of achievement points.

The only benefit of this injury, Ron accomplishing an extra unexpected achievement point, from the ‘First Wound’ goal, which was hidden in the achievement system previously.

“It seems that after getting enough achievement points in the East Blue, in addition to getting defensive magic, it will be safe to sail towards the Grand Line.”

Ron looked at the bandage on his left arm and muttered.

Fortunately, the guns in this world could be classified as antiques, so the damage caused was minimal. Also, he wasn’t hit in a vital spot, so it would not take too long to heal. By the time they reach Cocoyasi village, the wound should be gone.

At that time, Ron couldn’t wait to get more achievements. He was too eager to extract new runes and start practicing the next level of magic! But unfortunately, his current mental strength was not enough to commence practicing third-level magic.

Ron now has a total mental attribute of 44 points. He was pretty sure that by the time he would reach 50 points, several changes would occur. His thinking speed would be further improved, and his mental recovery speed would also increase.

At that time, he would finally be qualified to master third-level magic.

Of course.

For now, Ron had other things to do. He had to further explore the wind and fire derivative runes as much as possible, and more importantly, to master the second-level fire magic.

It was true that the simultaneous release of second-level wind and fire magic wouldn’t be as great as the third-level magic.

But, in this area of the world, such power would be more than sufficient to sweep everything easily. As for the Grand Line, Ron considered such power as stepping stone for that adventure.

Mastering the second-level combined fire and wind magic, and then mastering a defensive spell, was Ron’s bottom line to step into the Grand Line.

Ron was fully aware of the enormous gap between the Grand Line and the four seas, power-wise.

In the East Blue, he might be looked like a beast, but once he steps in the Grand Line, he might be walked over!

Entering the Grand Line as the strongest man in the East Blue, Ron was convinced that he should take it easy, to push his way through the first half of the Grand Line, get all the achievement points that he may accomplish, then start thinking about the beasts hidden in this vast world. That was the correct way. Otherwise, he would definitely get himself killed!

While Ron was lost in his thoughts, a seagull flew to the deck, carrying a bag over his shoulders, then saluted to Ron.

“Here comes today’s newspaper.”

Nami, not standing far away, seeing the seagull, came over. She took out a coin and bought a newspaper from the seagull, and then opened it to read.

After a few glances, she showed a surprised expression, then shouted: “Ron, look here, you are in the newspaper.”


Ron was a little interested in the newspaper. He didn’t care much about money, but what he did care about were his reputation and fame. It was part of the magician’s arrogance.

After taking a look at the newspaper, there was information about the killing of the Krieg Pirates admiral, Krieg, also about how he managed to destroy a fleet of two thousand all by himself…

But it was so vague…sloppy.

There was no doubt that the world government had a hand in this.

They wanted his name to intimidate the East Blue pirates, but on the other hand, they didn’t want his name, achievement, to hurt the marine’s reputation. So, they tampered with many facts, such as the failure of the marines, which was almost wiped out. Instead, they glorified the marine soldiers for destroying the rest of the Krieg pirates.

“…basic operation.”

Ron read the newspaper, shaking his head randomly… it was as he expected.

At that moment, something unexpected occurred, a system prompt sound came in his ear.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Star of Tomorrow” and got 1 achievement point]


Ron blinked in disbelief: “Star of tomorrow? Is this a fame related achievement?”

Ron really wanted something similar to happen, this way, he would be able to track his fame level, to be aware of his reputation in the world!

However, after he invoked the interface of the achievement system, he was displeased. This “Star of tomorrow” was not a fame related achievement, it was merely an achievement cleared after being mentioned in the newspaper once.

Poker face…

Anyway, it was one extra achievement point.

As usual, Ron added the point to his spiritual attribute, reaching 45 points. Then he turned off the system interface and returned the newspaper with Nami.

“How many days needed to reach Cocosya?”

“… It should be four days away.”

Nami said, as she put her hand on her chin, thinking.

Ron smiled, stood up, and walked towards the stern, saying: “That’s pretty fast, well, I’m going to practice magic. I’ll leave it to you here.”

For Ron, the next task was very simple. After some pleasant practice, reaching Cocosya island, he would kill Arlong, safe the village, and finally continue his adventure with his trusted navigator.

Easy like Sunday morning. (T/N: I like the song :p)

Arriving at the stern, Ron decided to study the fire runes first.

For now, he had mastered three wind runes, and successfully constructed second-level magic. Even if he managed to extract all the other six, it was impossible for him, at his current state, to explore third-level magic, which wouldn’t serve him much for the moment.

Without a glimpse of doubt, Ron was sure that studying the second-level fire magic was the right call to improve his current strength. In addition, it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out, considering his knowledge of the second-level wind magic.

Ron thought about it and prepared a schedule, a training plan. He would spend 8 hours every day on the rune exploration, 10 hours into meditation practice, 2 hours to eat and deal with chores, and the last 4 hours as spare sleep time.

After all, meditation was somehow equivalent to sleep, well, with some side effects! Slightly worse than usual sleep effects. But, 10 hours of meditation, would be the equivalent to 5 hours of sleep.

Scientifically, this should be the best schedule that he could follow.

If the rune’s exploration time exceeded 8 hours, his spirit will fall into a state of severe fatigue, which cannot be compensated by meditation, and must be recovered through sleep.

After his mental power becomes more robust, this distribution would be changed accordingly.