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P.A.S Chapter 38: What a Blast!

Exploring fire derived runes went smoothly than what Ron expected.

Thanks to his spiritual strength, which reached level 45, he could almost continuously try the rune deduction. The mental energy consumed per attempt was very small, which could be restored in his normal state.

Additionally, with his previous experience in unlocking the wind runes, Ron basically knew how to avoid some of the most obvious mistakes. He basically went straight into the real business, the real deal.

In only three days, he mastered two fire derived runes.

However, they were identical to the basic one, which was so confusing for Ron that left him speechless. No matter what he tried, the combination would fail, and there was no glimmer of hope in forming the second-level fire magic any soon.


The three runes were destroyed and disappeared, a small flame burst into the air, like fireworks, and then vanished in the sea breeze.

“The last combination also failed…”

Seeing this scene, Ron was so frustrated. He never expected that he would successfully acquire the two fire correct derived runes, and then get stuck in finding their right combination.

It seemed that he was so lucky with the second-level wind magic. It was sheer luck that he acquired the right wind derived runes to form the second-level spell. But, unfortunately, this time, it looked as he ran out of luck.

“In this case, the only thing I can do…”

Ron exhaled, a bit helplessly, he had no other alternative than exploring a new fire derived rune.

Fortunately, he became more proficient in the deduction of runes. Even if he had to discover all the eight derived runes of a certain element, it would not take him more than half a month. Anyway, sooner or later, all the runes had to be extracted… So, it wouldn’t hurt to do it in advance.

Unexpectedly, Ron was able to deduce the third derived rune, in his seventh attempt on the morning of the fourth day.

It definitely had nothing to do with experience, it was pure luck.

“It seems that my luck is like a roller coaster, always ups and downs.”

Looking at the third fire derivative rune, appearing in the pearl at the top of his magic wand, exuding a golden light, Ron couldn’t help but feel relieved.

It was a pleasant surprise just after waking up.

Following his efficient new training plan for three days, increased his mental strength by about 1 point. Hence, almost reaching 46 points.

At that moment, Ron became able to accurately trace the amount of one unit of mental power. After all, he improved a lot thanks to the recently acquired achievement points.

Even though his total spiritual attribute was not displayed on the achievement system interface, only the improvement brought by the achievement points, he could accurately know what his total attribute was.

“Then… the existing combinations are…”

Ron thought for a moment, then displayed all the possible combination of the four runes in his mind, and then eliminated all the failed previous attempts.

After a round of analysis and screening, the remaining combinations were rapidly reduced.

On the basis that there must be at least one basic rune, there were only four remaining combinations. That was, a basic rune combined with:
-two No. 3 derivative runes,
-a No. 1 and No. 3 derivative runes,
-a No. 2 and No. 3 derivative runes,
-finally with another basic and No. 3 derivative runes.

Looking around, towards the sea, Ron had no sight of the Cocoyasi village. However, he knew that he was running out of time. Hence, he quickly dived into trying the combination one after another.

Basic, basic, No. 3 derivative runes.

Five attempts were made to make sure about the failure.

Basic rune, No. 1, and No. 3 derivative runes.

Four attempts were made, combination failed.

The failure of two consecutive combinations made Ron a bit disturbed, he started to feel a bit pressured. The feeling that the current 3 derived runes were not the right ones for the second-level fire magic kept growing.

What’s more, Cocoyasi village could be vaguely seen ahead, and it was estimated that it could be reached in an hour or two,
Until then, he had to adjust his pace.

“One hour or two… Hmm…It should be more than enough to try both of the remaining two.”

Ron took a deep breath, slapped himself on the face. He had to stay focused, trying the remaining combinations.

Actually, it didn’t really matter if he failed. His second-level wind magic was more than enough to kill Arlong instantly. However, he was a bit upset about spending a lot of time on the fire magic without getting any results.


Inside the pearl, three golden lights radiated chaotically, and quickly golden lines were extended in all directions, interweaving and combining together.

The primary fire rune, the No. 2, and No. 3 derivative runes were different from each other, but at that moment, the extended and interweaved lines made their combination look whole and complete, with no sign of any defects, forming a splendid large golden rune.

“It’s a success!”

The moment the rune was formed, Ron knew he had succeeded. His eyes lit up, revealing a hint of excitement, and without hesitation, he waved his wand, releasing the long-awaited magic into the sea.


The large rune in the pearl flashed away, then a heavenly fire was condensed in an instant. A fire arrow appeared in the air, released into the sea.

Compared to the Fireball, the fire arrow seemed a lot smaller! However, its flying speed was comparable to the blade of the wind magic. As it landed on the sea, it made a massive explosion, suddenly burst into an enormous flame, blazing in all directions, and covering an area of several meters.

As the flames exploded, a system prompt rang in Ron’s ear.

[Tip: You have mastered the second-level fire magic, fire arrow]

“What a blast!”

Looking at the power of the explosion on the sea, Ron couldn’t help but admire it. The power and damage of this attack may be higher than that of the second-level wind!

Although the wind splash was very scary, it was a ranged ability, but this fire arrow was like a bomb, condensing the flame in a small arrow, and then explodes after hitting its target. Its power was undoubtedly superior to that of the wind splash.

However, in terms of range, the wind slash had the upper hand. After all, the scope of the fire arrow was basically only the extent of its blast. In this regard, it was similar to the spell of the ordinary Fireball.

But the crucial point in this new ability was its enormous speed, it basically covered one of the lacks of the ordinary Fireball. There was no need to rely on the magic wind anymore to be effective. It became a dependable attack!

After judging the pros and cons of the fire arrow, Ron nodded in satisfaction, and then went back to his practice. He was so eager to master his new technique!

At that time, Ron had reached a level that it became unnecessary for him to practice a technique nonstop to master it. He had only to release it a couple of times, and then “Voila” his release speed could be easily reduced to within a second.