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P.A.S Chapter 36: The Shaking East Blue!


The backyard of the royal palace.

A man wearing a pointy shoe, pink feather coat, and flamingo glasses. He was sitting there, holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand, and laughed like ‘Fuffuffuffuffu’.

He was one of the “Royal Seven Warriors of the Sea”, the Shichibukai, Donquixote Doflamingo.

“Did this happen? The kingdom of Gelt is really unlucky, even I, can’t help them now, Fuffuffuffuffu…”

His words might seem as if he was showing some sympathy, but he was actually gloating at their misfortune. For him, the more chaotic the world was, the more interesting it would be.

On the other side of the Den Den Mushi, the voice of one of his underlings came.

“Our ship was evacuated safely, and all the funds were collected successfully. By the way, there is one more thing. The Krieg Pirates were completely destroyed by a pirate hunter.”


Doflamingo picked up the stemware and took a sip of red wine.

The transponder snail kept whispering, then ended by saying: “This is the general situation, which was unexpected.”

“A Pirate Hunter? Get me more information about him. It seems that he refused to join the Marines. Fuffuffuffuffu…It is a pity if he remains as a pirate hunter! You can recruit him. If he is after money, I have plenty here… Fuffuffuffuffu”

Doflamingo spoke very casually.

In this sea, in addition to the pirates and Marines, there were powerful men in the revolutionary army. As for the pirate hunters, it was complete stagnant water.

Being able to excel in the East Blue, for Doflamingo, it was worth to put his money on such a raw talent, like in the case of Baby 5, after some honing, he might even reach the level of Lao G.

In most cases, refusing to join the Marines, meant only one thing, that person had more interest in money than justice, and money was a trivial matter for the Donquixote Family. During that period, Doflamingo was the most influential man in the Underworld. His trading network was spread all over the world. How much was his fortune??

Tens of billions?

Hundreds of billions?

Money became nothing but merely plain numbers for Doflamingo.

“Yes, young master, I understand.”

The person on the other side of the phone snail spoke respectfully and then hung up.

The Krieg Pirates, with a fleet of two thousand pirates, were destroyed.

It was destroyed by a single pirate hunter.

This news just caused a small wave in the Marine headquarters, just made the officers in charge of East Blue remember and recognize the existence of a pirate hunter named “Ron”. But, in East Blue, it was like a tsunami sweeping the world!

The entire underground world in East Blue was in chaos, shaken since the moment the news spread. Countless pirates were horrified by this, and the leaders of countless underground forces were shocked.

For the marine headquarters, the Krieg pirates might be nothing special, But in East Blue, there was one of the Pirates Groups standing at the apex, the biggest pirate fleet in the area. That no one dared to provoke before!

The Pirate Hunters who tried to fight Krieg in the past were all killed. With no exception!

But at that moment,

Krieg was dead!

Along with the two thousand pirates under his command, they were completely destroyed!


“Damn it!”

“How come there is such a troublesome pirate hunter in the East Blue?” Somewhere in East Blue, hearing such news, a pirate’s forehead was overflowed with cold sweat, he could not help but cursing his own luck.

He encountered the Krieg Pirates once, he was intimidated by the huge fleet, he didn’t even dare to look to their leader, Krieg…but now he got such news.

Other pirates, big and small, were all trembling in fear. Everyone made the same decision, almost all the pirates near the Zell waters changed their course and sailed to other seas areas after receiving the news.

Pirates were greedy creatures that would cross any line to get what they wanted, they were fearless robbers. But no one of them wanted to meet such a scary pirate hunter.

Besides the shock of the pirates, some forces started throwing olive branches at Ron, including some kingdoms.

Some kingdoms tried to win Ron over. They were willing to grant him an esteemed position. The Kingdom of Gelt, the one its army was defeated by the Krieg Pirates, was one of them.

Ron had the strength to easily wipe out a pirate grouch like the Krieg Pirates. If he remained on the island where the Kingdom of Gelt was located, would any pirates dare to invade his territory?!

But no one was able to reach or contact Ron.

At that time, Ron was enjoying Nami’s shoulder massage.

Of course.

It cost him a fortune, 100,000 Berries every ten minutes.

However, Ron became so rich that the he didn’t care about that.

After the eradication of the Krieg Pirates, counting their previous properties, they managed to collect around 270 million Berries!

Although both Ron and Nami expected that the Krieg Pirates, such a huge pirate group, to be wealthier, but even with that amount, Nami was rolling in euphoria, that she could not sleep for two days!

After all, the amount exceeded the required money for Arlong’s agreement. Ron took a share of the money, but it wasn’t a lot, less than 100 million Berries.

Therefore, having 100 million Berries, Nami started her journey of squeezing that money.

“Twenty minutes, please pay 200,000 Berries.”

Sitting in the back, after rubbing Ron’s shoulders with her small hands, Nami wiped the sweat on her forehead, smiled, and held out her hand to Ron.

Ron stretched his shoulders and gave the 200,000 Berries to Nami.

“It was great doing business with you! Come again soon!”

Nami smiled and took the money from Ron’s hand.

200,00 Berries for twenty minutes…The price was so high that in the Nami’s opinion, but Ron was completely fine with the fee.

Ron had a different mindset. On the one hand, money was just a number for him, which was meaningless. On the other hand, it was his way to help the little girl.

Anyway, for Ron, it really didn’t matter in which pocket the money was.

Ron got up from the recliner, stretched out, went outside to take a breath of fresh air, and then came to sit on the deck.

In the previous battle, he accomplished a total of 7 achievement points.

Yes, that’s right.

Got a total of 7 achievement points!

The conditions for the first two achievements, “killing Spree” and ” Bloodbath”, were to kill 100 and 1000 enemies. Reaching the two conditions, Ron got a total of 4 points. The remaining three points were collected as follows: 1 point from “Floating Enemy”, which required to throw an enemy in the sea, and 2 points from ‘’Captain III’’, which states to acquire a large three-masted sailing ship. A total of 7 points.

These 7 achievement points, as usual, were added to Ron’s spiritual attributes, bringing his total spiritual attributes to the level of 44 points.

Among these 44 mental attributes, 30 came from achievement points. However, when the total achievement point reached 30, Ron didn’t get another chance to extract anything, which made him a little bit disappointed. He had no idea about the needed total achievement for the next extraction.