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P.A.S Chapter 40: Killing Arlong

“Haw haw haw, you’re back, Nami, you’re quite early this time.”

Arlong looked at Nami, who walked into the yard, grinned, stretched out his hand, and opened his webbed hands.

With a slight smile on her face, Nami walked in front of Arlong and said: “Yes, because I have the required money.”

As she spoke, Nami placed the suitcase in front of Arlong and added: “Here are 100 million Berries. You can count it.”

Arlong glanced at the box, raised his head, and laughed a few times, opened his hands, and said: “No need, no need, I know that you made sure of that. Then, Cocoyasi village is yours now, shahahahahaha.”

Seeing Arlong’s so refreshing reaction, Nami couldn’t help but sigh in relief, and said, “Then, I’m just as free, right? I can leave.”

“Of course.”

Arlong grinned and said: “But … if you leave, things will be slightly different.”

At first, hearing Arlong’s ‘Of course.’ Nami’s heart was filled with endless joy. However, hearing the subsequent ‘but.’ she was paralyzed to the spot, and her joy comes to an abrupt end.


Nami’s voice began to be a bit inconsistent.

Arlong spread his hands and said: “Look, this sea area is my territory. You can have the village, as long as you are one of us. You will in charge of the village and I won’t meddle with your ruling. “

“But if you leave our crew, then we are no longer companions. I can’t leave a village located in my territory in strangers’ hands…. haw haw haw.”

Arlong grinned and said, “But Nami, you are free. You can leave at any time. I won’t stop you.”


Hearing Arlong ’s words, the smile on Nami ’s face disappeared. She was pale with eyes so dull, she seemed almost lifeless. She clenched her fist firmly and gritted her teeth, saying: “This is not the agreement! That’s not what you promised!”

“A deal is a deal, I will fulfill my part of the bargain, the village will be redeemed, and you are free. But I never promised you anything more, I never said I would leave this island nor my territory.”

Arlong tilted his head and looked at Nami, grinning: “Or… you won’t leave my crew? In that case, we are still companions, the village is all yours, and I won’t lay a finger on it. But if you escape, then all the villagers will be slaughtered! Because of you, Shahahahahaha. “

“Shinjimae…you son of *.”

Nami shuddered these words while biting her lip.

Although she expected such a situation, she was still unable to accept it. Nothing changed…Even after she fulfilled her part of the agreement


There was! As long as she did not leave Arlong Pirates, Cocoyasi Village would be safe, and that beast would not do a thing to the villagers.


Nami lowered her head, clenching her fists tightly. Her body was trembling…

But in that case, she wouldn’t be able to leave Arlong Pirates, that is to say, for the sake of the village, she would lose her freedom and would be controlled by Arlong forever.


Suddenly, Bell-mère’s image emerged in her mind, her sister, Nojiko, as well as the villagers Genzo and the others. Unconsciously, her eyes were filled with tears.

Although she was full of unwillingness and pain, she could not give up the lives of the villages for her own freedom. Protecting the village would cost her freedom, but as long as the village was safe, she would do anything.

It was a difficult decision…

For Nami, who was only fifteen years old at that time, she yearns for freedom and adventure, it was so difficult that she was constantly shaking.

Tears rolled down his cheeks, but she never said a word to Arlong.

Nami was strong-willed and kind. Even though she knew that there was only darkness ahead, for the sake of the villagers, she gritted her teeth and made up her mind.


Just when she raised her head and was willing to speak, a hand stretched out from behind and gently patted her head.

“Don’t make that decision.”

Ron appeared behind Nami, and said softly: “Remember! You are my navigator! You can’t stay here, drawing charts! Baka!”

Hearing Ron’s voice, Nami froze! She stopped shaking, and her tears stopped flowing. Instead, there was another kind of shivering.

Ron finally stepped in.

Even in the face of monsters like Arlong, he stood his ground.

“Temae! Who are you?”

Watching Ron standing behind Nami, Arlong frowned. Nami was so agitated that she forgot how to speak.

Ron’s hand slipped gently from Nami’s head onto her shoulder and stepped forward, smiling at Arlong, revealing his white teeth.

“I am your doom!”

As the voice fell, Ron held the wand in his right hand and pressed it forward. Meanwhile, his other hand embraced Nami and jumped out towards the rear.

At first, Arlong frowned. He felt that Ron looked a little bit familiar. A few seconds later, he raised his eyebrows, revealing that he finally remembered Ron, he was the man who was saved by Nami not long ago. Then suddenly, without prior notice, a fire arrow flew towards him.

“! ! !”

At that moment, Arlong saw death with his own eyes, his mind went blank, but he instinctively broke the recliner, desperately trying to avoid his fate.

But the distance was too close, and the fire arrow was extremely fast. He could hardly react…


He was hit by the arrow.

The blazing fire exploded, devouring Arlong, as well as the hallway.

The whole park was lit up in an instant. The fire was swallowed everything, leaving behind painful roars only.

“Ah Ahh Ahhhhh!!!”

Arlong was a beast of great vitality. Even after being directly hit by the fire arrow, he didn’t vanish instantly. He burst out with earth-shaking screams…

At that moment, Arlong couldn’t understand what on earth just happened! He was so confused…wondering how in hell…Ron, a feeble man that his life was spared by Nami, could use such ability.

The tremendous pain deprived him of the ability to think.

Arlong rolled all the way from the hallway to the courtyard, frantically struggled, trying to extinguish the flames on his body, but it was all in vain!

Ron, who held Nami and jumped back to avoid the explosion range of the Fire Arrow, kept stepping backward, avoiding the tumbling Arlong.

Nami was shocked by the scene before her, and she almost lost consciousness.

“Ah, Ahhhhhh!”

Screaming in pain, Arlong instinctively kept rolling forward. There was a pond connected to the sea, if he managed to reach it, he could put out the fire.

However, there was no way that Ron would let him escape.

Ron put down Nami, held his magic wand again, looked at Arlong rolling, shook his head, and said: “That’s impressive! You are still alive! Your vitality is no joke… No, no, it should be the skin! Yeah, sure, it looks like it can resist a part of the flames’ power.”

As he finished talking, Ron swung his wand again.

The wind howled all over the sky, and turned into seven or eight fierce wind slashes, released towards Arlong, and enveloping him before reached to the pond.

Click! Click! Click!

He wasn’t cut into pieces instantly, like happened with Krieg, but it made a bone-like crashing sound. Not long after, blood was spilled everywhere!

Arlong’s screams stopped abruptly, his body couldn’t take more damage. It turned into countless pieces of meat and blood, and then fell into the pond and completely dyed the pond red.


Nami, sitting on her knees, looked at this scene speechlessly.

At that moment, she felt like she was hallucinating…in a dream! The powerful, fearless monster was easily defeated! Whether it was other pirates or marines, no one could stand in the way of Arlong. They were all powerless in front of his tremendous strength. But he died like this…!?
that… simple?