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P.A.S Chapter 41: The Strongest Pirate Hunter in the East Blue!

“Ah… Boss Arlong… Masaka(impossible)! That’s not true…”

Hearing the news, several Fish-men rushed over. The mighty Arlong was cut into pieces and fell dead in the pond! Seeing this scene, they were all shocked for a while, their eyes were full of panic and unbelievable looks.

Ron didn’t say much either. With a wave of his wand, several wind blades flew out and wiped out some fish-men.

Ron wiped out the dirt of his clothing, looked at the still dazed Nami, and smiled slightly. Ron observed the burning building for a while, then waved his wand releasing other wind blades.

Click! Click!

Unable to extinguish the fire, Ron used the wind blade to split the burning part from the entire building and swept it into the pond.

Until that time, Nami was still staring blankly at the bloody pond.

From the age of ten to fifteen, the scene of Bell-mère’s death, the scene of setting up an agreement with Arlong, the scene of being forced to draw the chart, the scene where Arlong broke his promise… All these scenes flashed in her mind like a slide.

In the end, all the pictures dissipated with the sight of the blood-red pond.

At the same time.

There was a sound of hurried footsteps outside. It was the Cocoyasi villagers, rushed over to confirm the spread news.

As they entered Arlong Park, they were all out of breath as they saw the bloody scene in the courtyard. Seeing the fallen bodies of the fish-men, everyone’s jaw was dropped to the ground.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh… What happened here?”

Someone spoke with disbelief and a trembling voice.

At that time, Nami, staring at the pond in the courtyard, slowly stood up. She stretched out her fingers, wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and turned around looking at the people outside. Revealing a pure smile, just like she used to smile before she met Arlong five years ago.

“It is over!”

“Everyone… the village… is free now…”


Cocoyasi Village.

At the dock, on a small boat.

“You gave nearly 300 million Berries to the villagers, you sure about that?” Ron said, lying on the deck with a piece of grass in his mouth, watching Nami approaching.

“That was originally their treasure! Arlong snatched it from them.”

Nami shook her fist at Ron, revealing a vicious expression, and said: “And stop reminding me of that!”

After killing Arlong, Ron and Nami found nearly 300 million Berries hidden in Arlong Park.

Despite Nami’s enthusiasm for finding these treasures, she gave up everything to the villagers. After all, it was riches stolen from the villagers during the past five years.

Ron smiled, and said teasing Nami: “Wouldn’t it be better if you gave them the 100 million berries too? I personally would think highly of you.”


Nami stared at Ron and said, “That’s the 100 million berries I’ve struggled collecting! Is building up a good image worth 100,000 Berries?! Nah I pass..”

Ron glanced at Nami and couldn’t stop teasing her: “Actually, the 100 million berries is what I earned for you.”

Nami snorted and retorted: “Without my navigation, you might have lost your way in the sea, encountered storms, and shipwrecks, and fell into the sea, then becoming fish food.”

Speaking of this, Nami paused and suddenly stared at Ron again with a smiling expression, looking like a little devil guarding the gate of hell.

“You want to hire me as your navigator. That will cost you 1 million Berries per month.”

“Heyy… That’s a robbery!”

Ron rolled his eyes and said, “Is there a need for money arrangement between partners?”

Nami retorted: “On the contrary, it is necessary to avoid conflict between partners, and that’s not extortion, the hiring cost of a good navigator is so high.”

Ron continued to refute: “But you can only be regarded as a trainee navigator now, and you are only 15 years old.”

“Skills cannot be measured by experience,” Nami said with a smuggle face.

“And I will grow up eventually.” (E/N: We are all waiting XD)


Nami started giving menacing aura, that Ron felt that she might kill him if they continued discussing this topic. After thinking about it, he sighed and said: “Okay, fine!”


Nami snapped her fingers and said, “It’s a deal! And trust me you won’t regret it. Soon, you will be convinced that it was a wise decision.”


Ron responded lazily and walked to the stern, saying: “Have you said your goodbyes? If you did already, then let’s go.”

Nami nodded with a smile, until Ron’s figure disappeared in the stern. As he disappeared, a smirk showed on her face.

‘Stupid Captain!’

Although she felt a bit guilty for tricking Ron, but knowing him, she was sure that sooner or later he would definitely spend all his money. So, it was better to get his money this way and take care of the money management herself.

Well, yes, she was in charge!

Thinking of it that way, the last trace of guilt disappeared.


Of course, Ron knew that the amount of money demanded was too much, but he was familiar with the original plot, which cast any doubt about the hiring cost. He was sure that Nami would undoubtedly become the best navigator in the world.

So, when he thought about it, he found that it was a good investment.

At that moment, a system prompt rang in his ear.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Little Cat Burglar” and got 1 achievement point]

This achievement was an unexpected accomplishment. Looking at the achievement interface, Ron found that the achievement requirement was that Nami joined him.

The achievement point was added to the spiritual attribute, as usual, increasing his total spiritual attribute to 47 points, only 3 points away from reaching the 50 points level.

After the trip to the closest marine branch, and receiving Arlong’s bounty, Ron nearly gathered 300 million Berries and got closer to complete another achievement in the money department.

This way, it wouldn’t take him long to break through the 50 points.

As he defeated Arlong so easily, Ron thought that his current strength was probably comparable to that of a Rear Admiral from the first half of the Grand Line.

The marine ranks in East Blue were chaotic, that generally didn’t reveal the real strength of its holder. However, in the Grand Line, it was relatively corresponding. For instance, the branch’s rear admirals were often weaker than the ones of the headquarters, but still stronger than the Commodores and the Captains.

These marines, if they were pirates, their bounties would have varied from 100 million berries to the Shichibukai’s bounties.

This could be deducted after X Drake’s betrayable of the marine, who become one of the twelve pirates referred to as the “Worst Generation” with a bounty over 100 million.

Ron was convinced that the vice admirals were considerably strong, that even Gecko Moria, the former Shichibukai, would struggle to fight against them.

Ron made up his mind about his future plans.

First, he had to increase his spirit attribute to 50 points, and then master defensive magic such as earth or ice magic. Achieving these, he would be almost ready to set foot in the Grand Line!


Under Nami’s lead, Ron quickly arrived at the nearest marine base and received the bounty placed on the fish-man Arlong’s head.

The news spread quickly in the East Blue, launching a new wave of terror in the underground world.

Although the fish-man Arlong just occupied a sea area and did not invade other territories, he wasn’t famous as admiral Krieg, but his 20 million Berries’ bounty was the highest reward in the East Blue!

The man with the highest bounty met his end at the hands of this “Ron”, who would dare to face him now in the East Blue?!

Gradually, Ron was referred to as…

The strongest pirate hunter in the East Blue!