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P.A.S Chapter 42: What 50 points could do!

In the East Blue.

Somewhere in the vast sea.

Heading towards an island.

After receiving Arlong’s bounty, Ron’s finally reached 300 million Berries of wealth, and he completed the achievement of “Golden Bag”, and got 2 achievement points.

Without a second thought, it was added to his spiritual attribute reaching the level of 49 points, only one step away from long-awaited 50 points.

Ron began to work on two things simultaneously. On the one hand, he concentrated on meditating and practicing his spiritual power. On the other hand, he focused on East Blue’s pirates with more than 10 million Berries bounty.

Ron was no longer interested in wealth, these pirates’ bounties. He was eager to accomplish the next achievement ‘Sweeping all the East Blue’.

Its condition was to kill at least five pirates with a bounty of more than 10 million Berries.

So far, Ron took the lives of three pirates that satisfy the requirement for this achievement. Hence, only two more heads to go, which was a relatively easy task.

With Ron’s current power level, the achievement related to East Blue became trivial, that it was just a matter of time before he completed the entire achievements related to the area. Also, Ron needed enough time to practice his magic, which made completing these achievements a perfect fit.

Ron was sitting cross-legged on the stern, eyes closed. His magic wand was floating quietly over his knees, emitting a little light.

In Ron’s spiritual world, there was complete silence, no thoughts, no distractions, like a lifeless universe.

While meditating, Ron’s spiritual realm was quietly expanding. It was a slow-paced expansion, but the improvement was noticeable.

Ron didn’t know why meditation could improve his mental power.

He only knew that, in that state, his mental energy would increase slowly and steadily. He was unaware of the source of this growth, whether it was from the absorption of the outside world’s energy, or caused by his mind (brain) improvement.

Ron preferred the latter answer to satisfy his arrogance.

Although the release of magic was to consolidate runes with spiritual power, and absorb all kinds of elements between “heaven and earth”. It seemed to be the transformation of energy rather than the creation of energy out of thin air, but the existence of runes itself cannot be reasonably explained.

Perhaps the essence of this world was the creation of matters by the spirit. The so-called body, energy, and even the world were only products that the mind created. (E/N: oh boy…Philosophy OO’)

The stronger his spirit became, the more convinced he was.

He became more aware of the existence of his spirit, and could understand more the essence of the world.

During his constant meditation.


A very clear voice swayed deep in Ron’s soul.

It seemed that he had broken some kind of spiritual shackles that made his body suddenly light, it floated up into the air.

“This is……”

Ron’s thoughts fluctuated and broke the peace. He looked down with surprise and found that he wasn’t actually flying, but it was his spirit, which was separated from his body. (E/N: Huuuuh…. Brook is that you)

Floating in the air, he could see his body, sitting there crossed-legged, as well as the suspended wand.

At that moment, it seemed that the magic wand was changing form! There were dense textures on the crystal-like staff. These textures were like the truth behind the whole F world. With just a glance, Ron instantly immersed in it.

Before he could take a deeper look, he suddenly felt a shiver in his soul and tearing pain in his head.

The next moment.

Ron’s spirit was forced back into his body. He coughed violently, and blood dripped from his nose.

Cough! Cough!

Ron covered his nose subconsciously with one hand, and pressed his temple with the other. He saw flashes of light… then fell down.

After about ten minutes, he slowly aroused, rubbed his eyebrows, and sat up slowly, feeling extreme pain in his head.

Although his spirit was still a little unstable, Ron has vaguely understood what happened.

His spiritual attribute has reached 50 points!!!!!

As he broke through that barrier, his spirit broke away from his body, becoming some kind of Holy Spirit. In that state, his magic wand was projecting the world tree, the core of this world. Looking through its roots, was equivalent to peeping into the essence and mystery of the world of mortals.

Meddling with the essence of the world was obviously out of his reach at that moment, but being that overwhelmed by just these roots, Ron couldn’t help getting more curious about the world tree.

“Sugoi…” (E/N: Sugoi means amazing)

The world in front of Ron was no longer dark, and gradually returned to normal.

Although it was nothing close to what he felt when his spirit left his body, at that moment, Ron still had a strange feeling, which could not be described by words.

With confusion in his eyes, he slowly stood up and looked at the sea in front of him. After stepping on the railing’s edge, he stepped forward.

He didn’t fall!!!!!

Ron was thus floating in the air, suspended above the sea.

“Uso!!!!” (E/N: That’s a lie)

Looking down at the sea, Ron got a twinkle in his eyes, showing how surprised and excited he was.

It was not like he gained the ability to fly, but his spirit seemed to have become something substantial, which could directly wrap around his body, and make it float in the air! (E/N: Don’t ask me how 😮 but it seems that there are benefits for having a weak body… your spirit would be able to carry it easily LOL.)

“That means …”

Ron took a deep breath and looked at the railing of the stern, then blinked.


Nothing appeared, but there was a crack on the railing!!!

At that moment, Ron had a scornful smile on his face. That feeling was really the embodiment of spiritual power!

As his spiritual attribute reached 50 points, he became able to interfere with the matter, material!

“But it’s quite expensive.”

Ron flew back to the boat, and touched the crack in the railing.

Creating this rift, nearly one-tenth of his mental power was drained, which was enough for him to release an enhanced version of his first-level magic ‘Multiple Wind Blades’, without relying on his magic wand.

Thinking about it, it seemed possible to condense a few magical spells using just his spiritual power. However, of course, it was impossible to compare it with the one released by condensing the elements, using the runes…

It was like comparing a fist to a submachine gun. (E/N: except for the case of Saitama xD)

The former was just crude force, the latter was a sophisticated, powerful force.

“Although it is not suitable for direct attack, it should serve as a great movement asset! If it is just used for flying, it is not that costly.”

Saying that, Ron tried flying around the boat.

In the cabin of the boat, Nami was lying on the table and looking through the window, humming a pleasant tune. Then, suddenly, she saw Ron’s flying across the sea.


Nami sat up, a little confused, rubbing her eyes vigorously.

Looking out the window again, her eyes widened suddenly, it wasn’t an illusion. ‘HE WAS FLYING!’