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P.A.S Chapter 43: The Rune Master

After enjoying the sensation of flying, Ron landed on the top of the sail, sat on the mast, raised his legs, and sorted his thoughts out.

“My thinking speed is nearly twice faster than before.”

“Learned how to release mental power, and gained the ability to fly.”

“The recovery speed of mental power has reached the triple amount, and the most basic first-level magic can be completely released nonstop, without limitation. The consumed mental power can be restored instantly.”

The above three changes brought huge benefits to Ron. The increase of his thinking speed meant that his magic release speed could be further improved. For instance, the release of second-level magic could be reduced to about half a second.

Although it was still out of his league, but the doubled speed of thinking gave Ron some basis for exploring the third-level magic.

Also, needless to say, the enhancement in his normal recovery capability would play a crucial role in his progress as a key for continuous operations.

In addition to the above three major changes, brought by the 50 spiritual attributes, there was another change, the most critical one. He had a spiritual perspective!

With just a thought.

Ron’s physical eyes became dull, as if he lost his spirit. His spirit seemed floating over his body, overlooking everything from above.

Previously, entering in such a state, Ron received quite the mental damage observing the world tree roots. But he was still able to actively enter this state.

This state was named “spiritual perspective” by Ron, which was still a bit strange.

At first, Ron thought that in that state, his spirit was completely separated from his body, but later when he tried it again, he found out that his spirit actually didn’t completely leave, and was still bound to his physical figure.

It was just that his physical figure could no longer contain, restrict completely his spirit. As his spirit extended outside its physical limitation, this special perspective was formed.

In such a state, Ron had enhanced vision! 360-degree vision!

In other words, there was no sigh restriction.

Additionally, in this state, Ron’s perception surpassed one of the ordinary people. Being freed from his physical eyes’ restrictions, his observation speed was equivalent to his mental thinking speed!

He could see the slow wriggling of the seawater, the seagulls crossing the horizon, the running Nami out of the cabin, and the instant change in her facial expression.

It was like the world moving slowly, dozens of times slower than usual!

Apart from this.

Ron also acquired the ability to see through things, through clothes, wood, and even walls.

As for his hearing, in this state, Ron had complete control over it. For instance, if it’s noisy, he could block the irrelevant sound and intercept the part he wants to hear.

“It’s like… I got absolute control over my body…”

As if his senses overrode this world, becoming a Kami overlooking the realm of mortals. (E/N: Kami means God)

Ron gradually started to feel intoxicated and began to get lost.

He quickly quit the spiritual perspective, and flew off the sail. Then, he briefly explained to the startled Nami that he had mastered a Flying Magic.

Nami’s heart itched again, as she couldn’t learn magic. She couldn’t help but look at Ron with bitter eyes.

Ron couldn’t sit still, and slipped back to the stern, he took a deep breath and quickly regained his focus.

“Can’t lose control over it”.

Although he felt free, out of restriction in that state, it was just an illusion. He was only able to magnify his spiritual power level, surging into reality.

With his current mental power and magic knowledge, he wouldn’t be able to exert tremendous power, something to be proud of. He needed to continue his hard work to improve his strength.

“Hmm…can the spirit be strong enough to exist independently from the body?”

Ron showed a pondering look.

Although he couldn’t separate his spirit from his body, Ron felt that this spiritual perspective was like a sign. Perhaps after reaching higher levels of spiritual powers, it could be separated, and maybe he could generate his physical form at will.

In that case, the concept of death may no longer exist. As long as the spirit was not destroyed, he would never die, even if his body was destroyed, it could be reshaped.

Thinking of that, Ron couldn’t help to feel so excited.

That’s what he yearned for! (E/N: the New Kaido…)

It took Ron a while to regain his consciousness. He exhaled, clenched his fists, withdrew from the spiritual perspective, and stroked his magic wand, and said: ” ‘The spiritual perspective’ naming… sucks…it is better to call it “God Mode!” ” (E/N: what do you think guys, any better suggestions? :p )

“So next, I should try to get all the fire derivative runes.”

Ron held his stuff.

Although it was the wind magic that Ron obtained first, but at that moment he already extracted more fire derivative runes, so it was more convenient to continue extracting the remaining runes.

In addition, because of its special nature, the second-level fire magic, the Fire arrow, was difficult to use with the wind magic. It was frustrating not to be able to use the advantages of the wind and fire combination, so Ron had to try to come up with different second-level fire magic that could fit well with the wind Slashes.

After reaching 50 points of mental power, after such transformation, Ron’s exploration speed of derivative runes was doubled. He was capable of making almost ten thousand attempts in just one hour!

With such god-like speed, that surpassed ordinary human imagination, it only took Ron three days to unlock the remaining five fire runes!

Under the stars,

At the top of the boat’s mast, Ron sat there and slowly lowered the wand in his hand.

Since he could fly, the mast became his favorite spot for practicing magic. Ron felt, that practicing on the stern, was really detrimental to the dignity and majesty of a real magician.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Rune Master” and got 2 achievement points]

“It’s done.”

Hearing the system prompt in his ear, Ron smiled a little.

Exploring derivative runes became no longer a difficult task. It was easy to extract all of the fire runes.

With a casual look on his face, Ron evoked the achievement interface, needless to say, the two points were added to his spirit. As he intended to close the interface…

The right side of the achievement system’s main interface, the part representing the career panel was flashing!


Ron blinked, with a surprised look on his face, he opened the career interface.

[Tip: Your total achievement points reached 35 points! You got a rune extraction opportunity]