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P.A.S Chapter 44: Eternal Magic

“I got an extraction chance from reaching 35 achievement points?!”

Ron looked at the prompt that popped up on the interface, revealing a confused look on his face. The first extraction was at 1 point, the second was at 10 points, the third time was at 20 points, and this time he had a shot at 35 points.

If there was some kind of pattern, will it be at 50 or 55 next time?

Thinking it through, Ron had an assumption about the extraction standards. The next time he would have a chance of extraction, he should be able to verify it.

Soon, the excitement of unlocking a new magic cast away all irrelevant thoughts. Ron was looking forward to seeing the extraction interface pop up on the career interface. He was really so eager for defensive magic.

With his new “God Mode”, whether he mastered defensive magic or instant movement ability, it could guaranty his safety. He no longer would have to worry about getting killed by a powerful physical-strength-relying opponent.

The extraction interface emerged slowly. This time, it was a bit different. There were four or five more kinds of runes on the entire interface, and it was no longer following a circular pattern. Instead, the runes were forming a pyramid, arranged from bottom to top.

At the bottom, the four basic element runes of ‘Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire’ were placed. Among them, the wind and fire runes, which were already obtained, were in a dark color. As for the remaining runes, a white text appears on them.

On the upper level, there was a glowing golden text.

[Special Rune]

At this level, there were a total of four runes. Looking closer, they could be distinguished. They were representing the four types: Ice, Thunder, Light, and Dark.

On the next level, there was another flashing text.

[Eternal Rune]

Likely, there were also four runes on this layer, but the patterns were not as simple as the ones on the special runes. The first one was some shield design, the second was a form of a skull, the third was a pattern of a weird cube, and the fourth was a watch-like pattern.

Looking at it carefully, Ron vaguely had an idea.

“Guardian, Necromancy, Space, Time?”

Although it was not clear why these runes were labeled as Eternal magic, but surely, they were different from elemental magic.

There was another layer above the Eternal Rune.

[Supreme Rune]

This layer was marked as the supreme runes, but no pattern appeared, it was empty. It seemed that some kind of conditions should be met in order to unlock the runes at this level.

Looking at the extraction interface, which was clearer and more comprehensible than the last one, even with Ron’s mindset, this time, there was some tension.

Eternal Runes! Space and Time!

Seeing this kind of magic, Ron wasn’t able to calm down.

The best pick was either Space or Time. In the absence of the Supreme Rune, these two should be the strongest magics, followed by the other two types of Eternal magic, Necromancy, and Guardian, and followed by the special runes. The basic runes were the worst.

Ron took a deep breath. He was eager to unlock one of the Eternal runes, especially Time or space. But Ron knew that at his current state, he shouldn’t be that desperate about having one of the strongest runes. Even the remaining basic runes, Earth and Light, should be more than enough to cover his current needs.

Under Ron’s nervous gaze, the runes started flickering.

Da, Da, Da, Da, Daaaaa!

The runes flashing speed was not uniform. At the bottom layer, when it was the turn of the basic runes, they flickered slowly, taking the longest time, followed by the special runes. Reaching the eternal runes, it was just a flash.

After a continuous flickering, the fluorescent light pace finally slowed down, moving forward little by little, bypassing the Water rune and falling on the Earth rune.

“Earth rune…?”

Ron was a little disappointed to see this, but it was barely acceptable.

However, just when he was ready to close the system interface and delve into earth magic,
The fluorescent light started shaking, and suddenly flashed again, jumping from the basic rune at the bottom to the layer of Eternal runes, and stopping on the “guardian” rune.

[Tip: You got the rune of the Guardian]

This scene was somewhat beyond Ron’s expectation. He was unable to breathe for a moment, revealing a stunned and unexpected look.

“It’s…It’s really the Guardian magic”

Stunned!!! Ron couldn’t help murmuring these words. The “guardian” naming was just a guess based on the shield-like pattern. Unexpectedly, his guess was on the nose.

Although the powers of this magic were unclear, it was one of the runes marked as ‘Eternal runes’, beyond the basic and special runes! It should be something great!

The extraction interface closed instantly.

Different from the previous extraction of basic runes, this time the career interface didn’t reveal the formation process of the Guardian rune.

It was strange that left Ron confused…However, he suddenly felt that the palm of his left hand was a little hot. Looking down subconsciously, he noticed that there was a golden light spot on his palm, and quickly extended, forming an extremely complex rune.

This rune was impressively ten times more complex than that of the wind and fire runes!

When the golden rune was condensed and formed, it quickly shrank to the size of an eyeball. It kept shining in Ron’s palm and did not dissipate.

Ron looked at the golden rune in his palm in a daze, thinking of something. He subconsciously stimulated his spirit and triggered the golden rune.


Golden line interweaved, and a translucent, arc-shaped barrier appeared in front of Ron.

[Hint: You have mastered the first-level of Guardian magic, “Magical Barrier”]

Along with the formation of this translucent barrier, Ron also heard a system prompt sound in his ear.

Looking at the translucent barrier in front of him, which shattered like a glass, Ron stretched his right hand subconsciously and poked it.


Extremely tough!

“I am afraid that even my strong wind slashes or the fire arrow can’t break this seemingly weak barrier!”

This was Ron’s spiritual perception and judgment after touching the magical barrier. He could feel the toughness of this barrier. Although it was only the first level of the Guardian magic, it already surpassed the wind and fire second-level abilities!

In order to verify his judgment, Ron stepped back a few steps, waved his wand, and a strong wind slashes were slammed at the magic barrier.


The magical barrier shook violently, showing water-like ripple, but it completely withstood the violent strong wind! Not even showing a crack!

Seeing how unbreakable the magical barrier was, Ron’s eyes flickered, he was amazed, and kept looking at the still golden glow of the rune on his left hand.

He could feel that after resisting the wind Slashes, the magical barrier began to weaken. It would disappear after a while, if he didn’t do a thing.

It seemed that the golden rune on his left palm had the ability to control the magical barrier. He could actively make the barrier disappear, or merge it with more magic to reinforce and restore it to its initial state, as if it was just released.

Ron tried to wave his left hand.

The golden runes dimmed, and the magical barrier in front of him disappeared instantly.

Ron froze up, showing a thinking gesture, with a hand on his chin. Suddenly, the golden rune flashed again, and the disappeared magic barrier reappeared instantly!

“Subarashii*! That’s how it works then!” (E/N: Subarashii means superb)