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P.A.S Chapter 45: Donquixote’s Recruitment

Looking at the golden rune in the palm of his hand, Ron was still amazed by the strength of the Guardian magic.

“This so-called eternal rune…won’t disappear!”

“{Eternal}…fits it right!”

Unlike the basic elemental runes, which would be transformed into magic and dissipated after being condensed and released, the eternal runes were imprinted on the spirit, the soul of its user. From the moment they were unlocked, it would never disappear.

The eternal runes didn’t involve the process of element absorption, which means that eternal magic has the property of instantaneous release, as soon as the ‘idea’ was activated in the user mind!

Like the magical barrier Ron just obtained, it could be released in one swoop, and it could be lifted with a single thought. There was no longer a concept of releasing time.

The only way to make the eternal runes disappear was to destroy them violently.

Although Ron himself couldn’t destroy the magical barrier, he could feel that the latter was linked to the rune on his palm.

If the magical barrier was completely shattered by some powerful attack, the golden rune should also be destroyed. In case, if he wanted to use it again, he would have to condense the eternal rune once more.

“The time and space magic should also have this kind of eternal nature…. they can be released instantly without condensing rune! Interesting!” (E/N: Doctor Strange…)

Ron was lost in his thoughts, trying to establish a general idea about the other eternal magics.

The golden rune might seem as imprinted on the palm, but it was actually carved on the spiritual level. It emerged on his palm, but it was impossible to be seen by the naked eye.

Ron recalled the career interface of the achievement system, observing the Guardian rune, he noticed that it was flickering slightly.

Pressing on the Rune, a message popped out.

[You have mastered the magical barrier]

[Magic barrier is one of the eternal magic, under the Guardian system. Every eternal magic has four stages, of which: A second-level magic consists of three runes, third-level magic consists of nine runes, and fourth-level magic consists of 27 runes.]

[There are 1 basic and 6 derivative runes. The derivative runes need to be explored by the host]

It was different from the basic element system.

The highest level of the Eternal magic was the 4th level, but based on the power of its 1st level, it would probably be more powerful than the fifth-level of basic element magic.

As for the Guardian runes, the total number was reduced from nine to seven compared to elementals. There were only six derivative runes. However, unlocking and mastering these six derivative runes, would be a hell of a task in comparison to the Fire runes that Ron unlocked lately.

After all, the basic guardian rune was ten times more complex than an elemental one!

“It’s not something that I can handle at this stage… it is currently out of my league”

It might sound desperate words, but as he said such judgment, Ron’s eyes were glowing with excitement.

He could try to explore more with the eternal magic, but knowing the complexity of its runes, it might turn into a complete waste of time.

Moreover, the magic barrier alone was strong enough to resist the strong wind Slashes perfectly, it should serve as a great defense!

[Finally, I got my a** covered!]

Ron sighed softly, and a smile appeared on his face.

Although his magical barrier had many defects, such as blocking only one side, etc. it was only first-level guardian magic, and it far exceeded Ron’s expectations.

Ron was holding it at first, but it was a satisfying idea to be able to unlock the earth or ice magics.

“Let’s see the remaining achievement in the East Blue… almost ready to storm the Grand Line!”

Ron was looking forward to the Grand Line. After all, that part of the world involved more achievements than the East Blue.

“That’s where my real adventure will start!”

An island somewhere.

On the noisy street, Ron and Nami were walking side by side.

That was Ron’s 10th island, which triggered the achievement “Navigator I” as he boarded the island.

However, the purpose of stopping at this island was not just for this achievement. Ron acquired a way to contact the Underworld network.

In the East Blue, finding pirates with a reward of more than 10 million Berries was similar to fetching a needle in a haystack. Because of that, the marine Headquarters could only rely on its branches to deal with the East blue pirates. If it wasn’t the case, sending a rear admiral from the Headquarters would be more then enough to swipe up the area.


Ron and Nami walked into a building that seemed like a luxury pub, but the top floors were closed to the public.


Nami followed Ron all the way to the third floor, frowning at the surroundings.

Ron’s eyes were dull, the entourage had no impact on him. The design there was made in a way to give outsiders a sense of oppression.

A man in a black suit guarding the entrance of the hall on the top floor saw Ron appear and reached out to stop him. Ron popped up a gold coin. The guard took it and immediately let him pass.

“It’s too expensive, a thousand berries just to enter the floor, that’s extortion.”

Looking at this scene, Nami couldn’t help opening her mouth. Although it was Ron who paid the fee, for her Ron’s money was part of her future wealth. It was a bit annoying seeing it being extorted by others.

Ron shrugged and said, “After all, it’s an intelligence organization. If it doesn’t have enough financial resources, it would have collapsed long ago. Buying the actual intelligence might be so expensive.”

Entering the hall, the environment quickly changed.

The hall on the top floor was a very elegant bar. There were seven or eight people playing poker in the corner. In addition, there were scattered people sitting in the hall. Some people seem to be waiting for someone, and some others were kissing gorgeous ladies.

Ron walked straight towards the bar.

The bartender at the back of the bar looked at Ron approaching. He was a little surprised, and then chuckled lightly: “Ron-Sama, what would you like to order?”

Ron wasn’t surprised when the bartender broke his name. After all, it was an intelligence organization. If he didn’t at least know who he was, then coming to this place was just a waste of time.

“Icy water would be fine.”

Ron spoke casually.

The bartender nodded slightly, quickly brought a glass with icy water, and then indicated to Ron a specific room in the bar.

Leaving the cup of glass behind, Ron walked in, directly with Nami, and soon reached an office, with a lot of documents scattered on the table.

“Oh, what a rare guest… Ron, The Great Magician.”

At the back of the office was a middle-aged man wearing glasses. Seeing Ron walking, he smiled and greeted him saying, “Since you came here, I believe Mr. Ron already knows the situation there. So, to make a long story short, I wonder what kind of information Mr. Ron needs? “


Saying that, Ron walked into the room and sat down, adding: “Up-to-date news about the East blue pirates with a bounty above 10 million berries would be the best.”

The middle-aged man held up his glasses and smiled as expected: “Information about feeble pirates is relatively easy to get, but for the ones with a reward of more than 10 million Berries, it requires time and most of the time these kind were so troublesome to get. However, there are three pieces of information here, all within three days.”

While talking, the middle-aged man fetched three documents.

“A total of 300,000 Berries.”


Nami couldn’t help intervening: “What? 300,000 Berries? It’s just intelligence, it’s clearly extortion.”

However, Ron didn’t care much. He threw 300,000 Berries casually, took the three documents, glanced at them, and said: “I hope it is not fake information.”

The middle-aged person burst into laughter and said: “In case it turned to be false, we will give you ten times what you paid as a refund! No worries.”

Seeing that Ron picked up the document, ready to leave, the middle-aged man suddenly stopped Ron.

He stood up, looked at Ron, and said, “There is an organization that wants to recruit you, Mr. Ron. If you are interested, we can schedule a meeting.”

“Not interested.”

Without even looking back, Ron continues to walk away.

Middle-aged people frowned, and then smiled again, saying: “Money is just a number for that organization. Their forces are spread all over the world, mainly in the Grand Line. If you join them, you will get what you want.”


Ron did not respond, and left the room.

Seeing Ron just walk away, the middle-aged man froze for a few seconds, then shook his head and said: “Arrogant guy, this is just the East Blue. He doesn’t know how big this world is…”


Inside the palace.

“Refused to join? Fuffuffuffuffu…Then let him go.” Doflamingo stood at the window and smiled.

To Doflamingo, the most outstanding talent in the East Blue was nothing in his eyes. It was not something special to defeat a fleet of 2,000 pirates single-handed. Anyone from the ten officers could do it easily. He just heard that Ron has contacted the Underworld agency, so he casually issued the recruitment order.

Since the other party was short-sighted and chose to stay in the weakest sea, the East Blue, Doflamingo naturally lost interest in him.

Holding a strange scepter, Trebol, the highest elite officer in the family, standing next to Doflamingo, said: “Dovi, BIG MOM wants to buy a batch of the latest weapons, what should we do?”


Doflamingo Face turned a bit pale. Compared with a merely pirate hunter from the East Blue, BIG MOM was one of the Yonko that rule over the New World.

Hearing about BIGMOM’s deal, Doflamingo began to inquire seriously, and soon forgot about Ron.

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