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P.A.S Chapter 46: Devil Fruit

When the middle-aged man from the intelligence network spoke, Ron wasn’t interested at all. After hearing the second half of his speech, he vaguely could guess which organization the intelligencer was talking about.

In the past, while dealing with the Krieg Pirates, there was an organization involved in the weapon trade, it was the largest behind-the-scenes trading force in the Underworld, the Donquixote family.

But Ron had no interest in joining the Marines, let alone Doflamingo.

The only thing that could shake Ron’s ideas was the achievement system’s points, but there was never any achievement that could be completed by joining the Marines.

“Hmm, this achievement requires dealing with one of the Shichibukai, but Doflamingo’s is still out of my league, maybe I should go after this guy first.”

Ron pondered while touching his chin.

After getting the information he wanted, Ron took Nami on a journey across the East Blue.


September 18th, the Great Age of Pirates.

Ron, the magician, the pirate hunter, encountered the Zeros Pirates in the Kingdom of Sina, defeated their Captain Zeros, and received his bounty of 15 million Berries.

October 9th, the Great Age of Pirates.

Ron, the magician, the pirate hunter, encountered the Balermid pirates in the Goat Town, killed their captain, and received his bounty of 10.5 million Berries.

November 30th, the Great Age of Pirates.

Ron, the magician, the pirate hunter, encountered the Black Cat Pirate in the Syrup Village, all the crew was killed along with their captain Kuro, and received a reward of 16 million Berries.

Only five months have passed since Ron went to sea. More than five pirates with a bounty of more than 10 million fell into the hands of Ron. On average, a “powerful” pirate group perished every month.

Because Ron was not a marine, but a pirate hunter, he had no obligation or rules to follow, and if he spotted a pirate group, he would travel to the end of the world in their pursuit.

With the demise of the Black Cat Pirates, the entire Pirate World in the East was in panic!

Almost all the pirates were in a state of fear!

Somewhere in the sea, a medium-sized boat was sailing downwind.

Because Ron’s new ability to release his mental energy, even he and Nami alone could easily control a medium-sized boat. So, before they started their journey, they starting sailing on a medium-sized ship.

This ship was not a snatched from a pirate group, Ron bought it in a famous dock in the East Blue. It was a top-notch masterpiece, built using the most sophisticated and sturdy top materials. Even with Nami in charge of the bargaining, she could only lower the price to 100 million Berries.

Although Nami was very distressed by this, Ron was very satisfied, because the cost of 100 million Berries made him directly complete two achievements under the money department.

The two achievements were “Gold-waving” and ‘’Golden Life’’, with the conditions of spending 10 and 100 million Berries in one day, respectively. These two achievements brought Ron 3 achievements points.

Other than that.

In the past few months, Ron accomplished the achievement of ‘’self-discipline’’, after reaching a total cultivation time of 1000 hours, as well as the achievement of “East Blue Guardian”, which was completed after killing 5 East blue pirates with a bounty over than 10 million Berries. In addition, there were three other achievements accomplished: ‘Plenty of Food”,” Waves as a Companion’ and ‘Navigator II’.

The conditions for fulfilling such achievements were to get enough ingredients to cook 100 meals, to sail for more than 100 days, and finally, to board 20 different islands.

The above five achievements brought Ron 8 achievement points in total.

Together with the two monetary achievements achieved by the purchase of the ship,
Ron managed to achieve a total of 11 achievement points in the past four months. Of course, that goes without saying, they were all added to his spiritual attributes.

At this moment, Ron’s spiritual attributes were also increased from the previous 53 points to 70 points, an increase of 17 points. Among them, 11 points were from the achievement points, and the other 6 points were from Ron’s meditation practice during this period.

Ron’s Mental power reached the level of 70 points, and naturally advanced a lot in runes. The derivative runes from the wind system were fully mastered. He also mastered another second-level wind magic: Wind Blast (E/N: Skyrim; Fus Ro Dah…), and another second-level fire magic: Fire Wall.

These two magics could be perfectly combined to form a huge ranged attack. Thanks to that range, it could be also used as a defensive ability.

What bothered Ron was that he could only make a little progress in the third-level magic exploration.

Nine runes combination was needed to form third-level magic. The complexity and variety of combinations were too much, and each attempt would cost him a lot of mental power. Even with his magic wand, he couldn’t dive into exploring the 3rd level of magic as he wished…

However, although he was unable to unlock the third-level magic, Ron gradually realized the essence of the so-called magic runes.

Each basic rune seemed to have a fundamental rule, just like a fabrication program, from which was built its patterns.

Each derivative rune was very special, but it was all based on the most perfect patterns of the basic rune.

When Ron was bored, he also tried to explore more derivative runes. He did come up with some derivative runes that would not disappear. But they would serve only as a perfect alternative to 8 original derived runes.

Ron used these self-created derivative runes to combine magic, although it could also release second-level magic, but it was much weaker in power.

This attempt also made Ron understand that the basic runes given by the achievement system and the eight subsequent derivative runes should represent the most perfect rule embodiment of this kind of abilities…

The process of exploring the runes and the deep understanding of the runes also made Ron gradually realize that the combination of magic may not be an irregular random combination, but also had a certain pattern… Unfortunately, Ron couldn’t figure it out yet…

At that time, Ron was sitting on the mast, playing with the magic wand in his hand, and looking at the sea in front of him, with a very interesting look in his eyes.

“Devil fruit …?”

Just a few days ago, when he successfully killed a pirate group, begging for his life, their captain gave him information about a Devil fruit.

Originally, Ron planned to go straight to the Grand Line with Nami after swiping the East Blue and completed the achievement related to this area, but the information about the devil fruit made him think this through again.

Ron was so interested in the Devil Fruits.

On the one hand, the achievement system didn’t mention whether he could eat a devil fruit or not, and on the other hand, there were achievements related to Devil fruits, which can be achieved only by getting one.

Having 48 total achievement points, obtaining 2 more points Ron would reach the 50 points level, and maybe he would get another chance to extract a magic rune.

Finding the devil fruit would widen his horizon, hence, Ron couldn’t let this information go easily.