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P.A.S Chapter 47: Conflict

Somewhere on an island.

On the seemingly shabby street, a dozen bandits were gathered. Their leader was sitting on a wooden barrel, holding a fruit with a peculiar shape. He was staring at the fruit with a mischievous smile on his face.

“You said… for such a small thing, the Donquixote family bid 200 million Berries, is the value of this thing really that high, or what?”

“If it wasn’t, the Donquixote family wouldn’t give such a high price. After all, this is the legendary devil fruit. It is said that it can grant you the devil’s power, but the sea will turn against you…”

A man next to him looked at the Devil Fruit in Scarface’s (their captain) hands, and said greedily: “Then, boss, why wouldn’t you eat this devil fruit, or one of us if you don’t mind, we may become very strong, maybe we shouldn’t sell it and keep it to ourselves…We”


Scarface interrupted him, glanced at the devil fruit in his hand, and said, “Even if you get a special ability, can you get 200 million Berries? Unless you go out to sea to be a pirate… But these days, the East Blue is no more a safe place for pirates… This pirate hunter… I don’t know how many infamous pirates died in his hands. “

Speaking of which, Scarface grinned and said, “With the 200 million Berries, I can easily become a nobleman in some big city, no need to take the risk of being a pirate!”

“That’s right, but you won’t leave us behind, boss…”

Some of Scarface’s subordinates said, while looking pitifully at him.

Scarface smiled, holding the devil fruit, and said, “Of course not, I will take you with me! We will leave this ruined town.”

They were a bunch a bandit, relied on cheating and stealing passers-by or docked merchant ships to make a living. Unexpectedly, one day, they discovered a devil fruit hidden in a nobleman ship.

When the news got out, they were immediately contacted, to sell the devil fruit at the price of 200 million Berries. The buyers were really lucky, because Scarface was on the verge of eating the devil fruit.

“It’s almost the appointed time, and they should be here soon.”

The bandits were a little nervous and anxious. After all, they were about to make a 200 million Berries deal. It was an amount of money that they have never seen before.

Scarface was starting to get more and more nervous, he couldn’t wait any longer, and just when everyone was about to give up, footsteps were heard in front of the street.

Da da da.

Soon, a dozen of people showed up. In front, there was a weird-looking guy, obese man with large lips, dark shaggy hair. He was wearing a pink bonnet and purple aviator sunglasses, and carried a yellow pacifier in his mouth!

When Scarface and the others saw the figure of the man, they had a weird expression on their faces, some could not help but burst into laughter, but as soon as they saw that men in black behind him were all holding fire guns, no one dared do laugh anymore.

“Is this Scarface’s bandit group?”

The man with the baby’s pacifier stepped forward and spoke to Scarface and others. He was one of the Diamante Army Officers, Señor Pink. Since it was an important matter concerning a devil fruit, a high ranked officer had to lead to a transaction.

Scarface, barely holding himself, facing the strange figure of Señor Pink, stood up from the barrel and said: “Yes, I am Scarface, are you with the Donquixote family?”

The underground forces of the Donquixote family were all over the world. Although Scarface and the others were just a few bandits, they also heard about the name of Donquixote.

Señor nodded, not caring about the expression on Scarface’s face and the others, then said: “What about the thing?”

“it’s here……”

Scarface stretched his hands, revealing the devil fruit clenched in his palm.

Señor reached out and took a look at it, said: “Well, it is indeed a devil fruit, it seems to be a Paramecia…”

Without the need for The Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, the Zoan, Paramecia, and Logia Devil Fruits were quite different and distinguishable.

Among them, Paramecia was the most complex and diverse, while the Logia was called the strongest series, and It’s almost impossible for people who don’t use Haki to face the Logia users.

After seeing Señor confirming the authenticity of the devil fruit, Scarface rubbed his hands nervously and said: “Now that the devil fruit is yours, the 200 million Berries…”

“Oh, here.”

Señor stared at Scarface and made a gesture to the men behind him.

Just as Scarface and the others thought that the men in black suits were going to send the money up, the latter lifted their weapons and aimed forward at the bandits.


Scarface and the others froze in terror…they couldn’t move a muscle!

Before they could react, Señor’s men fired in unison, and the bullets poured down, penetrating Scarface and the others, splashing blood everywhere.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Kneeling down on the ground covered in blood, Scarface, half-dead was staring hard at Señor, spitting blood from his mouth, angrily and desperately said: “Kono…yarou (T/N: you piece of shit) … you, the Donquixote family…you didn’t keep your promise…”

Señor chewing his pacifier, looked calmly at Scarface, kneeling in front of him, took out a pistol, and pointed it at his head, saying: “Why should I keep promises when dealing with bandits? Kutabare! (Go to hell)”

If it was a transaction with a country, or with someone in power, it would naturally be completed in accordance with the agreed terms, but while dealing with gangsters, kidnappers, and rapists, there was no such need, they would be eliminated at will, and it would be considered as cleaning up some garbage.

As he finished talking, Señor pulled the trigger.


As Scarface’s corpse was falling to the ground, some words were heard…

[May you rotten in hell]

The words of a little bastard From East Blue Sea naturally meant nothing to Señor. After killing Scarface, he withdrew his pistol and said: “Let’s go.”

When they were about to leave…

Señor ‘s face changed suddenly, he was paralyzed to the spot, a menacing aura holding him in a tightening grip. Then he heard the sound of a sharp and violent wind suddenly coming from the roof of the building in the rear.

Although he didn’t know what was coming, the sense of danger made him jump forward without hesitation, activating the ability of his Sui Sui no Mi (Swim-Swim Fruit), and dived into the ground at once.

However, the man in suits behind him were just ordinary people, and there wasn’t much they could do.

In an instant, blood splattered everywhere.

Señor’s subordinates were dead on the spot.

“The Donquixote family… it’s fate!”

Ron’s figure appeared on the building’s roof, holding his magic stuff, looking at the street with blood and corpses scattered, he gave a soft grunt.

Ron was trying to track down the bandits’ group, roaming in the island looking for them, he heard the sound of gunshots by chance.

Rushing over towards the sound source, being sure that it was a quarrel about the devil fruit, Ron didn’t expect that he would find the Donquixote family.


The Donquixote family had a task to collect the devil fruits. Of course, they heard about this one… and for sure they wouldn’t ignore it.

If Ron could find the bandits faster, he might have obtained the devil fruit easily with no dispute. But encountering a member of the Donquixote pirates there, it might turn into a pain in the a**. “Accidents” might happen!