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P.A.S Chapter 48: Ron vs. Señor

“If my memory serves me right, that guy should be an officer of the Donquixote Pirates’ Diamante Army, Señor.” After Ron killed the men in black suits, he ignored them and he narrowed his eyes down the street.

For the sake of a Devil Fruit, the Donquixote family sent a high ranked officer. They were obviously careful when it comes to such matters. Although this Señor was only an ordinary officer compared to the Elites officers, he came from the second half of the Grand Line. He survived there, so he shouldn’t be compared with the East Blue pirates at all.

But Ron was not afraid.

The reason was also very simple, this Señor shouldn’t be able to fly.

As far as Ron recalled, Senor Pink ate the Sui Sui no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allowed him to swim on the ground or through walls.

Although he was not sure how strong Señor was, facing a guy unable to fly, Ron should have a huge advantage, he would be able to advance and retreat at will, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

“……here we go!”

Ron narrowed his eyes and looked at the street below. He had already entered his “God Mode” and fully mobilized his spiritual senses.

He knew that an officer of the Donquixote Family, like Señor, would not escape. Moreover, this man seemed to be the ‘tough type’. He was the type that would definitely strike back, if someone attacked him.


The building beneath Ron’s feet started spewing water. Instantly, Señor came out at a high speed, rushing towards Ron, arms folded in front of him, it was a sure direct hit!

With no hesitation, Ron flew towards a higher position, opened his right palm, a golden light flashed, and a translucent magic barrier appeared in an instant.


Señor slammed into the magic barrier, making a sound like a heavy hammer hitting steel.

However, as he hit the barrier, water ripples appeared, at the last second, Señor activated his ability. He couldn’t go through the barrier, but it helped him to take minimum collision damage. Slamming the barrier, Señor’s arms and body were vibrating unnaturally due to the impact.

“This level…”

Ron showed a calm smile, snapped his fingers. The magic barrier disappeared instantly, and without wasting time, he waved down his elf wand.


Señor, in mid-air, a bit dizzy, in a state where he wouldn’t evade or counterattack, Ron directly used his most fierce second-level magic! The Fire Arrow!

The crimson flaming arrow flew fast towards Señor.

Looking at the rushing flames, Señor’s pupils contracted slightly. Unexpectedly, Ron not only released an inexplicable barrier to block him, but also released a fire attack!

“Devil Fruit user? What type is it?”

Thoughts flashed in his head, watching the fire arrows getting closer and closer, unable to avoid in mid-air, he could only keep his arms stacked on his chest to resist the flame Arrow attack.


The flaming arrow, carrying Señor, plummeted down the street, blowing flames everywhere like a grenade explosion.

Striking Señor down, Ron remained indifferent, still suspended in the air, calmly looking at the street below.

The flame quickly disappeared.


Señor’s figure leaped out of the water-like street.

Relying on his devil fruit ability, he dived into the ground the instant of his collision and wiped out the flames wrapped around his body! He endured the first impact. At that moment, Senior seemed to be in a bit of a mess, the pacifier in his mouth was burnt black, and more than half of his baby’s headgear was also burned.


Señor smacked his lips and changed the pacifier position from left to right.

He looked up at Ron in the sky, with no sign of fear. He was still calm, but his tone was a little weird: “You are that Pirate Hunter from the East Blue…the one who rejected our invitation, now trying to snatch our Devil Fruit.”

Señor didn’t pay much attention to Ron, so he didn’t even remember his name, but recently he was put in charge of the East Blue trades, so he still heard things about Ron and was somewhat impressed.

One of the most memorable descriptions of Ron’s image was that he’s always holding a ‘magic wand’ in his hand.

“Yeah…that devil fruit is interesting.”

Ron floating in the air, said: “It’s no crime to rob pirates….and yeah! You, yourself just snatched from that bandit group!”

“That’s it.”

Señor nodded, hold the devil fruit in his hand, and threw it on a wooden barrel not far away, saying, “So, it depends on who falls first.”

Señor had no intention of communication, after all, Ron was the first to attack. At first, He intended to kill Ron with his Nekomimi Punch, but after seeing Ron moves, there was no way that he could defeat him with that kind of attack.

Knowing that Ron’s goal was the devil fruit, then the next step was very simple.


[Whoever wins, the devil’s fruit is his]

Looking at Señor, Ron smiled faintly, although Ron was not the ‘tough guy’ type, but as a magician, he liked the challenge.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Ron glanced at the Devil Fruit on the wooden barrel not far away, then waved his wand, and a wind blade emerged from thin air and fell towards Señor.

Señor did not hesitate, he leaped forward and rushed into the wall. The wall rippled like water, and the gravity’s effects seemed to disappear.

Continuous wind blades were released, torn apart the walls, but couldn’t reach Señor, hidden somewhere.


Señor’s figure appeared from the top of the building.

It should be an unanticipated attack, but Ron’s God Mode was fully activated, and locked Señor’s position. At the moment, when he rushed out, Ron was already fully prepared to release…

The Wind Slashes!

Seven or eight wind blows were floating wrapped in a chaotic and strong wind, sweeping towards Señor, leaving him without a way to escape. Ron already predicted Señor moves and kept firing the wind blades just to lure him out here, at the highest position, with no room to avoid.

In the face of Ron’s attack, Señor’s expression remained the same. He held his grounds like a strong guy and waved his fist violently towards the fierce wind Slashes.

His fist suddenly turned dark during the swing.

It was covered in Haki!