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P.A.S Chapter 49: Busoshoku Haki


Armed with Haki, the hardened fist slammed with the strong wind Slashes, making a sound like a steel collision, sparks splashed.

Señor managed to crush several wind blades with his fist, but couldn’t stop them all. The remaining ones were still pressing up against his fist, like a high-speed cutting machine, constantly splashing sparks.

Señor thought that the wind blades were just a swordsman flying slash attack, he didn’t expect that he was facing something different! The wind Slashes weren’t just a sword with a sharp edge! They got mobility!


Señor’s facial expression changed slightly, as he felt that something was off, but he did not back down. Instead, he roared, added more power, and forcibly smashed the wind blades with his fist.

Immediately after, Señor released several spherical bombs from the waistband of his diaper.

Diaper Bomb!

Ron’s face remained unchanged, pressed forward his right hand, and the magic barrier appeared again.


The bomb hit the magic barrier and exploded with a bang.

The power of the explosion surpassed the previous impact of Señor’s first attack, and the magic barrier blew out many small cracks, but it still failed to completely break the magic barrier!
“Busoshoku Haki…”

Ron’s eyes peered through the magical barrier and the exploding smoke, and he looked at Señor in the back. He narrowed his eyes slightly and focused on Señor’s fist.


It is a mysterious power in the One Piece world, that allows the user to utilize their own spiritual energy for various purposes. Haki is separated into three types, namely, Kenbunshoku Haki, to perceive the enemy’s information, Busoshoku Haki, to attack and defend, and finally, Haoshoku Haki, to frighten the enemy and make him lose his willpower.

If Ron didn’t have the achievement system, Haki would be the first thing to master! After all, it was a must to stand beside the strongest in this World. Relying solely on the devil fruit abilities wouldn’t be enough to make reach the peak of this world.

But Ron’s interest in Señor’s Haki was not to learn it, but to analyze it.

As a magician who could touch the elements through the runes, and had complete control over the essence of this world, he was curious about the basic components of Haki and how they triggered it.

Ron had previously thought that Haki might be a manifestation of mental power, because, at his current state, he could release powers that would easily frighten ordinary people in a certain range.

It seemed like Haoshoku Haki.

In addition, thinking about Kenbunshoku Haki, the spiritual perception of his “God Mode” seemed to have the same characteristics as this type of Haki.

Ron always wanted to compare the perception of Kenbunshoku Haki and his while using God Mode, he was curious to find out the differences and similarities, but unfortunately, he did not know how to activate such power, and he has never encountered someone who could use it.

Ron was curious about the three types of Haki, but if he had to choose just one, it would definitely be the Busoshoku Haki, especially the hardening technique (Buso).

The reason was very simple. Buso could be simulated with mental power, or simply put it was a powerful spiritual shock.

Only enhanced …

Attack and defense are integrated and it seemed that there was a certain connection between attack, defense, and mental release, but the thing was that Ron’s own mental release didn’t have that kind of power.

Ron could wrap his exuberant mental force around his fist, and he could smash the board with a punch, but that was his limit, which was not as strong as Buso Haki.

And one more important point was that the Busoshoku Haki seemed to have a great relationship with the user’s physique, The stronger his body, the stronger his armor.

“… it is indeed spiritual power.”

Ron stared at Señor’s hardened arm and murmured with a sigh.

He could perceive the existence of mental power in Señor’s hardening, but he also felt that there was another unknown thing besides that.

Buso… was a mixture of spiritual power and this unknown thing, and their degree of cohesion reached a terrifying level, even Ron wouldn’t be able to do it at his current state!

If Ron could compress the released mental power to the extreme, thinner than a paper, then its toughness would be comparable to the Buso one!

“No, it can’t be done. Even with a 100-points mental strength, I won’t be able to control the condensed my mental power even if I managed to transform it… that kind of cohesive density is too much to control….”

Ron shook his head in disappointment.

It seemed that there was another unknown reason, related to energy release. The energy and spirit should be mixed together, condensed to an energy level far superior than an ordinary beast could release. Ron noticed that most of this energy came from the body. The stronger the body was, the stronger the unknown energy would be.

Although he couldn’t identify the unknown parts, Ron was 100% sure that there was indeed spiritual energy in the Hardening effect, and it would be the same for all the Haki types!

That is to say, he who spent all his time cultivating his spiritual power, might not need to acquire Haki. In the future, he would definitely reach higher levels that would surpass ordinary Haki!

“Nekomimi Punch!” (Cat Ear Punch)

While Ron was observing the hardening Haki, Señor made a move.

After breaking Ron’s wind Slashes, he couldn’t hover in the air and fell down. Just after landing, he rushed to the sky again with the strength of the swimming fruit.


Just as he withstood the bomb explosion, with a cracked magic barrier, and Señor was ready to complete what he started.

Ron cleared his mind and stopped thinking about Haki. When he saw Señor rushing over, he stayed calm, waved his wand, and several wind blades were released instantly.

Clang! Clang

Señor smashed the wind blades with a punching wave. However, he had no flying ability and could not stop in the air. He was unable still to get closer to Ron, or even to destroy the already cracked barrier.

“His hardening is… Yowai (weak)…”

Ron shook his head slightly as he looked at Señor falling to the ground.

He noticed that Señor didn’t completely withstand the last attacks, he saw that his fist was not unscathed.

Resisting the violent wind slashes, there was blood dripping from Señor’s fist, it was obvious that couldn’t force it through the strong wind relying only on his hardening.

the Busoshoku Haki could also be divided into strong and weak. For instance, Garp possessed extremely powerful hardening, that Señor wouldn’t be able even to scratch him.

In the new world, in the second part of the grand line, there a lot of strong Haki users, and compared to them, Señor was just average!

of course.

As a high ranked officer in the Donquixote family, Señor had at least the strength of a marine Headquarters’ rear admiral, but he lacks a crucial thing… the ability to fly!

If Ron was facing another rear admiral, capable to use the Geppo technique (Moonwalk), he might be in trouble. At least he wouldn’t be able to fight as relaxed as he was in this fight.

It wasn’t just about the capability of flying.

But Señor didn’t even possess any ranged attacks, no means to attack remotely.

He is the type that would be a pain in the A** while fighting in the ground, close-range fights. However, facing Ron, the flexibility granted by his Sui Sui no Mi (Swim-Swim Fruit) in-ground combat could hardly be exerted at all!

In addition, under Ron’s god mode, it was impossible to hide in building and launch sneak attacks. Señor moves were an open book for Ron! The whole combat was controlled by Ron!