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P.A.S Chapter 50: Devouring the Devil Fruit

After a few hours.

Señor was scarred, he stood in the street, bleeding out.

He looked up, struggling to even breath, gazed at Ron, who had no scars, and slowly said: “You won…”

After finishing this sentence, Señor fell forward.

Hanging in the sky, Ron was a little tired and had a minor headache. Seeing Señor falling, he rubbed his temples, shook his head helplessly, and murmured: “It’s too straight.”

If their roles were swapped, and all his abilities were restrained, and couldn’t reach his opponent, Ron would have slipped long ago.

But Señor fought to his last breath. With his Haki, Ron couldn’t kill him with a single blow, so they clashed for more than 3 hours before Ron finally managed to grab his victory.

A high ranked officer of the Donquixote family, a pirate who had strength comparable to the one of a headquarters’ rear admiral, was just killed by Ron, without taking any damage.

However, this fight raised concerns about the efficiency of his abilities, and made Ron a little bit uncomfortable!

Relying on his Haki, Señor could resist the wind Slashes, and got only a little hurt. He could even withstand Ron’s new combination of the second-level fire and wind magic! He was way tougher than the fish-man Arlong!

“With the third-level magic! Even if he was all covered in Haki armor, it should be more then enough to kill him instantly. As for the fourth-level magic, I bet that even Doflamingo, wouldn’t be able to withstand it.”

The uncomfortable feeling, he had at first, quickly turned into a burst of spirit.

Whether it was magician’s nature, or the desire to become stronger, Ron was eager for a higher level of magic.

After a while, Ron calmed down.

In the battle with Señor, he could assess his level of strength.

It was likely that Ron would lose against a rear admiral who could use Armament Hardening and Moonwalk. After all, he would get killed by Señor, if they fought on the ground.

But for the branches’ rear admirals, especially those incapable of using Haki, they had no chance to stand in front of Ron. A few magic attacks would easily do the job.

Therefore, Ron’s current strength should be between the rear admirals who were capable of using Haki and the ones who don’t.

Compared with the strongest characters in this sea, it was certainly not worth mentioning, but in fact, reaching this level was quite the achievement!

After all, Ron was still in East Blue! Long away from the Grand Line!

After entering the Grand Line and achieving many achievements, his strength could be further improved, exceeding those rear admirals and reaching the level of the Worst Generation. By that time, the first half of the Grand Line could be crossed easily.

With a better judgment of his strength, and a desire for a higher level of magic, Ron took a deep breath and blinked.

It’s time to enter the Grand Line!

“Oh, I almost forgot…”

After making up his mind on his next step, Ron suddenly remembered the purpose of this collision with the Donquixote family. He turned around, looking for the devil fruit.

Ron and Señor deliberately avoided the position of the devil fruit, to avoid smashing the devil fruit accidentally. Here it was, on the barrel, a delicate and strange fruit just stayed there quietly.

Ron flew over.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Devil Fruit” and you got 1 achievement point]

“if my memory serves me right, I heard him say…Paramecia…”

Ron picked up the devil fruit and looked at its patterns, revealing a hint of hesitation.

On the system interface, there was an achievement of collecting devil fruits. A total of ten devil fruits was to be obtained, which was equivalent to the required number of famous swords. However, there was no recognition system interface for identifying the devil fruit or its abilities.

Unable to recognize the ability of the devil fruit, Ron was so confused… the devil fruits are too complicated. For instance, Brook took around 50 years to finally understand the power of his Yomi Yomi no Mi!

If it was a Logia type, Ron would probably eat it without a second thought. Also, at this point, one of the devil fruits he admired the most was still available, and it happens to be in the East Blue. The Mera Mera no Mi, Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit was still out there, but obviously, it wasn’t the one in his hands.

Even if he didn’t have the ability to distinguish the devil fruit, Ron, who was a huge One Piece fan, could still recognize it.



Ron was troubled for a while, wondering if it was worth it.

Staring and thinking too hard about the devil fruit, he inadvertently activated his “God Mode”, and everything was seen by its spiritual perspective.

The appearance of the devil fruit changed dramatically, it turned into a strange luminous body, exuding a strange pink light, and at the core, then was a dark misty core.

“This is……”

Ron was a surprised…he could feel strange energy emitted from the pink part, as for the black part in the center gave him a chilly feeling as if the devil was hidden there.

“If I am not wrong, the black core should be the devil fruit curse, the so-called curse of the sea.”

Looking at the radiating devil fruit in his hand, Ron muttered thoughtfully.

Suddenly, he felt a strange feeling of desire. It didn’t come from his body, but from his spirit and soul, eager to devour such nasty energy.

As soon as this enthusiasm appeared, Ron was stunned. He instinctively resisted it, but what he didn’t expect that the desire would become stronger and stronger that he could not suppress it anymore.


Reaching his limits, Ron noticed that his spiritual power become more and more intense, just like some kind of misty monster, opened his mouth, showing his fangs and swallowed the devil fruit light fiercely.

The pink aura emitted by the devil fruit was pouring into Ron’s soul like a star.

With the influx of pink light spots, he immediately felt that his whole soul seemed to be immersed in cold snowflakes, a cool and pleasant feeling, and his mental strength increased rapidly.

But this process did not last long.

When the pink light spot was entirely absorbed by Ron’s soul, he felt that his extended spiritual power instantly loosened and retreated. But he suddenly spat out something.

It was the black part of the devil fruit! (E/N: I Knew it…) Afterward, Ron started feeling a bit dizzy, and a strange black mist began to wrap around his soul.


Ron unconsciously let go of his hand and threw out the devil fruit.

The black mist suddenly stopped, it seemed that devil fruit was the source!