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P.A.S Chapter 51: Elevate

After throwing the devil fruit out, Ron took a few steps back.

It wasn’t until he saw that the black mist continued to languish, and things went back completely natural, then Ron relaxed and switched back to his physical perspective.

Ron was surprised by the color of the thrown devil fruit, it was like rotting.

As the black mist finally dissipated, the entire devil fruit also dissolved away, and a little powder vanished into the sky.

“Sure enough…no ability…”

Ron shook his head slightly after clenching his fists, revealing an upset face.

In his spiritual perspective, Ron was concerned about the effect of eating the devil fruit in that form, and as he changed back to his normal form, it seemed that his body didn’t acquire any ability…

(E/N: We discovered that Ron’s transformation is like Danny)

The energy of the devil fruit was entirely absorbed by his spirit.

Ron sensed that his spirit had improved by nearly 5 points.

Ron summoned the achievement system again. After a closer look, he couldn’t find any updates about the ability of the devil fruit. Ron closed the interface with a deep sigh.

Devouring the devil Fruit granted Ron an increase of 5 points of mental power. At first, it seemed negligible, especially compared to his current 70 points. But on second thought, Ron showed a smile again.

[Is 5 points a bad deal??]

[Nah! It’s quite a lot!]

Ron had other intentions when he swallowed the devil fruit, other than increasing his mental powers. After all, he had other ways to do that…

However, thanks to this experience, Ron was almost certain that he could devour more than one devil fruit. The restriction and the curse of becoming a dry duck should all be originated from the black mist, and by using his “God Mode”, he would be able to avoid that.

Then, if he, somehow, manage to collect twenty or thirty devil fruits and eat them all, he would be able to improve his spirit by hundreds of points. That would be a huge Improvement!

Knowing how great the impact of the devil fruit could be, Ron also thought about an explanation behind the 5 points.

The devil fruit should be so similar to the eternal rune, energy-wise, formed by the combination of a small amount of energy and the curse.

How powerful the devil fruit could be? It was all related to its user.

“Anyway, I have found another route to improve my strength. It seems that I need to pay more attention to information related to the devil fruit in the future.”

With a smile on his face, Ron added the newly achieved 1 point to his spirit.

Counting the 5 spiritual attributes obtained by devouring the devil fruit, his total mental power reached the level of 76 points.

Among them, 49 points were from achievement points, 5 points from the magic mark, and 22 points from his cultivation.

“One more to go! Finally! So close to the 50 achievement points.”

Ron glanced at the career interface and sighed softly. As he previously predicted, the next rune extraction should be after reaching either 50 or 55 points, and it was more likely the former.

At the time, the study of third-level magic was fallen into a bottleneck, and his progress was extremely slow. With his current level, he could only complete 1% of the exploration in a few days. So far, only 5% was explored.

Not to mention the derivative runes of the Guardian Department, which were not tried yet.

As things were, If Ron would rely only on simple cultivation, it would take him around one year to be able to unlock the third-level magic, and his strength wouldn’t change much during this period. On the other hand, a rune extraction, even if it was one of the two remaining elemental runes, it would bring an immediate impact.

“It’s been a while since I left.”

On the shore, Nami stood on the deck of the boat, frowning slightly in the direction of the island, a bit worried.

The boat was not docked, Ron flew directly over, and told Nami to stay there, and to ready to sail at any moment.

Nami had no objection to that arrangement. She knew that she would be a great help in case of battle, but Ron could fly, so in case things went south, he could simply flee away.

But she waited there for nearly half a day, and she started to lose her patience.

[Did something happen?]

Just when Nami was hesitating whether to go look for Ron or not, she suddenly saw a figure flying in the sky, heading to the boat.

“Yo! let’s go.”

Ron fell to the deck and greeted Nami, who was standing there.

Nami pouted and walked in the direction of the rudder, saying: “What took you so long?”

“Well, I met an unexpected opponent, and he was quite strong. Took me hours to deal with him.”

As speaking, Ron pulled the anchor up, and then he controlled the rope with his magic, and opened the sails.

Being short of people, and although Ron spent most of his time in practice, he learned the basics of navigation, and for a magician whose wisdom was beyond ordinary, whether it’s sailing or whatever, it was trivial things to learn.

“Guessed so…So, did you get it?”

Nami steered the rudder and drove the boat away from the island, asking Ron curiously.

The devil fruit was still a legendary thing for her, but since magic existed, the devil fruit concept was acceptable too.

“I got it, and I ate it.”


Nami looked at Ron in amazement, blinked, and said: “Did you eat the devil fruit? What happened? I heard that if you eat the devil fruit, you will be cursed by the sea and become a dry duck.”


Ron shrugged and said: “I’m a magician. No curse would touch me… Well, it’s not quite right to say “eat”. I more like extracted the energy of devil fruit and used it to improve my magic” (T/N: Ok boomer -_-)