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P.A.S Chapter 52: Goal, Marine Headquarters


Inside the palace.

Doflamingo sat there, holding a crystal goblet in his hand, without his usual evil smile, he just had a sullen face, his brows squeezed together.

Trebol, the highest Family officer, standing next to him like a paste, with an ugly face.

“Unbelievable … Señor could be defeated in the East Blue…”

At that time, Doflamingo was one of the Shichibukai. Both Señor and his pirates were not on the marines’ wanted list. All the bounties on his family heads were all withdrawn and no longer valid, which meant that Ron was not acting as a Pirate hunter, hunting Señor, but it was just a robbery of the devil fruit!

Robbed the devil fruit from the Donquixote Family in the East Blue!

“I didn’t expect that the East Blue pirate hunter could reach such a level, that he would give Señor troubles… Dovi, would you like me to go?”

Standing at the door, a tall man spoke indifferently. He was one of the Donquixote family’s elite officers, Diamante.

Doflamingo put down the goblet in his hand.


“There is no point in going to the East Blue.”

The East Blue was too large. Just as the marine headquarters, which had trouble to catch pirates with a bounty over 10 million Berries in such area, tracking and killing the pirate hunter who toyed with these pirates would likely be very troublesome for them.

If Ron was just an ordinary weak pirate hunter, it would be okay, but Señor was inexplicably defeated by this man. Hence, no one in the East Blue could deal with him at the moment.

Letting Diamante go after Ron there, it might take half a year before he could catch him, which was meaningless.

“Since he could defeat Señor, he also put his hands the devil fruit… Such a guy will definitely leave the East Blue.”

“We will wait.”

“Wait for him to come to the Grand Line.”

Whether he chooses to rule over the East Blue or to leave to the Grand Line, it would be much easier to find him, anyway, it would be more efficient than trying to find a needle in a haystack.

“You have to wait…”

Trebol shook his nose, turned his head and looked at Diamante, and said: “Otherwise, I’ll go to East Blue and take care of this problem as soon as possible. We still have that deal here that requires Diamante’s presence.”

Diamante shrugged.

Although Señor’s death made him very angry, and Diamante was annoyed and impatient to go to the East Blue, it was indeed a very troublesome matter to go handle things there. Even with their strong intelligence organization, he was afraid that it would take at least a few months before he could finish the task.

Also, Doflamingo was right. It was impossible for someone like Ron to hide in the East Blue forever.

“Then, we will wait for him here, in the Grand Line.”

Diamante snorted coldly. The Grand Line was different from the East Blue, there were only a few fixed paths that he could cross. Once he gets the news, he would easily find him.


Extract the energy of the devil fruit.

If these words were said to those who saw or used the devil fruit on the Grand Line, it would definitely cause a burst of surprise and disbelief, but for Nami, who witnessed the true power of magic, it sounded more like a magic trick for here.

However, she couldn’t help herself from saying: “But the value of a devil fruit is said to exceed 100 million Berries!”

Ron whispered: “If I get stronger, we can get more money!”

Ron always was wondering why some people refused to eat the devil fruit. For instance, Garp wasn’t a devil fruit user, and he was already regarded as one of the strongest in the seas.
Imagine if he ate one! Even if it gave him a slight increase in his strength, he would be extremely terrifying.

“Where are you going this time?”

Nami thought for a bit, and then added: “The Grand Line?”

Ron had already said that he would go to the Grand Line half a month ago, if it wasn’t for the news of the devil fruit he acquired on the way.

Ron pondered.

Although it was decided, there was still a small problem with how to go there. After all, killing one of the Donquixote Family’s officers and robbing “their” devil fruit was like a war declaration against the Family.

This meant that the Family would definitely kill him as soon as he enters the Grand Line.

Army officers like Señor weren’t even scared of Ron, imagine the reaction of the Elite officers. Although it was unlikely to happen, Doflamingo could personally come to hunt him down. In that case, he wouldn’t even be able to just flee away…

However, if he remained in the East Blue, it would be impossible to surpass Doflamingo’s level, relying solely on cultivation.

It didn’t take Ron a lot to figure something out.

He soon thought of a solution.

“Nami, do you have a map?”


Nami brought a large chart with only a small number of scattered islands, showing the Grand Line and Red Line dividing the world into four parts.

The entrance to the Grand line was marked.

After staring at the chart for a while, Ron suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed to the middle of the Red Line, which divided the Grand Line into two parts, the first Half, referred as the Paradise, and the Second Half, the New World, and said: “First we go here, and then here.”


Nami froze for a moment, and said, “Do you want to enter the Grand Line by walking the Red Line?”

“No, we sail on the sea.”

Ron’s eyes flashed slightly.

Nami’s mouth trembled and then snorted: “That’s impossible! The Grand Line is surrounded by the Calm Belts, and there, we won’t find any ocean currents and the wind doesn’t blow out there, and also it is a nesting grounds for Sea Kings!”

Although she had never been to the Grand Line, such information was just common knowledge for all navigators.

Ron spread his hands and said: “So we have to rely on the Red Line, in case we encounter any accidents, we can set foot on the continent. Also, looking at the Calm Belts range, at full speed, it should only take us one day to cross it.” (E/N: huh!?)

Although there was no wind in the Calm Belts, Ron’s first-level wind magic could be used as the engine of the ship.

As for the Sea kings… If the ship got somehow destroyed, Ron would fly away to safety. With his current mental strength, there should be no problem flying while holding Nami. Moreover, he could set foot at any time on the Red Line to rest.

“It makes sense …”

Nami murmured, but then showed a little devilish expression and spread her teeth and clawed: “But, why do we have to do it this way!!!”

Ron shrugged and said, “Because I snatched the devil fruit from the hands of the Donquixote family, and the person behind it is one of the Shichibukai. If we enter the Grand line as everyone does, we may be killed sooner than expected.”


Nami’s mouth twitched.

Although she didn’t know so much about the Grand Line, she often read newspapers and knew about the existence of the Shichibukai. She knew that they were a group of seven powerful and notorious pirates allied to the World Government.

And Ron just before entering the Grand Line, he had offended one of them!

Nami was in a bad mood.

“One of the Shichibukai… It doesn’t make sense to cross the Calm Belt” Nami burst into tears and spoke weakly.

“We can do it”

Ron smiled and said, “Crossing from here, we can reach…the marine headquarters!”