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P.A.S Chapter 53: Clam Belts


Go to the marine headquarters!

After killing a high ranked officer of the Donquixote family, almost every member of the family will be chasing them down in the Grand Line, and in the face of a Shichibukai, a marine branch wouldn’t be enough to stop them, only the Marine headquarters would. The safest place in the world!

Although Ron wasn’t so fond of the marines, facing Doflamingo’s threat, the HQ (headquarters) should be the best alternative.

Remain calm, make steady growth, no rush.

That was what a weak magician should do during this period.

Possessing the achievement system, and becoming a magician, Ron was naturally proud and confident.

But precisely because he was a magician, not a brainless berserker, Ron was calm, proud but not arrogant, confident but not complacent.

He was not Luffy.

Always looking for trouble, risking his life, and still survive because of the protagonist aura.

It was foolish to pick a fight against Blackbeard, or stay in the way of Whitebeard, when he was still lacking in terms of strength. Following such kind of mindset would definitely result in Ron’s death.

Even though Ron wasn’t afraid of Doflamingo, and was also sure that sooner or later he would surpass the Whitebeard and override the sea, but he knew it was still early for him to face these powerful opponents.

Even if it was unlikely that Doflamingo would come to kill him personally, even if most of the family officers were incapable of flying, there were people like Vergo, who mastered the Moonwalk, so Ron did not want to take any risks.

Strength was the key to survival!


Steady as a wise magician, no matter how proud he was, he would never die in vain.

“The Marine headquarters?”

Nami was stunned for a while, unable to figure out what Ron was thinking, and then said, “What will we do in the HQ?”

Although she knew some common knowledge about the Grand Line and knew that the marine HQ was in Marineford, she did not know the exact location.

Ron smiled and said, “I will join the marines.”

The marine branches were useless. Although joining one, it would be enough to make the Donquixote family think twice before making a move against him, but it was always dangerous.

What’s more, there was an achievement, that stated that he should go to the Marine Headquarter in Marineford, which could also be accomplished along the way.

“Are you going to be a marine?”

Nami blinked and looked at Ron in surprise.

She hates pirates the most, but she wasn’t enamored of the marines either. After all, they didn’t help her village to put an end to Arlong’s oppression.

“Although I don’t want to be a marine, but after provoking one of the Shichibukai, temporarily joining the marines is the safest choice.” Ron shrugged.

And by joining the Marines, he would also be able to verify the existence of hidden achievements related to the marine career. If so, it would be totally worth doing.

The reasons why Ron had never had an interest in joining the Marines before, one was that he didn’t find marine-related achievements in his system, and the other was that some of the achievements were contrary to the marine rules.

For example, the money achievements, billions of Berries, was obviously not an amount that a marine could collect, and also achievement such as becoming a king of the country, sheltering ten islands, etc. As a marine, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish this kind of achievement.

“If you become a marine, you won’t make much money, you will only get a low fixed salary.”

Nami mumbled, puffing out her cheeks.

If the marines caught a pirate, his bounty wouldn’t be granted to anyone. The found treasures would be regarded as seized and confiscated items.

However, dealing with the Shichibukai’s threat, Nami couldn’t help but acknowledge Ron’s decision.

Steering the boat, heading in the direction Ron said.


The East Blue.

A month later.

After a month of sailing, according to the original route, Ron and Nami finally arrived near the red line (continent).

The red line was completely covered with mist. There was no way to find out how high it was by just looking up. It was like a fortress wall, remained unchanged for thousands of years.

The sky was dark, the waves were slamming violently to the standing wall. Although there were no storms, the waves there were still very rough, making it difficult to see the surroundings. Even a medium-sized sailboat seemed to fall over at any time.

Looking in the other direction.

The intense sea waves suddenly stopped there, as if by some strange power, the whole sea was cut into two halves.

On the other side, the sky was blue and white clouds fluttered, and no traces of storms could be seen. Compared to the tumbling waves on this side, it was like heaven and hell standing next to each other.

“That’s …the Calm Belt…”

Looking far away at the clear sea, Nami looked a little nervous, holding the rudder and looking at Ron, “You’re sure about this?”


Ron nodded, having a calm facial expression.

They finally made it, it was natural to proceed with the plan. Just cross the Calm Belt and fly over two or three islands to reach the marine headquarters!

Seeing Ron so calm and without hesitation, Nami gritted her teeth, turned the rudder, and let the boat sail straight in the direction of the windless zone.

A small amount of food and fresh water, as well as their savings, were placed beside them.

In case of danger, Ron would directly take Nami and abandon the ship.

“Sea kings…”

Approaching the Calm Belt, Ron murmured with a twinkling gaze.

Entering the Calm Belt would accomplish one of the achievements, but there was an additional series of achievement could be completed! Hunting different classes of Sea kings!

From small Sea king to medium-sized, large and giant, there were a total of four achievements, and each of them required only to kill one to meet the conditions.

But Ron thought about it, and finally shook his head.


Too difficult!

To accomplish these achievements without putting Nami in harm.

Even if it was just a small Sea king, the “Lord of the Coast”, one of the smallest Sea Kings, was still quite large in comparison to this medium-sized boat. With his current magic, it was impossible to kill him with a single shot.

If he fails to instantly kill it, the Sea king could instantly dive into the bottom of the sea. And it would be a bloody joke to go chase him down on the sea.

In order to hunt these creatures, Ron was afraid that he must master at least 3rd level of magic.

Struggling with the rough waves, under the control of Nami, the ship successfully reached the other parts of the sea…The calm Belt!

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Explorer I” and got 1 achievement point]