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P.A.S Chapter 54: Monkey D. Garp

“Coming in.”

Realizing that the wind disappeared without a trace, Ron turned his head and looked back. The zone beyond the calm belt was still a rolling sea, but it felt a bit magical.

Ron was disappointed that even while using his God mode, he couldn’t understand the Calm belt secret. Still, he guessed that it was probably like an eternal mark, absorbing all calamity, no matter how rough the outside was, it would never disturb the interior.

“We got no wind, it’s up to you now.”

Nami waved her hand at Ron, looking nervously at sea below.

Ron nodded and stretched his hand, making a catching gesture, and then the elf wand appeared.

Last time he evoked the career system, he unintentionally touched the interface with the wand. Unexpectedly, the magic wand disappeared, and a wand pattern appeared on the interface.

Reaching out to hold the pattern, the elf wand emerged again.

It was a lucky discovery. Although the magic wand was capable of following Ron while floating, it was not as convenient as being stored in this system space.

It was a pity that the only thing that could be stored in the career system was the elf wand.


Ron held the elf wand and waved it casually.

The two runes instantly condensed and manifested in the crystal pearl, and then a gust of wind appeared, which instantly hit the sail and set the boat in motion again.

After studying the runes for such a long time, Ron, in addition to mastering magic abilities, also had a certain understanding of the nature of the runes.

For example, this gust of wind spell was condensed by two runes, one was the basic rune, which represented the elemental power of the wind, and the other, was a derivative one, represented the rule of ‘dispersion’.

The combination of these tow runes created a wind blade, violent, but without lethality.

Another case, the second-level fire magic, the wall technique, was composed of a primary rune, a fire rune representing “dispersion”, and a third one serving “restriction”.

Of course.

So far, Ron could only judge a few runes, such as ‘dispersion’, ‘aggregation’ and ’restriction’, and more than half of the derived runes were hard to judge their rule.

Ron was sure that there was a meaning of these rules, a bigger picture. Perhaps it was also the key to third-level magic and even a higher level of magic. The innumerable possibilities of rune combination of 4th or 5th level of magic may drive people crazy.

Using the gust of wind, the boat sailed forward on the Calm Belt.

However, before Ron waved his wand a second time, his expression immediately changed, his mouth slightly twitched, and without a word, he grabbed Nami standing next to him, and flew away.


A few seconds after, the sea exploded violently, and a Sea king appeared from the water. The sailboat was resting on its nose, like an ant stepping at the top of an elephant.

“Too much luck, being hitting by a sea king as soon as we entered this area…”

As Ron was trying his best to fly away, Nami was scared to death, like a dead flower, and was grabbing Ron’s shoulder trembling.

It was known that the Marines cross the Calm Belts by using Seastone lining at the bottom of their ships so Sea Kings wouldn’t notice their existence. However, Ron’s boat wasn’t prepared to cross the Calm belt, and hitting a Sea king so early makes Ron a little helpless. He had to cross all the way flying.

The Sea king was colossal, his size was comparable to a small island. Ron flew at full speed, but remained above the ship until the Sea king stopped moving.


This Sea king apparently noticed Ron’s ship, so he came to the surface. Its large eyes moved a bit and looked towards the boat.

Then it spit out his huge tongue, which was tens of meters wide and hundreds of meters long, and licked towards the boat.

Seeing this, Ron felt helpless, and it seemed that he could only abandon the ship.

While Ron was shaking his head hopelessly, preparing to fly away with Nami, abandoning the ship, not far away, in the waves outside the Calm Belt, there was a boat approaching at high speed, carried away by the strong winds.

It was a marine warship!

Soon, on the deck of the warship, a group of marine officers was in a panic, looking at the Sea king trying to swallow Ron’s ship.

“A Sea King! It’s a giant one!!”

Although Seastones was embedded in the bottom of the warship, that the Sea kings should be able to perceive their existence, it was a bad joke to encounter one as soon as they reached the Calm Belt.

The huge tongue just wrapped around Ron’s sailing ship, and his large eyes rolled, looking at the warship rushing into the windless belt.

The entire warship was in a panic.


Suddenly, a figure flew out of the warship, leaving a cloud of huge dust behind.

It was incredible, it crossed the sea in a flash, and reached the head of the giant Sea king instantly.

Then, boom!

Under the gaze of everyone, the man punched the jaw of the Sea King.

The impact of the punch on the Sea king was tremendous, as if he was punched by someone of the same size. His two huge eyes instantly turned white, dull, and then fell the sea.


The giant Sea king was knocked down! Resulting in a huge splash!

Ron’s medium-sized boat, which was caught in the tongue of the giant Sea King was also instantly crushed to countless pieces of wood, and scattered in the sea…

Nami: “…”

Ron: “…”

It seemed that it was at that time, the man noticed the existence of a sailing boat. He looked up and spotted Ron and Nami flying above. He couldn’t help but touch the back of his head, then said:

“Ah, that one seems to be your ship… Bwahahahaha”

Nami was petrified.

But Ron seeing that man, able to knock down the giant Sea king with his bare fist, in such an exaggerated way, the identity of the person in front of him was naturally not difficult to guess.

It was the Hero of the Marines.

The grandfather of Luffy, and the father of the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon.

Monkey D. Garp!