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P.A.S Chapter 55: Magic Mark

“Bwahahahaha, you are that magician, Ron, I have heard of you.”

On the deck of the marine warship, Garp touched the back of his head with one hand, and he grinned broadly.

Because he had always worried that Ace and Luffy would sneak out to be pirates, he would return to the East Blue every three months to check on them. On his way back, he heard rumors about Ron. His name was spread all over the East Blue, after all.

In fact, a long time ago, a detailed document about Ron was sent to the marine headquarters, and was placed on Garp’s desk, but as always, he didn’t care much, and forgot to look at it.

But this time, when he was teaching Ace and Luffy, he deliberately mentioned Ron as a pirate hunter to warn the two kids, so Ron had a strong impression.

Of course.

Ace and Luffy both sneered at it and were not afraid of him at all.


Garp didn’t care about the identity of Ron, a Pirate Hunter, he was grinning carelessly there, but the other marines’ expressions changed as soon as they heard his name, and started glaring at him.

The marines were always discriminating against pirate hunters.

For them, Justice was the absolute rule. Pursuing pirates was to uphold righteousness and obliterate darkness. But, these pirate hunters were all about money, not Justice!

“Pirate Hunter from East Blue…How did you end up in the Calm Belt? Was it the storm?” A lieutenant said with a cold tone.

Ron didn’t care about the attitude of the marines.

It should be that way, a true soldier of Justice would definitely discriminate against the pirate hunters, object the way they do things!

Although there were many scums in the marines that colluded with pirates, most of the marines uphold Justice at any cost! For instance, Akainu was willing to lie and deceive his enemies in order to achieve Justice, it might seem insidious and despicable, but for him, “absolute justice” was what matters at any length.

Of course.

Ron still had a little antipathy towards the marines. After all, they were like servants for the Celestial Dragons…No, more like watchdogs.

Whether it was a royal prince or a kid from the slums, everyone should be equal and respected. That’s why granting a special treating to the Celestial Dragons was unacceptable for Ron. That was one of the reasons why he was not very pleased to join the marine ranks.

But Garp was different, he shared the same belief as Ron.

He considered the Celestial Dragons as scumbags and was not afraid of expressing that out loud. The main reason he refused to become an admiral was that he did not want to be their direct subordinate.

“Things improved really well in East Blue, you have done a great job. Are you interested in becoming a marine? My warship is going back to the Headquarters. I can take you there…”

Garp opened his mouth with a grin and said: “Otherwise, you will be sent to the nearest island in East Blue. It will take a few days to reach it.”

In the time of peace, and no emergencies, the marine generally avoid sailing at the Calm Belts. After all, even with the Kairōseki, it was still very dangerous.

Garp used his vacation to visit the Foosha Village, Luffy’s hometown, but taking a different route would cost him a lot of time, so crossing the Calm Belts was the best alternative. Plus, in the eyes of Garp, the Sea kings were just a bunch of strangely shaped kittens and puppies, so the Calm belt was like his backyard.

“That’s what I’m thinking.’’

Ron smiled and replied.

Ron didn’t expect to encounter Garp’s warship in the Calm belt. Although he was capable of flying to his desired destiny while holding Nami, it was a waste of many days of cultivation, so of course, accepting Garp’s offer was the best thing to do.

Cultivation was the most important thing!

“Bwahahahaha, that couldn’t be better.”

Garp grinned. Ron could wipe all the pirates in the East Blue. He would be a great asset if he joined the Marines.

Hearing Ron’s intention to join the Marines, the serious eyes of the marines on the deck eased slightly.

Although, as a marine officer in the headquarters, they didn’t particularly care about Ron’s reputation in the East Blue, but increasing the overall security of the East Blue was an important matter. Ron was also a rising star, with great talents. If he joined the marines, he would be qualified to go to the headquarters.

“That kind of strength is a bit excessive.”

In a clean cabin, Ron sat on the bed, looking at the sea from the little window, recalling the scene where Garp took the giant Sea king with one punch, and couldn’t help murmuring.

However, remembering how large the Sea king… “King” was a fitting name.

Ron had no way to take down such a gigantic creature. Even if he mastered the third-level magic, he was afraid that he would only be able to hit its fragile places such as eyeballs.

If he wanted to deal with that level of monsters, he must at least master the fourth-level magic.

Ron shook his head.

Garp’s strength was far superior to Ron’s. But that only made Ron eager to become stronger and stronger! After clearing his mind from the negative thoughts, Ron set his new goal, to raise his spiritual power to more than 100 points as soon as possible, and master the third-level magic.

By that time, he could have strength close to or comparable to that of the marine vice Admirals. Although it was still far from the peak of the sea, it was a good step toward that goal.

“I had an achievement point earlier…”

It was the point he got when he entered the Calm Belt. There was nothing to think about, he added it to his spirit.

For Ron, who now had a total of 76 points of mental power, a 1 point of spiritual improvement was minor, but just as he added the point, he heard a system prompt in his ear.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “specialization” and got 2 achievement points]

This tip surprised Ron a little because he never saw such achievement on the system before. He called up the achievement interface and looked at it. He quickly found it.

[Achievement: Specialization (add 50 achievement points to any attribute, while maintaining the other three attributes at 0 points)]

Looking down thoughtfully, Ron saw that there were a few more hidden achievements below.

[Achievement: Absolute concentration (add 100 achievement points to any attribute, while maintaining the other three attributes at 0 points)]

[Achievement: Unique talent (add 200 achievement points to any attribute while maintaining the other three attributes at 0 points)]

As the new achievements appeared, Ron couldn’t help but smile. It seems that fortunately, he got the profession of supreme God Dharma.

If he got some kind of melee warrior-like profession, he would most likely add achievement points to both agility and physical strength, and he would never trigger this series of achievements.

Again, with no hesitation, the two new achievement points were pointed to Ron’s spiritual attributes.

After using the achievement points, two prompts popped up in front of him.

[Tip: Your total achievement point reached 50 points, you got a mid-level magic mark, and you can grant first level magic mark ‘’Maximum two people’’]

[Tip: Your total achievement point reached 50 points! You got an extraction chance!]