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P.A.S Chapter 56: Earth Magic

Seeing the two prompts popping up on the career interface, Ron was startled, and then felt light, as if a fresh breeze of spring fell his soul, with notes of linen and cotton flower.

This feeling was not strange to Ron. It was the same feeling when he obtained his first-level magic mark. His spirit and soul were nourished and infiltrated by some kind of power.

His spiritual power was improving rapidly.

In just a few seconds, Ron could feel that his mental attributes had increased by at least 10 points!

The refreshing feeling gradually subsided. Ron soon felt a chill down his spine, and then he took a deep breath.

“Mid-level Magic Mark…”

Ron did not rush things. First, he took a look at his personal attributes on the interface of the achievement system.

Profession: Supreme God Dharma (God of Law)

Magic Mark: Mid-level (Spirit Attribute +20)

Magic Marks Creation: first-level (up to 2 persons)

Owned Runes: 19.

Current Wand: Elf wand.

Total Achievement Points: 52 points.

The magic mark status has changed from the first level to the mid-level, and the increased spiritual attribute also changed from 5 to 20!

In other words, that moment, 15 points of spiritual attributes were added!


Relying on achievements only, it would take Ron to complete ten or eight achievements for these 15 spiritual attributes! Practicing? It might take him more than half a year.

With these 15 points of improvement, plus the previous 3 points of achievement, Ron’s total spiritual attributes skyrocketed from 76 points to 94 points!

He was only 6 points away from 100 points!

Feeling the power surging in his soul, Ron couldn’t help but grin, and this round of improvement could be considered as a gift.

Otherwise, whether it was achievements, or self-cultivation, or devouring devil fruits, it might take Ron a long time to increase his spiritual attribute to 100 points.

But thanks to this boost, he was only 6 points away, with just meditation or self-cultivation, he could quickly achieve his goal within a month or two!

Ron was frustrated before, exploring the third-level magic. He was even hesitant to raise his spirit to 100 points to go back to exploring the 3rd level magic, but at that moment, he got a boost of confidence, he should just concentrate on improving his mental power!

As long as his spiritual attribute reaches 100 points and by obtaining a great improvement in mental powers, then even if he had to deduce the 3rd level magic by the brute-force method. (T/N: trying all combinations, no shortcuts), it would be difficult for him at that time!

“I can grant to two people a first-level magic mark…”

After clearing his mind, looking at the magic marks, two of the first level, Ron could not help but burst into laughter.

Nami, who was always obsessed with mastering magic, finally fortune smiled on her. Her mental strength was not weak. In Ron’s perception, she had, at least, more than a dozen points.

Coupled with the increase granted by the magic mark, she should be able to master both the first-level magic and the enhanced version.

She wouldn’t even have to study the runes. Ron could grant her a ready-made rune combination.

Without rushing to find Nami, looking at the career system interface again, Ron saw the extraction screen popping up repeatedly.

Except for the guardian system rune, obtained last time, which turned black, there were no other changes since the previous extraction.

With the idea that one of the three remaining eternal magics, Time, Space, and Necromancy, might be drawn, Ron looked at the screen blinking expectantly.


The flashing rune stopped on one of them.

[Tip: You got the Earth Rune]

It seemed that his luck has run out.

Ron was eager for another eternal rune, but he would settle for one of the four special runes. Instead, a basic element rune was drawn.

Naturally, he was a little disappointed. At that point, water magic could even serve him better than the earth one. After all, it could be a great asset to fight the devil fruit users, especially in his upcoming journey in the Grand Line.

But soon, his frustration faded away.

In any case, any type of magic should be beneficial if used wisely. Thinking about it carefully, the earth’s magic abilities could restrict his opponent’s movements or even seal him.

Although Ron’s magical release was almost instantaneous now, but wind-based and fire-based magic had a flying time before hitting its target, and strong opponents could use that to predict the attack course and dodge it.

A battle often requires constant confrontation, to pick the opponent flaws, to exploit them, and eventually win the fight.

Wind-based and fire-based magic, obviously not as good as earth-based magic when it comes to traps, binding, and sealing. The ground-based magic could be used to change the surrounding environment to maximize the potential of the wind and fire magic.

After a few seconds.

An earth rune appeared in front of Ron’s eyes.

With Ron’s current level, such simple rune patterns could be remembered clearly, just with one look, and could be condensed easily.

“…Let’s try this.”

Ron thought for a moment, opened the cabin window, and looked at the direction of the sea.

Ron wandered about possible restrictions on the release of the earth magic. For instance, whether it should be used in places with ground or mud… Facing the sea, the released magic shouldn’t be noticed by the marines. Even if they did, it didn’t really matter. After all, there were a lot of strange abilities in this world.

Vista, the Flower sword, used rose petals to stop Akainu’s magma, and the Wano’s ninja could use Ninjutsu. The king of Prodence, rumored that one of his punches could even overpower a Yonko. Gol D. Roger could hear the sound of everything…

All kinds of strange abilities existed, even if the existence of magic was made public, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise, not to mention that magic could be explained as the ability of the devil fruit.


The golden runes instantly formed.

However, nothing was released! When the runes were condensed and formed, the magic was cast on Ron, himself.

Ron felt that his body surface was covered with something, his skin felt a lot tougher.

[Tip: You have mastered the first-level of earth magic, Stone Armour]